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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Сценарий сказки "Винни Пух" на английском языке
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Сценарий сказки "Винни Пух" на английском языке



Author: Chapter 3 in which Eeyore has a birthday and gets 3 unusual presents.

One day an old grey Donkey Eeyore who was always very unlucky, especially on Friday, stood at the lake shore thinking about surprises and mystery of life.

Donkey: What a nightmare! (coming to another shore). Just as I thought – no better from this side. But why… and from what reason…and what’s the conclusion of this?

Winnie: (singing) Sawdust in my head, head, head,

If I skretch my head, head, head.

That’s not for bad if sawdust in my head, head, head.

That’s not for bad if sawdust, chants and vopilki.

I can boast very well. Good morning, Eeyore.

D: Good morning, Pooh if this is a good morning which I doubt.

W: Why? What’s the matter?

D: Nothing. I even think absolutely nothing.

W: Why? What’s the matter?

D: Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing special. None always can do it …

W: Do what?

D: Enjoy life singing, dancing (Jumping)/ It’s OK hey, hey, hey … and something like that.

W: (coming around the donkey) Hm, what’s wrong with your tail?

D: What could possibly happen to it?

W: It’s not there.

D: Are you sure?

W: Well, if there is a tail there isn’t… No mistake about it.

D: What’s this there then?

W: Nothing (donkey is looking at his body).

D: It cannot be true… I think, you are right… May be I’ve lost it somewhere… No, perhaps, somebody stole it from me. It’s not surprising though… I expected something like that to happen… Especially on this day.

W: What day is it today?

D: It’s Friday – my birthday.

W: Today?

D: Nobody cares…

W: Your birthday?

D: Well, yes. Can’t you see? … Look at the presents: a cake, sweat cranberry, other things… Can’t you see?

W: NO.

D: Neither do I. It was a joke… ha-ha… but I’m not complaining… pay no attention to me, Pooh Bear. (comes again to the lake) I’m the most miserable birthday donkey (the tears drop into the lake). And I don’t want to make others miserable as well…

W: Stay up here! Don’t go anywhere! Wait!

Part 2

Piglet: (near Winnie’s house) Hello, Pooh.

W: Hello, Piglet. What are you doing?

P: I’m trying to get a doorbell.

W: Let me do it. Step aside. (rings). Bad news, Piglet. Eeyore has lost his tail.

P: What did he loose?

W: His tail. And it’s his birthday today… Nobody is answering. So there’ neither a tail nor birthday presents.

P: Pooh?

W: Are they asleep or what? (knocks at the door with the help of the leg)

P: Winnie, but it’s your house!

W: Ah, well. Come on then… Where was it? (looking for something) no, it’s not this… where is it?... Oh, that’s it! (takes a jar) Here we go. I’ll give him this honey jar (eating honey). And it will console him.

P: Pooh, will it be OK if we give it from both of us?

W: No, there’s not enough honey in here.

P: Well. In this case I’ll give him a balloon. I have a green one left. Remember?

W: A balloon? It’s a very good idea, Piglet. A balloon could console anyone. Go on… fetch it along.

P: Yes

Part 3

(Winnie sings)

W: Honey is the best present ever! Even the donkey knows it however.

Even the little teaspoon will make you happy so soon. Moreover a full honey

jar. However, sweet honey is very tricky. Either exists or it is not…

I can’t understand what’s a secret… One moment it’s here, the next it’s not.

(eats) Enough… I’ll just have some… so … half a jar (eats again).

(Piglet is running)

W: Where was … Where was I going? Oh, yes.

(singing) There’s an empty jar it’s just a simple thing

It will never disappear.

That’s why an empty jar is more appreciated.

That’s all for disappointments… Good weather settled in.

You … or he … or her … or they … or him … But not me

Get a jar without any honey.

(stops at the Owl’s door, watching at the cord)

W: Open the door. The Bear is here.

Owl: Dear Winnie-the-Pooh, what’s the news?

W: Terrible and sad. Eeyore’s tail disappeared.

O: He lost his tail… so what…

W: He’s very upset. Today is his birthday.

O: Do you mean to say if his tail disappeared any other day nobody would noticed that. But in this case …

W: Owl, we need to console them anyhow.

W: Have you thought of something?

W: I’m giving him a useful jar.

O: This one?

W: Yes, and I want to ask you …

O: Nice jar! Someone has been keeping honey in it?

W: You can keep any thing in it. It’s very useful. And I want …

O: to present it to Eeyore.

W: Yes.

O: We can give it from both of us.

W: No … I want you to write on it “Happy birthday! Pooh!”

O: Is that all?

W: What else?

O: You should write “Happy birthday! With many happy returns!”

W: That sounds great! That’s what you’d write. Please add “With love. Pooh!”

