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Сценарий урока help about the house 6 класс

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Сценарий урока 6 класс «Help about the house» (развитие умения диалогической речи – умения вести диалог- расспрос)

  1. Warm up. (3 min)

T:Good afternoon, children. Let’s begin our English lesson. Sit down, please.

Ch: Good afternoon, teacher.

T: Watch the video now. This is one of the popular Disney cartoon. Watch and guess what we are going to talk about?

Who is this character? What does she do?

Ch: she feeds pets, sets the table, cooks, and cleans the floor.

Ch: We are going to talk about help about the house.

T: Yes, you are right.

  1. Preparation: lesson objectives.(2 min)

T: Do you help your parents? What do you usually do at home? Do you like helping about the house?

Ch: answer the questions

T: today you will discuss your housework and try to make conversations.

  1. Group work.

Group division (2 min) T: before making conversations you need divide into 3 groups. You have puzzle pieces on your desks. Put the puzzle together; find the classmates who have missing parts of the puzzle. You have 1 minute to put the puzzle.

T: Who is on the picture? What is he/she doing?

Ch: describe pictures they have put together.

T: take the seats according to the activity: sweepers, dish washers and pet lovers.

Group work (25 min)

T: Meet the Atkinsons family, imagine you are their children. The Atkinsons have just come home and the house is a real mess.

What help do they need? How can we help? Choose necessary phrases from the box. You have 2 min to do the task.

T; check your guessing. Sweepers, announce your results. (5 min)

Ch: read what they have chosen.

T: the Atkinsons are tired because they have a lot to do. What have they already done? What haven’t they done yet? Open the brackets put the verbs into Present Perfect to complete the sentences. You have 3 min to do the task.

T: check the answers. Dish washers, announce your results.

Ch: read the sentences. (5 min)

T: Mrs. and Mr. Atkinson are talking about what they have done? Make up questions to complete the conversation. You have 3 min to do the task.

T: check the task. Pet lovers, announce your results.

Ch: read their questions (5 min)

T: Imagine, your mother Mrs. Atkinson ask you what you have done to help her about the house. Make up the conversation according to the situation in Task 4. Act out the conversation. (dress an apron). You have 10 minutes to do the task.

  1. Reflection.

Оценивают выступления друг друга по заранее разработанным критериям.(10 мин)


Dish washers

Pet lovers

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