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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия на тему "Love is..."

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Цель мероприятия:

Воспитание эстетического вкуса, чувства прекрасного, любви к родному краю, поэзии, музыке, привитие чувства коллективизма и доброжелательного отношения к окружающему миру.

Ход мероприятия:


Love… What is it? The theme was discussed and is discussed during many centuries. But there is no answer. That is why we continue to discuss the theme today.

Many years ago someone said: « Anyone who has never really loved has never really lived».

Звучит размышление «What is love?»

What is love? It’s one of the most difficult questions for the people. No one can give any proper definition of love. Love is friendship for some people. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind.

Love is a favourite word of many people. Love is the most beautiful, kind and wonderful feeling in the world. Moreover, it lives in the soul of everyone. Love is more general feeling. Look at the relationship between a mother and a child. The mother’s love can’t be measured at all. In addition, we can love parents, relatives, nature, music, animals and all the people around us.

There are a lot of songs and poems about love. You can do something for a person you love. You can understand him, support and help him in a difficult moment of his life. It is well – known, that we don’t love for anything. We love without any reason. The person who loves anybody will never be alone.


The first feeling the person has when he is a little child. This is love for a mother.

Звучат стихи в исполнении учащихся.

P1: I love my Mummy!

I love her very much!

And do you love your mummy?

P2: Of course, I do.

Who loves Mummy best?

P3: I do.

With my dear mummy

I always play.

Who loves mummy best?

P4: I do.

I give her flowers:

White, yellow and red”.

Who loves mummy best?

P5: I do.

She asks to help her

And I always do so.

P2: I have two balls, many toys

And a brother

And I am very, very, very

Fond of my mother.

P1: Who fed me when I was a child?

Children: My mother.

P3: Who comforted me in her arms so mild?

Children: My mother.

P4: Who sat and watched my children head,

When I slept in my little bed?

Children: My mother.

P5: When sickness made me cry in pain,

Who turned me till I was well again?

Children: My mother.

P6: Who dressed my little doll so gaily?

And taught me song and games daily?

Children: My mother.

P7: When Mummy comes to play with me, I’m as happy as can be.

Ведущий: When we read fairy tales we learn about new feeling. Let’s see a scene from the fairy tale «Cinderella» where the main characters fall in love with each other at a glance

Исполняется сцена из сказки «Cinderella ».

Звездочёт: Have you heard about Cinderella? Once upon a time

Открывается занавес. На сцене камин, бочка с кувшином, самовар, посуда…

Звучит музыка. Золушка вытирает посуду, начинает танцевать и вдруг останавливается.

Золушка: How I want to go to the ball!

Глашатай: The ball! Everyone to a ball! Our king is giving a ball! Everyone is welcome!

Выходит отец.

Отец: Cinderella, my dear daughter! Would you like to go to the ball?

Золушка: With pleasure!

Отец: You WILL go to the ball!

Мачеха: NO! No! Cinderella!(отталкивает отца). My dear daughters, come with me! Cinderella! You will stay at home and clean the house. You must help your sisters get dressed for the ball!

Золушка: All right, dear stepmother.

Мачеха проверяет, как золушка убрала комнату.

Первая дочь: Cinderella! You must brush my hair until it looks like silk!

Золушка: With pleasure!

Вторая дочь: Cinderella! You must polish my shoes until they shine like stars!

Золушка: Yes, dear sister!

Первая дочь: Cinderella! Would you like to go the ball?

Золушка: I cannot go to the ball – you know that…

Вторая дочь: You're right!

Первая дочь: Everybody would laugh to see Cinderella at the ball.

Сестры смеются. Золушка заплакав, возвращается к камину и продолжает работать.

Мачеха поет песню: «My daughters».

Мачеха: My dear daughters, let's go to the ball.

Закрывается занавес. Звучит волшебная музыка. Появляется фея.

Золушка: Ah! My dear Fairy Godmother!

Волшебница: Why are you crying, Cinderella? What's the matter?

Золушка: I would like to go to the ball! But I have got a lot of work.

Волшебница: You WILL go to the ball!

