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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Том Сойер и его приключения" для 7 класса


Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку в 7 классе «Том Сойер и его приключения»

All the participants are on the stage.

Storyteller 1: Good afternoon, dear friends, teachers, boys and girls! We welcome you at our English party.

Storyteller 2: “Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain. All of us know this name very well. We read the novel, saw films and performances about Tom Sawyer and his adventures. And we like the boy very much. Today we`ll show you our version of some scenes from the book about Tom Sawyer.

Storyteller 1: Tom and his friends live in America, state Missouri, in a little town on the west bank of the river Mississippi. He lives in the family of his Aunt Polly. He does not like to go to school and he often misses classes.

Scene 1

In the living room

Tom Sawyer and Aunt Polly are in the room. There is a table and some chairs in the room. There is a stick in the corner. Aunt Polly is sitting at the table. Tom is under the table. She can`t see him.

Aunt Polly: Tom! (Silence) Where is he? Tom! (Aunt Polly is looking for Tom everywhere: she is taking off her glasses, she is looking under the chairs, she is putting on her glasses. She is angry.) You – u – u - Tom!

Tom: Here I am. (There is some noise under the table.)

Aunt Polly: What were you doing there?

Tom: Nothing.

Aunt Polly: Nothing? Look at your hands (Tom is looking at his hands.) and look at your mouth! (Tom is wiping his mouth.) What is that?

Tom: I don`t know, Aunt.

Aunt Polly: Well, I know. It`s jam. That`s what it is. I`ve told you forty times, if you steal this jam, I`ll punish you. Hand me this stick. (Tom gives his aunt the stick. Aunt Polly is angry. She is ready to strike him with the stick.)

Tom: Oh! Aunt Polly! Aunt Polly! Look behind you, Aunt! (Aunt Polly turns away from Tom . Tom runs away.)

Scene 2

Whitewashing the fence

Storyteller 3: Saturday morning comes. It is warm. The sun is bright. The summer is wonderful.

Tom comes with a bucket of whitewash. He is happy. He is singing “My Bonny Is Over the Ocean”. Then he looks at the fence. He stops singing and becomes serious. He takes a deep breath and begins painting the fence. Then he moves away from the fence, looks at it, takes a deep breath and sits under the tree. Jim runs out with a bucket (for water) singing and dancing.

Jim: Old McDonald has a farm, EI, EI, O

And on his farm he has some chicks, EI, EI, O.

With a chick, chick here and a chick, chick there.

Tom: Look here, Jim, I`ll bring the water, if you whitewash the fence.

Jim: (Shaking his head) I can`t, Master Tom. Old Mistress told me to go and bring the water. She said, “Master Tom will ask you to whitewash the fence but you do not listen to him and go for water.”

Tom: Oh, never mind what she said. Jimmy, give me the bucket. She won`t ever know. Jimmy, I`ll give you a white marble… And besides I`ll show you my sore toe. ( Tom shows his sore toe and begins removing the bandage. Jim puts the bucket down and stoops to look at Tom`s toe. Aunt Polly appears. She looks at the boys and strikes Jim with her slipper.)

Jim: Oh! Oh! (He runs away with a bucket.)

Aunt Polly: Tom, go on whitewashing the fence!

Tom: Oh, Auntie, I can`t do it… I`m tired. May I whitewash it tomorrow?

Aunt Polly: No, today. Whitewash the fence, I say! (She goes away. Tom begins painting. In a minute he stops and sits under the tree. He takes marbles, green glass and parts of toys out of his pocket.)

Tom: Nobody will work for these things. It`s hot and sunny. The river is blue and bright. Oh, the water is cool. (sadly)I am sure all children will be there. They will go swimming. (He jumps up.) Oh, I have an idea. (He takes the brush and begins whitewashing. Ben Rodgers appears. He is eating an apple and he is moving like a steamboat.)

Ben: Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong (He sees Tom, reduces the speed, stops at the fence. He speaks in different voices.)

Stop her, sir. (captain)

Ting-a-ling-ling. (bell)

Chow-chow-wow. (engine)

Ting-a-ling-ling. (bell)

Let her back on the labboard. Ship up to back. (captain)

Ting-a-ling-ling. (bell)

Stop the labboard. Stop labboard. Set her back. (captain)

Ting-a-ling-ling. (bell)

Chow-chow-chow-wow! (engine)

Stop her! Done with the engine, sir! (captain)

Ting-a-ling-ling. Sh`t, sh`t, sh`t. (bell, engine)

(But Tom doesn`t pay any attention.)

Hi, you, Tom! You must work today?

Tom: Oh, hello! It`s you, Ben, I didn`t notice you.

Ben: I am going swimming, but you must work.

Tom: (Tom stops painting and looks at Ben.) Work? What do you call work?

Ben: What are you doing, then?

Tom: I am whitewashing the fence.

Ben: Isn`t that work?

Tom: Well maybe it is, and maybe it isn`t. (He goes on painting.)

Ben: Don`t pretend you like it.

Tom: Well, of course, I like it. Does a boy have a chance to whitewash the fence every day?

Ben: (Ben stops eating his apple.) Say, Tom. Let me whitewash a little.

