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Сценарий урока "История рок-музыки"


Тема урока: История рок – музыки

Популярные солисты и группы.

Цели: Учить учащихся делать сообщения по истории рок-музыки, разбираться в ее направлениях.

Развитие умений устной речи и аудирования.

Воспитывать музыкальный вкус. Учить выделять истинные музыкальные произведения от быстро уходящих шлягеров.

Оборудование: фотографии, плакаты музыкантов и исполнителей, аудиозаписи разных групп.


  1. Организационный момент.

Teacher: Dear friends! Today we are going to have an interesting lesson-hit-parade of the best music works in the 20-21 st century. It is very useful information for all rock fans, it is lesson of rock music history. We are also going to listen to some pieces of rock music.

  1. Развитие навыков аудирования, монологической и диалогической речи учащихся. Основная часть урока.

P1. Hi, Lena! What is your favourite hobby?

P2: Hi, Andrew! Music, of course.

P1: What kind of music?

P2: Modern music.

P1: What`s the main hobby of the teenagers?

P2: I think, music of our time.

P1: So, let`s talk about the modern music.

P2: OK.

P1: Where is the beginning? In the roots?

P2: Exactly. This is jazz.

P1: The birthplace – the USA, the 30-s and 40-s years of the last century.

P3: Jazz is improvised music. The great jazz musicians are individual players and not really composers. Jazz grew out of Negro blues, ragtime and marching brass bands in about 1900. Traditional jazz developed in New Orleans, a port in Louisiana. In the 1920-s in New Orleans beautiful music filled the streets and cafes. The black and poor singers sang about their hard lives. Their music, jazz, ragtime and blues soon travelled to Europe. It was the time when the black music entered the whites` culture changing the lifestyle of the people all over the world. The fist well-known jazz soloist was Lois Armstrong. He introduced new ideas to jazz and was known as the “King of Jazz”. Jazz spread to Chicago and Kansas City, later to New York. As Negroes travelled north looking for job. White people began playing, bands grew bigger, with saxophones, more trumpets trombones, a piano

and sometimes a singer.

P1: Jazz is perfect. But what were the new styles?

P2: Let`s ask somebody.

P4: In the1940-s and 1950-s new styles of music emerged. Swing, rock-n-roll and singers like Jerry lee lewis and Chuck Berry destroyed the lows of morality that were imposed on the people by the Church for centuries. In the 1950s Elvis Presley became the King of rock-n- roll in the USA. The music travelled to Europe soon. It was especially popular among the teenagers. The young people disagreed with their parents, wore jeans and danced to their rock-n-roll records. The parents were really shocked by the music their children adored.

P5: Elvis Presley was known as “ The King of rock-n-roll”. He was born in Mississippi in 1935. At the age of 13, Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. There Elvis recorded his first song in 1954. He sold millions of records, served in the army, moved tj Hollywood and appeared in 33 films. Elvis`s songs are still popular today. One of his best songs is – “Love me tender”. ( звучит песня)

P2. Who was the King of music in the 60-s?

P5. The Beatles were, and their birthplace was in Liverpool, Great Britain.

P1: In 1960-s in Great Britain a new band was created “The Beatles”. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were writing simple songs and performing them so brilliantly that they gave a new impulse for the development of musical community. Other members of the famous group were Georg Harrison and Ringo Starr. From the British Isles their music quickly travelled to Europe, America and other continents. (звучит песня)

P1: do you know, lena, that the70-s was the time of revolution in rock music?

P2: Really? Why?

P1: The gentle mood in music has gone. The music became aggressive. It was a protest against the order. The styles are Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. The main groups are: “Pink Floyd”, “Deep Purple”, “Led Zeppelin”…
P5: Let`s listen to “Pink Floyd”. The album “the Wall” is very interesting. (з
вучит песня)

P2: What are the traits of the music in 80-90-s?

P1: It`s interesting that no single style was set. We can see a lot of new branches: disco, punk, rap, hip-hop. Let`s listen to “ABBA” (pesents “disco”), a Swedish group, internationally famous and popular with people of all ages. (звучит песня)

P2: And what about the Rock?

P1: As for Hard Rock it turned into Techno Rock with its mashine-made sounds. The groups are “The Kraftwerk”, “Scooter” (Germany), “Prodigy” (Great Britain). (звучит песня)

P2: What can you say about the music of our 21-st century?

P1: Technometal and Electronic Rock with groups: “Rammstein” (Germany) from one side and pop singers like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Britney Spears from the other.

P2: Tastes differ and I think everybody can choose his or her supper. Pop music is good for having a rest. Let`s have a break with pop music.

  1. Заключительная часть урока.

Teacher: Our time is out. I think that you liked our lesson. Today you know about music much more, I suppose. Thank you for your participation. Good-bye.

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