Золушка: Ah! My dear Fairy Godmother! I haven't got a dress!

Волшебница: You will be the most beautiful one at the ball.

Песня феи.

Trickety- Trockety

Trickety, trockety, Wickety Wack!

Dress! Dress! Dress!

White dress! Ball dress!

Trickety,Trockety, Wickety wack!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Glass shoes! Ball shoes!

Trickety, trockety, Wickety wack!

Coat! Coat! Coat!

White coat! Fur coat!

Trickety, Trockety, Wickety Wack!

Big coach! Gold coach!

Trickety, trockety, Wickety Wack!!!

Выходит золушка в красивом платье.

Паж: Dear Cinderella! I shall help you! (держит хрустальные туфельки)

Золушка: Ah, dear Fairy Godmother! Thank you! Thank you very much!

Волшебница: Cinderella! You must come back before midnight!

Бал. Звучит музыка.

Глашатай: Mr.Woodman and his family.

Отец, мачеха и дочери проходят мимо короля и королевы. Мачеха и дочери шепчутся.

Первая дочь: Mummy! Mummy! The prince has looked at me 3 times!

Мачеха: OK!

Отец: What are you doing here? ( мачеха отмахивается от мужа)

Вторая дочь: Mummy! Mummy! The prince has looked at me 5 times!

Мачеха: Wonderful

Глашатай: A beautiful princess!

Как только золушка появляется, музыка останавливается и все смотрят на нее.

Мачеха и дочери (шепчутся): Look! Who is that beautiful girl? (ВМЕСТЕ) How pretty she is!

Принц подходит к Золушке.

Принц: What's your name? Where are you from?

Золушка: My name is Cindy.

Звучит песня *Love me tender*

Король: My dear! What's the matter with our son?

Королева: I think he fell in love with that beautiful girl!

Первая дочь: Mummy! Mummy! (плачет). I wanted to be the princess!

Мачеха: I will complain to the king! I will speak the king! My dear daughters! Come with me! You will be rich and happy! (уходят).

Принц и Золушка подходят к королю и королеве.

Принц: Mummy, Daddy! I love this beautiful girl!

Звучит марш Мендельсона. Все торжественно уходят.

Ведущий: The poets praise this felling in their verses. Do you know that some Pushkin's verses were translated into English?

Звучит стихотворение А.С. Пушкина «Я вас любил» на английском и русском языках.

I loved you once. My love for you, it may be,

Within this heart of mine is still aglow;

But let it mot concern you any longer;

I would not have it pain you anymore.

I loved you once – so hopelessly, in silence,

By shyness now, then jealousy beset,

As God may grant, another’s may prove yet.

Я Вас любил: любовь ещё, быть может,

В душе моей угасла не совсем;

Но пусть она Вас больше не тревожит;

Я не хочу печалить Вас ничем.

Я вас любил безмолвно, безнадёжно,

То робостью то ревностью томим;

Я вас любил так искренно, так нежно,

Как дай Вам Бог любимой быть другим.

My love is like an ocean
It goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep.

My love is like a river
That will never end
My love is like a dove
With a beautiful message to send.

My love is like a song,
That goes on and on forever
My love is like a prisoner
It's to you that I surrender.

Ведущий: The musicians compose wonderful songs and devote them to love.

Звучит песня о любви.

Ведущий: The felling of love is spoken and written about during many centuries. But who can answer the question: Love, what is it? Our students have their own opinion about this question. Let’s listen to them, how they understand «What love is…. »

Звучат рассуждения о любви: к науке, к литературе, к своей малой родине, к искусству.

Love to science

Love is a very broad and many-sided concept. We can speak about love for a woman, for parents and for children, for our Motherland, for nature, for arts, for a profession… I’d like to tell about my love for science now.

At school I have become a regular participant of mathematical, physical and chemical Olympiads. I liked to solve difficult problems, and, little by little, my interest in science developed into love.