O: Can’t you write it youself?

W: Well, right. I can. But my spelling is limping.

It’s not bad but it’s limping anyway.

O: Well, there’s no room, it’s just so small. Just say it!

W: I can’t just say it

O: (takes the jar) Right then…. (writes) Ha-pp-y Bir-th-d-ay.

Part 4

Author: In a meanwhile Piglet was in a hurry. He wanted to be the first to give his present to Eeyore… as if he knew about it himself and nobody had prompted him. He was so absorbed in his dreams how Eeyore would be pleased that he didn’t watch his steps … ( the balloon bursts).

P: What was that? How could I make that noise and where’s my balloon?... Where did the balloon go?... What’s this little thing? Where did it come from?... Oh, no…

Part 5

(near the Owl’s house)

O: Listen, Bear. Ha-pp-…

W: Hey, Owl, where did you get it from?

O: What? Nice cord, isn’t it?... Don’t bother me with silly questions.

W: It reminds me something.

O: So… hap-…

W: I’ve seen it somewhere. But I Don’t remember where…

O: I’ve found it in the wood… hanging on a bush.

W: On a bush?

O: Ye, and …

W: No, no. Go on.

O: I wish …

W: No, you were saying something about the bush.

O: Yes, I was just passing by and guess I found this cord … hanging.

W: On a bush?

O: Yes, on a bush of … thistle.

W: Bless you! What happened next? You sneezed before you were going to say something.

O: I didn’t sneeze.

W: Yes, you did. Sorry for interrupting you,Owl.

O: Excuse me, Pooh, but I didn’t sneeze. One can not sneeze without knowing it.

W: How did I know you did that?

O: I’m telling you …

W: I’m sorry, but you were speaking about the cord.

O: First I thought somebody lived there. So I rang the bell… nobody opened the door.

W: And what next…

O: And again And again And again…. Louder louder louder (sneezes). What happened? It came off.

W: I see.

O: And since no one needed it I just took it home.

W: I think, someone had needed it badly.

O: Who needed, I wonder?

W: My friend, Eeyore. If you give this cord to him at his birthday, he’ll be very happy.

(Owl sneezes)

W: Bless you!

Part 6

(near the lake)

P: Good morning, Eeyore.

D: Good morning, little Piglet. If this a good morning which I doubt.

P: Many happy returns of the day.

D: What did you say? Can you repeat it, please.

P: Ma …

D: Wait a minute. I can’t hear you.

P: Many happy returns of the day.

D: Meaning me?

P: Ye…

D: My birthday?

P: I’ve brought you a present.

D: Me? A present? It means I’m having a real birthday.

P: Ye…, but…

D: Thank you, Piglet. You are a true friend … unlike others. What sort of present is it?

P: It’s a balloon.

D: A balloon? It’s such a big… balloon? Beautiful.

P: You see, I was just running and … fell.

D: Dear, bad luck. I hope, you didn’t hurt yourself.

P: Oh, no. But … it burst.

D: My balloon?

P: Ye… here it is. Many happy returns of the day.

D: Is this my present? Thank you, Piglet. May I ask you what color was the balloon.

P: Green.

D: My favorite color… How big was it?

P: As big as me.

D: As big as you? … My favorite size.

Part 7

W: Many happy returns of the day.

D: Thank you. Pooh. I’m having it.

W: I’ve brought you a little present. It’s written here.

D: I’ve already had one.

W: It’s a useful jar. It’s for putting something in it.

D: Well, I believe my balloon can just fit it.

W: NO, the balloon is too big for fitting it.

D: No, not mine… Look, Piglet. It goes in.

P: It does.

D: And it comes out… Thank you for such a nice jar.

W: It’s so nice to give a useful jar to a friend.

P: No, a balloon!

Part 8

(Owl comes)

O: Many happy returns of the day. I heard you’ve got a birthday today. Is that right?

D: Yes, it’s a real birthday. I’ve got so many presents.

O: So, dear Eeyore, on this day I would like to give this little donation. Be quiet, Pooh.

W: Sorry, I just wanted to know what donkey nation.

O: Donation! It means that this thing is for free.

W: I see.

O: To give to you on this fine day a free of charge but very useful donation. Here it is – this cord.

D: Pooh! You see.

O: You can hang it on the door.

D: Can you put it on me?

W: That’s it.

D: My tail? It’s my own tail.

W: Of course.

P: Hurray, tail is found. Owl found it.

O: Why tail? I gave you a tail?

D: It’s OK. Hey.hey, hey!

W: How wonderful!

P: How wonderful!

D: What a great coincidence.

W: You’ve got a balloon for a jar

O: A tail for a birthday

How pleasant to give a gift

To a friend in his birthday.

D: Eeyore, Eeyore – I’m of the same opinion!


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