Инфоурок Другое Другие методич. материалыСценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Around the world"

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Around the world"

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1.     Good afternoon dear boys & girls! Today we’ve invited you for an amazing travelling. We’re going around the world & we’ll visit four wonderful countries from different parts of it. It won’t be a simple story but a kind of quest. You are divided into four teams. Each team has its own colour & its own tutor who will help you to overcome difficulties if there are some. Now take the envelopes in which you find the name of the country you are going to get information about & the route you should follow. Here you are. (4 times) Look & let’s start.

2.     Tutor: We have Turkey. Our rout starts from the room Number 25. Let’s go there & see what the task we should do.

         T. A.: Hello! Nice to see you.

         Team: Hello! Nice to see you too.

T. A.: What country have you got?

Team: Our country is  Turkey. What is the task?

T.A.: That’s nice. Come here. My station is called “History and politics”. Do you know how the flag of Turkey looks like? Look here and find the right flag. Read the text and colour it. You have 5 minutes.

Team is doing the task.

T.A. Very well. Listen to the anthem of your country. What do you feel?

Tutor: It is solid, lofty, touching. People feel proud of their country while listening to the anthem.

T.A.: Look at the picture. Уou can see a bird, a dragon, a … Choose a symbol of Turkey.

Team: The bird. It is a turkey.

T.A.: Yes. The name of the country is the same as this bird. Many years ago English people bought birds from Africa through Turkey. Over time, this bird became known as turkey. Take the envelope. You’ll find the flag & some information about Turkey. Good luck.

Team: Thank you.

Tutor: We are going to Room 29.

3. S.S.: Hello! Glad to see you. My station is called “Geography & Memories”.

Team: We’re getting information about Turkey.

S.S.: Fine. Do you know where it is situated?

Team: Yes. It is situated in Europe and Asia.

S.S.: Can you show it at the map?

Team is looking for the country.

S.S.: Good. Look at the outlines of 4 countries & guess Turkey. Name the capital of Turkey.

Team: The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

S.S.: Well-done. Tourists usually bring some souvenirs from the journey. I want to offer you to buy souvenirs too. Imagine you are in the souvenir shop, one of you is a shop assistant, the other is a tourist. Act out the dialogue. Get a currency.

Team is working with a dialogue.

-         Good afternoon! How can I help you?

-         Good afternoon! We want to buy a souvenir.

-         Choose any souvenir you like.

-         How much is this one?

-         It is …

-         Here you are. Thank you.

-         You are welcome.

S.S.: How clever of you! Your envelope contains a map, a text about geographical situation of Greece, the currency. Bye.

Tutor: We are going to Room 30.

4. E. Y.: Hello!

Team: Hello!

E. Y.: What country have you got?

Team: Turkey.

E.Y.: That’s nice. Come here. My station is called “Traditions & cuisine”. Here you’ll learn

about a Turkish traditional dish. Read the name of the dish.

Team: Baklava.

E. Y.: Right. Your task is to read the ingredients of the dish, find the proper products & stick

to the sheet of paper. You’ve got 5-6 minutes.



•        flour

•        sour cream

•        eggs

•        butter

•        salt

•        sugar

•        honey

•        water

•        soda

•        almond

•        walnut

•        cinnamon

E.Y.: Fine. Let me check. Everything is OK. Take the envelope with some more information about Turkish traditions & their way of life.

Team: Thank you.

E.Y.: Thank you. Now look at the traditional Turkish dance.  It is called dervish dance. He symbolizes the connection of man and the God. Try to copy it.

E.Y.:  Good luck.

 Tutor: Let’s go to the last station. It is in the room 28.



5. N.Y.: Hello! Nice to see you. Green team has got Turkey, am I right?

Team: Absolutely! Your station is called “Sight & Politeness”.

N.Y.: Yes, it is. Your task is to watch the presentation & try to guess what kind of sights you see. The list of words will help you. Read & translate.

Tutor: Sophia Church

Cleopatra's Pool

The museum of carpets

Tahtalı mountain



N.Y. shows the presentation.

N.Y.: Well-done. What do you like most of all? Would you like to go to Turkey?

Team answers the question.

N.Y.: Being in Turkey it will be very polite to speak . It is very useful to know some phrases. People will be very pleased to hear you speaking their native language. So I’ve prepared for you some phonetic training. We’ll learn how to pronounce some polite words. Look, listen & repeat. Say by yourselves. What phrase do you like most of all?

Team is working with the words & answer the question.

N.Y.: Thank you. You get the envelope with pictures of Turkish sights & some interesting facts about this amazing country. Good luck.

Team: Thank you.

Tutor: We have got all the envelopes. Let’s go to the hall.

6. Glad to see all of you again. All tasks are done. The next stage is that you should study the material you‘ve got and make a scrapbook about the country. After the scrapbooks are ready there will be voting & the winner in each nomination will be determined & praised. Good luck. See you next week.







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