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Сценарий театральной постановки "зима в Простоквашино"

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Winter in Prostokwashino”

The Cat: Look what’s happening! It is the end of the 20th century and we have only one pair of valenki for the two of us.

Pechkin: How come? Don’t you have the means? I mean… don’t you have enough money?

The Cat: We have the means, but one of us doesn’t have the brain. I told to this hunter: get the pair of the valenki. And do you know what he did?

Pechkin: What?

The Cat: He has bought sneakers, just because they look nicer.

Pechkin: Even students don’t wear sneakers in wintertime.

The Cat: He is a boneheaded dog!

Pechkin: So, tell him about it!

The Cat: I can’t. We don’t talk to each other.

Pechkin: No problem. We have a mail service, send him a letter. Which form would you like? A simple one or with greetings?

The Cat: A simple one. Let’s not make a big deal about it!

The Dog: That’s the way he treats me! So I don’t need anything from you at all!

Pechkin: I don’t have any simple form. Only with greetings.

The Cat: Expenses again. O’k, give me you form. “Sharik, you are bonehead!”.

Pechkin: That’s wrong. First you have to congratulate the recipient .

The Cat: O’k. My best wishes to you, Sharik, you are bonehead! What to write next?

Pechkin: Usually people write about the weather.

The Cat: Weather… The weather is fine.

The Dog: Khe-khe-khe! You call it fine?

Pechkin: Silence, mister Sharik! Will you reply? Write about the weather you have!

The Dog: I won’t reply! I’ll throw the poker at him, so that he wouldn’t call me names any more!!!

Pechkin: There is no need to throw it. Send it by mail. We will wrap it at and give it to the cat.

Mister cat, you’ve received the poker. He wanted to throw it at you.

The Cat: Oh! Did he?! I’ll throw an iron at him!

Pechkin: Wait a minute! If it’s more than a kilo, so it’s going to be a parcel. We will deliver it. But if you really hate him, send your hatred in a container. There are special agencies in a countryside, they will help you.

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