I like science because I like to get exact information about our world and I like to realize that I can predict some nature phenomena with the use of scientific theories familiar to me. Besides that, I like to use my intellect and to solve difficult mathematical problems because this gives me aesthetic pleasure. Nowadays, many people don’t like to think and reflect by themselves; but I don’t belong to such a category of people because, in my opinion, a human has mind not for nothing but for cognition of the world, and a man who doesn’t use his intellect in his life isn’t worth being called a man.

I have chosen a scientific career because:

-firstly, I’m not afraid of difficulties,

-secondly, science is very important for our society,

-thirdly, this career corresponds to my faculties .

And I’m going to make every effort to become a real scientist.

Love to literature

            Books are one of the greatest wonders in the world. They follow us during all our life. When you read a book you enrich your mind with knowledge. This knowledge will help you in different subjects. People who read many books are very clever. If you read many books you will get a lot of information on many subjects. They help us in self-education, imagine the future, look into the past. Books develop our intellect, our soul. Everybody has his favorite books. They can be novels, detective stories, science literature and many others. As for me, I like to read books in my free time. Books help me to go away from life problems, to get into another world. Books pass over to us the knowledge and experience of previous generations, broaden our scope of vision. I like various literature directions and authors. It depends on my mood which book I take to read. There is no definite author which I like most of all.

From these books you can learn more about people’s feelings, about life; you can even begin to see the world from another angle after reading these books.

My love to my City

The native land is a place, where you were born, where you made your first steps, where you went to school, made friends. And it is a place where a person becomes a Person. In my opinion, the place where you were born, your birthplace is the best place on the earth. It seems to me, Voronezh is a beautiful place. There are many beautiful flowers, rivers, many wonderful churches there. Our rivers possess unusual beauty. One of my most favourite places is river Don. It is a very picturesque river. It is especially beautiful in September. There is a forest nearby. It is a really beautiful place! I think Voronezh is the best place on the earth.

Welcome to Voronezh

Cat: Hi! Do you know me? I’m a cat from Lizjukova Street. My name is Vasiliy.

And these are my friends.

Crown: I’m a crown. I travel round the world. Where are you from?

Pupil 1: We are from Voronezh. It is one of the largest industrial, transportation,

scientific and cultural centre in Russia.

Pupil 2: As you much have seen by the names of streets and the numbers of

memorial places Voronezh people have special attitude towards the

Great Patriotic war. Since June 1942 Voronezh had been defending

for 212 days protecting Moscow from the South.

Pupil 3: Voronezh was one of the most damaged cities during the war. However it

was rebuilt in shortest times.

Pupil 4: In February 2008 by the Presidential decree Voronezh was titled as the

City of Military Honour.

Cat: There are a lot of beautiful streets in Voronezh but the most famous one is

Lizjukova Street.

Pupil 5: By the way, Lizjukova Street named after military general Lizjukov, the

hero of Soviet Union, is familiar to most Russians by the cartoon “The

kitten from Lizjukova Street”. In 2003 the statue of the cartoon

characters was placed in this street.

Pupil 1: In our city you can see a lot of places connected with the Great Patriotic

war. The Pyramid with red stars on the corners is one of the popular

places in the city. This Pyramid and the Glory monument with eternal

flame form a memorial complex to Voronezh defenders. And there is one

more place that our schoolchildren like visiting. It’s the Memorial battle

machinery exhibition. Sculptural group of the Chizhov Bridgehead

memorial is visited by many tourists.

Crown: My favourite place in Voronezh is Petrovsky Square. There is a

monument to Peter the Great there.

Pupil 2: Yes, you’re right. It was Peter the Great who initiated shipbuilding in

Voronezh 300 years ago. And our city is famous as a birthplace of

Russian fleet. And the park in honour of Peter the Great is named

Petrovsky Square. It was reconstructed in 2007.

Crown: There are many green parks and squares in Voronezh but I’d like to

know “Where do you prefer spending your free time?”

Cat: In the beginning of Revolution Prospect there is the Puppet Theatre. In front

of it you can see the statue of English setter White Bim with a black ear, the

hero of a book of Troepolsky.

Pupil 3: Cultural life of Voronezh is rich and versatile. There are 5 theatres,

a Philharmonic society, fine arts and local history museums, exhibition

and concert halls, a circus, culture clubs and libraries.

