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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Сценарій виховного заходу з англійської мови "A Wonderful Trip"
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  • Иностранные языки

Сценарій виховного заходу з англійської мови "A Wonderful Trip"


Сценарій виховного заходу з англійської мови:

A Wonderful Trip” (Слайд 1)


  • навчальна: формувати країнознавчі та соціокультурні знання; розвивати вміння сприймати іноземну мову на слух, вдосконалювати лексико-граматичні навички з теми: «Все навколо мене»;

  • розвивальна: формувати країнознавчі та соціокультурні знання; розвивати творчі та комунікативно-ігрові здібності,тренувати пам`ять, увагу , мислення;

  • виховна: виховувати ініціативність та активність, повагу до культури і традицій інших народів, виховувати почуття патріотизму до малої батьківщини; виховувати почуття ввічливості, чуйність у стосунках з товаришами; заохочувати зацікавленість до вивчення англійської мови.

Тип заходу: подорож

Технічне забезпечення: мультимедійна навчальна презентація, аудіо запис, дитячі презентації, відео фрагменти.

He who loves not his country can love nothing” (Слайд2)


Teacher: Good afternoon our dear guests. Today we are going to meet two special guests – Polina and Dora the Explorer. (Слайд 3) Dora is from Great Britain and Polina is from Ukraine. We will travel by special bus with them. We will visit two countries and speak about their countries, capitals, towns, streets, families and traditions.

So, let’s start our trip.

Pupil 1 Love Ukraine

By Volodymyr Sosyura

Love Ukraine, love it like the sun;

Like the wind, and grass and water…

In the hour of happiness and in the time of joy,

Love it in the hour of misfortune.

Love Ukraine in your dream

And when you are awake,

Your cherry – like Ukraine.

Its beauty, eternally live and new,

And its tongue like that of the nightingale.

Teacher: So, our first stop will be –“ My Country” (Слайд 4)

Pupil 2 Come on my country

You won’t be sorry

To see its past

And present glory.

Pupil 3 Ukraine

We live in Ukraine , a beautiful land.

It’s home for me and for you, my friend.

It’s towns and villages are so nice.

The Ukrainian people are wise.

Pupil 4 Ukraine

I live in Ukraine .

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

There are a lot of rivers, lakes, seas and mountains there.

The longest river is Dnipro.

Ukraine has a long history.

The population of Ukraine is 38 million people.

The biggest cities are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Odesa, Mykolaiv and others.

People in Ukraine are hardworking and friendly.

Pupil 5


Royal family, regal, royalties,

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are part of GB, Europe

Army, Air force, and Naval support

Treasures, tutoring, training

Pupil 6 Great Britain

I live in Great Britain.

The UK is situated on the British Isles.

It consists of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The biggest rivers are the Thames, the Severn and others.

London is the capital of Great Britain.

The population of Ukraine is about 50 million people.

Great Britain is a beautiful country with old traditions and customs.

Teacher: The next stop is “ The Capital City” (Слайд 5)

Pupil 7

The Ukrainians are at home

In Kyiv and Cherkasy

And the English are at home

In London and Newcastle.

Pupil 8. Відео фрагмент


London is the capital of Great Britain. It is a political, economic and cultural center.

It is situated on the both banks of the Thames. London is one of the largest cities in the world.

It's population is more than 9 million people. London was founded more then twenty centuries ago. There are four parts of London: the City, the West End, the East End and Westminster.

The East End is the industrial district of London. The streets here are narrow and dirty, the houses are poor. Working class families live here.

The West End is the richest part of the city. The best shops, cinemas and museums are situated there. The House s of Parliament are in the administrative center of London, in Westminster.

London is famous for its wonderful places of interest such as the British Museum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and many others. My dream is to visit London.

Pupil 9. Презентація


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

It is situated on the both banks of the river Dnipro.

Kyiv was founded more than 1500 years ago.

The streets are wide and lined with chestnut trees.

Khreschatyk is the main street of Kyiv.

Kyiv is the scientific, industrial and cultural center of Ukraine.

ST SOPHIA’S CATHEDRAL. There are a lot of places of interest such as St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Andriivskyi Uzviz.

Teacher: We are arriving to the next stop, called “My Native Town”

(Слайд 6)

T: Dora’s and Polina’s friends will tell us about their native towns.

Pupil 10

I met a crane one sunny day.

Where do you live?” I asked the crane.

Where do you live?” I asked the crane.

My home is here, in Ukraine”.

Pupil 11. Презентація

My native town

I live in a small but beautiful town of Trostianets.

It is situated in Sumy region.

There are five schools in my town.

You can see a lot of flowers and trees in my town.

There is a beautiful park in the center of my town.

Children like to spend time there.

You can visit our Chocolate Museum, a picture gallery and Round Yard.

There are two beautiful churches.

You can see our beautiful ponds called Neskuchne.

People can visit two festivals in summer.

A lot of tourists visit it every year.

I like my town very much.

T: And we are going to see a video about Dora’s native town – Colchester.

Teacher: At last Polly and Dora will tell us about their “Families and traditions.” (Слайд 7)


I know a face, a lovely face.

As full of beauty as of grace

A face of pleasure and of smile.

In darkness it gives light.

A face that is itself like joy,

To see it I’m a happy boy.

And I have a joy that have no other:

This lovely woman is my mother.


Mother is busy

From morning till night

Keeping her family

Happy and bright.

Pupil Презентація

My family

This is my family. My family is big and friendly. There are four of us. I have a mother, a father and an elder sister.

My father, Oleh Petrovych, is handsome. My dad is taller and older than my mum.

My mother, Liudmyla Oleksandrivna, is pretty and elegant.

My sister, Vlada, is elder than I. She is very clever. She is a student now.

I am proud of my family.

A song

Відео фрагмент Mother Song - Happy Mother's Day Song for Children - I Love You Mommy

T: Polina is going to sing how she helps her mom about the house. (Пісня «Маленька господиня»)

Teacher: We have passed all the stops. I hope you have enjoyed our trip. (Слайд 8)

So, let’s make a solution:

You can go to the East.

You can go to the West.

But at home it is better.

But at home it is the best.

And sing song-present together!

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