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Сценарий театральной постановки по роману Марка Твена " Приключения Тома Сойера"


Tom Sawyer


(Tom and Huck are in the cave. They’ve found the treasure)

Huck: Got it at last! My God, we are rich, Tom!

Tom: I have always known we would get it! It is just too good to believe, but we have got it, sure! Let me see if I can lift the box!

Huck: Now let’s fetch the guns.

Tom: No, Huck, leave them here.

Huck: Ok, let’s take only the money.

Tom: We’ll hide it in the widow’s shed.


(Tom and Huck are walking to the widow’s shed and bump into Welshman)

Welshman: Hello, who is that?

Huck: Huck and Tom Sawyer

Welshman: Good! Come along with me, boys. You’re keeping everybody waiting. I’ll help you with the sack. Got bricks in it? Or … old metal?

Tom: Old metal.;))

Welshman: Come on, boys!

Huck: Why are we in a hurry?

Welshman: Never mind! You’ll see when we get to the widow Douglas.


(Widow Douglas’ living room. Her guests are sitting around the table)

Becky: Oh, Tom, what happened to you again! I thought you would come to visit me! But you disappeared…

Sid : You know, Becky, he walks where he wishes together with his best friend Huck!

Tom: I’m sorry…

Mary : Oh, dear cousin, I'm so glad you've come! Look! All your relatives have come to greet you! Thanks God, you are alive!

Emily : Tom, dear! How happy I am to see you again! Your classmates have been missing you!

Aunt Polly: Oh, Tom, where have you been? I’ve been searching for you! Look at yourself, how dirty you’re!

Tom: I’m ashamed….

Welshman: Well, you see, I stumbled on them right at my door and brought them along!

Widoa Douglas: And you did just right! Come with me, boys! Now wash and dress yourselves! Here are two new suits for you. Put them on! We’ll wait! Come down when you are ready!


(Sid is following Tom and Huck upstairs)

Sid: I say, Tom! Aunt Polly worried about you, and you are so naughty! Shame on you! Your face is in clay and candle greeze!

Tom: Now, Mr. Siddy! You just mind your own business! What’s all this about?

Sid: It’s one of the widow’s parties… But I can tell you something, if you want to know...

Huck: Well, what’s the secret?

Sid: You, Huck, tracked the robbers to the widow’s.

Tom: You told her! Now go and tell auntie if your dare!

(Tom catches Sid’s ear and pushes Sid. Sid screams and runs downstairs to the living room))

Sid: Aunt Polly! Aunt Polly!!!

Aunt Polly : Sit down near me, darling! Tom is actually not that bad!

Becky: Yes, auntie, Tom is a good boy! And he saved my life! Do you remember, uncle?

Judge Thatcher: Oh, yes, I do!


Widow Douglas: Dear ladies and gentlemen ! I asked you to come to inform you of my cherished desire. I would like to give this poor boy a home under my roof and have him educated. I could also spare the money and help him start some business in the future.

Judge Thatcher: Oh, it is so noble of you, Mrs.Douglas! What a loving heart you have got! This boy really needs care.

You know, I have come here as I am the judge of this town and I must be the witness of this important event. I know this boy very well. He’s really kind-hearted and has never done any harm to our citizens.

Amy Lawrence: Can I say a few words, sir?

Judge Thatcher: Yes, you may.

Amy Lawrence: I can also say that Huck is kind and honest and he never teases girls!

Tom: But Huck doesn’t need money. He is rich!

Becky: Oh, come on! Don’t be silly, Tom! How can it be?

Aunt Polly: Sid, what it Tom saying? Well, I never know what is in his head…

Sid: Oh, just rubbish, as usual!

Tom: Yes, Huck’s got money! Maybe you don’t believe it! But he’s got lots of it. And you needn’t smile! You wait a minute!

(Tom puts the chest onto the table, opens it and pours the coins out)

There! What did I tell you? Half of it's Huck’s and half of it’s mine!

All the company : WOW!

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