Pupil 4: On Teatralnaya Square there is a new building of Koltsov Drama

Theatre. The park in front of the theatre attracts crowds of people. it is

also the best place to watch fireworks on public holidays.

Pupil 5: Next to Durov Park you can visit Voronezh State Circus named after

Anatoliy Durov, famous Russian circus performer and animal trainer

who lived and worked in Voronezh.

Pupil 1: If you are fond of art the Kramskoi Regional museum is for you. It

resembles of the palace in its beauty. If you are keen on literature the

Nikitin Literature Museum will be interesting for you.

Pupil 2: Voronezh is a birthplace of many poets and writers. You can see a

a monument to the writer Andrey Platonov. In front of Proletariy

movie theatre you can admire the monument to poet Ivan Nikitin.

Near the Nikitin regional Library there is the monument to Ivan

Bunin, the first Nobel Prize winner among Russian authors.

Pupil 3: Opposite the library there is opera House and the monument of

Alexander Pushkin. It is nice to visit Koltsovskiy Square where you can

find the monument to Alexey Koltsov who was born in Voronezh. This

monument, the oldest one in the city, was built in 1868.

Pupil 4: Voronezh is a city of universities. Each fifteen citizen of Voronezh is

a student. More than 30 higher education establishments provide

training in various specializations and directions.

Crown: I see Voronezh is a beautiful clean city. It is nice place to live, to work

and to study. Voronezh citizens are hospitable and friendly people.

Pupil 5: Voronezh is a city opened for cultural and business contacts, interesting meetings.

All pupils: We love our wonderful city!

My love to Art

The love theme is exсiting. Each person requires love throughout a life. Having inspired by love, people write verses, music, pictures. Everything begins with love: a life, work, dream, art.

The love is different: love to the Native land, to parents, to friends, to art, to the man, to the woman. The love is a creativity and beauty source.

I would like to tell about love to art. Certainly, many people like to stand and look at pictures for hours.

Artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte painted in Surrealist style that was at its most popular from the 1920s to the 1960s. Surrealist paintings always have an element of surprise in them. They put strange images and ideas together to create strange representation of things. The Surrealists painted images and ideas from their dreams and their imaginations. They often used bright colours to create an even bigger impact and always showed people and objects in new and unusual ways.

It is necessary to impart love to art since the childhood. After all it helps us to become kinder, more sympathetic, even quieter. The main thing is to remember: «Art is our life!»

Ведущий: That is how they perceive this felling differently. But the most poignant felling is love between two young people. Even the language is not an obstacle for them.

Звучит музыкальная композиция.

I met her last summer. It was warm and sunny. We enjoyed nice wonderful evenings. We were walking along the street and the moon alone was an observer of our meeting and talking. I did not know French and she did not speak English, but we did not need any whello_html_22507041.pngords. We understood each other without them. The language could not be a hindrance for us. Our hearts spoke in silence. It seemed we would be together forever. And if she had gone, I would have gone with her. And if she had died, I would have died with her. We enjoyed the silence of Paris in the night, but the summer was, unfortunately, over and I had to go away. And walked away. Winter… It’s cold. Snow falls. Impression of all the world is grey. And our love likes winter. Our love’s sun set for me and may be for her. My heart is dressed in black. Such a lonely day and it’s the most lonely day of my life. And I wish I took her hands and walked away. I wish I heard her voice.

Звучит стихотворение «Love is…» на английском языке

Love isa tender

Love is… a way of being

Love is… just showing someone you care.

Love is… helping with the dishes,

Love is… feeding your pet fishes,

Love is… just giving from your heart.

Love is so very simple,

It’s not a mystery.

When you treat those around you

The very same way

You want them to treat you.

Love is… your baby sister,

Love is… playing with her,

Love is… holding her when she cries.

Love is… sharing your candy,

Love is… being all that you can be,

Love is… lending a helping hand

When someone needs you.

Love is…


Love is…

For you and me.

Oh! Love is the greatest thing in the world.



57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
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