Tom: No, I won`t. Jim wanted to do it but Aunt Polly didn`t let him. You see, Aunt Polly is very careful about this fence.

Ben: Aunt Polly didn`t let him. Tom, let me. I`ll give you my apple. I`ll be very careful.

Tom: All right! (Tom takes the apple, sits under the tree, starts eating the apple. Ben starts painting the fence. Billy appears on the stage.)

Billy: Hello, what are you doing?

Ben: Tom and I are whitewashing the fence.

Billy: You don`t think it is interesting, do you?

Ben: We do. It is interesting. You see, Jim wanted to do it, but Aunt Polly didn`t let him.

Billy: Tom, let me whitewash a little. I`ll give you an old knife.

Ben: No, I`ll whitewash the fence. (Ben and Billy begin fighting.)

Tom: Stop that! Now it`s your turn to whitewash, Billy. (Billy gives Tom his old knife and starts painting. Johnny Miller appears on the stage. He has a rat.)

Johnny Miller: Let me whitewash a little, too. (He gives his rat to Tom.)

Tom: Stop, Billy! Now it`s Johnny`s turn. (Several boys want to whitewash the fence. They give Tom something and Tom allows them to paint.)

Storyteller 1: Tom is very rich now. He has a lot of things.

Tom: (happily): Well, I am very rich. I have lots of marbles, a toothbrush, a piece of a bottle glass, a key, a piece of chalk, a kitten with one eye, a rat, a knife, four pieces of orange peel, a dog collar.

Aunt Polly: (Appears on the stage.) Oh, it`s all done! You are a good boy, Tom. You can work when you want to. Now you may go and play. (Goes away.)

Tom: Hurrah! Let`s run to the river.

The boys: Hurrah! Let`s.

Scene 3

Monday morning

It`s morning. There are two beds in the bedroom. Tom and Sid are in their beds. They are sleeping. The girls (Clock) come out of the screen one after another. They sing the song:

Dear boys, dear boys!



Morning bells are ringing,

Morning bells are ringing,



Dear Sid, dear Tom!



Morning bells are ringing,

Morning bells are ringing,



(The girls leave the stage.)

Sid is sleeping. Tom has already woken up. He is serious. He examines his head, then his stomach, his hands and legs. Suddenly he begins smiling – a tooth.

Storyteller 1: Monday morning came. Tom is sad. He is always sad on Monday morning because he must go to school. The weather is fine. It is warm, and sunny. The sky is blue. It is not cloudy. Tom thought he didn`t want to go to school. Suddenly he has discovered: one of his teeth was loose.

Tom: Sid, Sid! (Sid stirs.) Sid, Sid! (Tom cries louder. Sid sits in his bed and yawns.)

Sid: Tom! What`s the matter, Tom?

Tom: Sid, I am dying! (crying)

Sid: Oh, Tom! Oh, don`t, Tom! Oh, don`t! (Sid runs to Aunt Polly.)

Oh, Aunt Polly, come! Oh, Aunt Polly, come! Tom`s dying!

Aunt Polly: Dying? I don`t think so! (She comes into the room.) You, Tom! What`s the matter?

Tom: It`s my tooth, Auntie. I`m dying. (Aunt Polly sits on the chair and starts laughing.)

Aunt Polly: What`s the matter with your tooth?

Tom: One of them is loose, and I have a terrible toothache.

Aunt Polly: Open your mouth! Your tooth is loose, but you will not die. Sid, give me a long silk thread.

Tom: Oh, Auntie, don`t pull it out. It is better, it`s better! I don`t want to stay at home. I want to go to school.

Aunt Polly: Ah! Now I understand. You wanted to stay at home, and did not want to go to school, but you wanted to go fishing. Oh, Tom. I love you so much, and you break my old heart by your terrible tricks. (Sid brings a silk thread.)

Sid: Here you are.

Aunt Polly: Open your mouth, Tom. Open! I say. (The Old Lady ties the thread to Tom`s tooth, the other end – to… She tries to stretch the thread.)

Aunt Polly: Stand still, Tom. (Tom stands still. The tooth poppes out with the thread.)

Tom: Well, now I can spit in a new and wonderful way. (He spits several times.)

Storyteller 3: Our performance is over. Let us introduce our actors and actresses: Jim…

Jim (sings): Old McDonald has a farm, EI, EI, O…

Storyteller 2: …Ben…

Ben: Stop her, sir. Ting – a – ling – ling.

Storyteller 2: …Billy…

Billy: I`ll give you an old knife, Tom.

Storyteller 2: …John Miller…

John Miller: Let me whitewash a little.

Storyteller 2: …Clock…


Ding – ding – dong. Ding – ding – dong

Morning bells are ringing.

Morning bells are ringing.

Ding – ding – dong.

Storyteller 1: Sid…

Sid: Oh, Tom, don`t die!

Storyteller 1: …Aunt Polly…

Aunt Polly: Tom! Where is that boy? You Tom!

Storyteller 1: …Tom…

Tom: Here I am! Oh, I have an idea, how to whitewash the fence!

Storyteller 1: …and Storytellers.



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