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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия "Театральная постановка английской народной сказки "Джек и бобовый стебель"

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Сценарий театральной постановки английской народной сказки «Джек и бобовый стебель» ( 5 класс)

Main characters: JACK (J), AUTHOR (A), JACK’S MOTHER (M), OLD MAN , The giant, the Giantess.

A: Jack is a young boy. He lives with his mother in a little house in the country. Jack and his mother are very poor and they haven, t got a lot of food. They have got a cow.

M: “Wake up, Jack! You must help me. There is nothing to eat for breakfast this morning. We haven, t got any food. We cant buy any food because we haven, t got any money. You must go to the market and sell the cow, and buy some bread, milk and honey on your way home”.

J: “Yes, Mother”.

A: But Jack is sad. He doesn’t want to sell the cow. It is his friend.

Jack takes the cow and starts to walk into town. On the way into town, he meets an old man.

Old man: «What’s that you’ve got there, boy? Let me look at your cow.»

The Old man looks at the cow.

Old man: «Will you give it to me, please?»

Jack: «I can’t give you the cow. I am going to the market to sell her.»

A: « But the old man has a plan.»

Old man: « Don’t worry, I’ll give you these magic beans for your cow.»

A: «The old man shows Jack some beans.»

J: «I don’t want beans, I need money. We haven’t got any food at home.»

Old man: «But these beans are magic. Take them, and you will see what I mean.»

A: «So Jack takes the beans, and the old man takes the cow. Jack runs home and dives the beans to his mother. But she is very angry. She doesn’t want beans. She wants money, and she screams at Jack.

M: «We can’t buy food with beans!»

«You are silly boy! Is this a joke? Do you think this is funny? Why haven’t you got any money for the cow?»

А: «Jack is very sorry.»

J: «But they are magic beans!»

М: «Magic beans! What a silly idea!»

А: «Jack’s mother throws the beans out of the window and they land in the garden. Jack’s mother is very sad all day because they haven’t got their cow.

A: « The next day, Jack wakes up and looks out of the window. He sees a tall beans talk in the garden. He goes outside and calls his mother.

J: «Wow! Look at this beanstalk! It’s very tall! Can I climb it?

M: «Be careful ,Jack. You don’t know what you’ll find at the top»

А: «Jack starts to climb up the beanstalk. He climbs and climbs the beanstalk is very tall and goes up into the sky and through the clouds. He reaches the top at last and Jack is very surprised when he sees a big castle. He runs to the castle and knocks on the door. Jack is very hungry and wants to ask for something to eat. A giantess opens the door. She is very big.»

Giantess: « What do you want? You can’t come in here. My husband isn’t here, but when he comes back, he will eat you!»

A: “Jack is scared. The castle starts to shake. The giantess runs into the kitchen and Jack follows her.

G: “You must hide! My husband mustn’t see you! Quick! Get in the oven. You can hide behind the cake!”

J: “Please! Don’t let the giant eat me!”

A: «The giantess closes the oven color and waits for her husband.

He comes into the castle and looks around.»

Giant: «Hello, wife. What’s that I smell? I smell a young boy!»

А: « But the giantess is clever.»

Giantess: « Don’t be silly, my dear! There aren’t any boys here. I’m cooking you some meat. Look, it’s a sheep.»

А: « The giantess brings the giant’s breakfast and puts it on the table.»

Giantess: « Are you ready to eat, my dear?»

А: « The giant always ready to eat.»

G: « Thank you! Now leave me alone. I’ve got work to do!»

А: « The giantess leaves and the giant takes his hen. The giant looks at the hen.

G: “Lay!”

A: “ And the little brown hen lays eggs on the table.

J: “The eggs are golden! The hen is magic!”

A: “ The Giant is very tired after his big meal. Soon his eyes close and he falls asleep. Jack gets ready to leave.

J: “Now I can go!”

A: “He slowly opens the oven door? Climbs out of the oven and walks to the table. He wants to take the giant’s hen.”

J: “Come here, little hen. You’re coming with me! I need a magic hen. Now I can be rich, and mother won’t be angry with me!»

А: « While the giant is sleeping, Jack takes the hen from the table. He is very quiet because he doesn’t want to wake him up.

But as Jack tries to leave the castle, the magic hen opens its mouth and makes a loud sound .The noise wakes up the giant. He sees Jack with his magic hen and he is very angry.»

G: « I smell a young boy! I want to eat him.»

А: « The giant chases after Jack. The ground is shaking.»

J: « I must climb down quickly. I don’t want the giant to catch me! He will eat me!»

А: « Jack climbs down the beanstalk, but the giant starts to climb down ,too.»

G: « Come back here! Little thief! I’m going to eat you!”

А: «But Jack is almost in the garden. He shouts to his mother to bring an ax.

M: “What are you going to do , Jack!”

J: « The giant is coming! I MUST CHOP THE BEANSTALK”

А: «Jack chops and chops the beanstalk until it falls down. The giant falls down too”

M: “Well done, Jack! We’re safe now!”

J: «We’re rich now too! This is a magic hen. It lays golden eggs!”

А: «Now Jack and his mother are very happy!”

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