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Сценарий внеурочного мероприятия по английскому языку "В борьбе за мир"


Литературно-музыкальная композиция

«Песни в борьбе за мир»

To Live Together in Peace “

Wait for me, and I’ll come back!

Wait with all you’ve got!

Wait, when dreary yellow rains

Tell you, you should not.

Wait when snow is falling fast,

Wait when summer’s hot,

Wait when yesterdays are past,

Others are forgot.

Wait when from that far-off place,

Letters don’t arrive,

Wait, when those with whom you wait

Doubt if I’m alive.

Student 2

Wait for me, and I’ll come back!

Wait in patience yet

When they tell you off by heart

That you should forget.

Even when my dearest ones

Say that I am lost,

Even when my friends give up,

Sit and count the cost,

Drink a glass of bitter wine

To the fallen friend –

Wait! And do not drink with them!

Wait until the end!

Student 3

Wait for me and I’ll come back,

Dodging every fate!

Wait a bit of luck!” they’ll say,

Those that did not wait.

They will never understand

How amidst the strife,

By your waiting for me, dear,

You had saved my life.

How I made it, we shall know,

Only you and I.

You alone knew how to wait –

We alone know why!

Presenter 1

One of the most famous song at that time was “Katyusha”. It was heard everywhere during the war. Millions of people thought that Katuysha was a real girl, who loved a soldier and waited for the letter from him.

Presenter 2

After the war the song was spread and sung in English, Spanish and even Japanese.


Blossoms graces the apple trees and pear trees.
Mist upon the river floated by.
Down Katusha came to gather berries
On the cliff top rising steep and high.

There she walked and there she started singing
Of the dove-grey eagle of the steppe
Of the one that she had her heart winging
Of the one whose letters she had kept.

Song of love her maiden love declaring,
Chase the sun and speed without delay.
Warmest greeting from Katusha bearing
To the border guard man far away.

May the boy his village girl remember,
May he hear her love of tenderness,
May he guard his native land forever,
And Katusha guard her love no less.

Blossoms filled the apple trees and pear trees;
Mist upon the river floated by,
Down Katusha came to gather berries
On the cliff top rising steep and high.

Presenter 2

The war went on. Our soldiers fought heroically and bravely. But when they had time for rest, they sang songs and listen to famous singers at the concerts. The most favourite song was

The Dug - Out”

The DugOut В землянке

Бьётся в тесной печурке огонь

На поленьях смола как слеза

И поёт мне в землянке гармонь

Про улыбку твою и глаза

Про тебя мне шептали кусты

В белоснежных полях под Москвой

Я хочу, чтобы слышала ты

Как тоскует мой

I shall come to you, darling, at last

Thro’ the snow – fields that lie on the way,

Thro’ the distance between us is vast

And my death lurks but four steps away

Sing, accordion, and outface the storm,

Guide lost happiness till she returns.

My great love makes this dug – out seem warm,

And that love in my heart always burns.

Presenter 1

In September 1944, residents of the city with bouquets of roses greeted their liberators and as one of the soldiers said that while his hands can hold weapons, the roses would never be sprayed with blood. People's memory retained the name of the soldier; it’s a friendly and melodious Russian name Alesha. With roses, he is immortalized in stone.


When snow falls on fields and the forest,

On fields and the forest,

When snow falls of fields and the forest,

Or rainstorms are lashing the land,

On a hill in Bulgaria Alyosha

Alyosha, Alyosha,

On a hill in Bulgaria Alyosha,

The Russian soldier lad stands.

Our hearts still go out to that soldier,

Go out to that soldier,

Our hearts still go out to that soldier

As if we still heard bullets drone.

Of stone are his tunic and shoulder,

His tunic and shoulder,

Of stone are his tunic and shoulder,

His boots, too, are carved out of stone.

How great were the soldier lads’ losses,

In our land their losses,

How great were the solders lads’ losses,

They died and their names were not known.

But this soldier here, our Alyosha,

Alyosha, Alyosha,

But this soldier here, our Alyosha,

To all of Bulgaria is known.

How peaceful the valleys and bowers,

The valleys and bowers,

How peaceful the valleys and bowers,

But there on the hill he must stay.

To girls he can offer no flowers,

Can offer no flowers,

To girls he can offer no flowers,

But they bring him flowers each day.

As dear as the sweet breezes blowing,

The sweet breezes blowing,

As dear as the sunshine a- glowing,

Or a star in the sky bright and fair,

He watches the city below him,

The city below him,

He watches the city below him,

As if he had always stood there.

Presenter 2

Songs played a very important part in people’s lives during the war. They helped to cheer everyday life and boosted the morale of the soldiers. There were all kinds of songs – patriotic, sentimental, danceable, and humorous.

Presenter 1

The late 30s and early 40s produced some of the best and most enduring war songs. Sixty years later they are still popular and continue to be played worldwide.

Presenter 2

One of such songs is “Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer” written by a famous American composer Jimmy McHugh.

Presenter 1

It came out at the end of 1942 and immediately became a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Presenter 2

In 1943 it was translated into Russian and was first sung by Leonid Utyosov. Nowadays the modern version of the song “Бомбардировщики” is performed by the group “Chizh & Co”

Бомбардировщики (видеофрагмент)

Presenter 1

Our people, our soldiers hoped to put an end to the war, to win it. Little children wrote letters to soldiers to the front, wrote poems for them. Listen to such poems.

Presenter 2

1. I want to live and not to die

I want to dream and not to cry

Presenter 1

2. I want to feel the summer sun

I want to live when life is fun

Presenter 2

3. I want to stretch out friendly hands

For all the young of other lands

Presenter 1

4. I want to fly into the blue

I want to swim as fishes do

Presenter 2

5. I want to live and not to make

No atom bomb for my shining world.

Presenter 1

You all remember The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010. It was held at the sports complex Minsk Arena

Presenter 2

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was a partner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Organizers of Junior Eurovision 2010 wanted to attract attention of the general public to children with special needs. Some of the tickets for rehearsals and the televised show were given away to Belarusian orphans (сироты) and children with disabilities.

Presenter 1

Dmitry Koldun represented his new hit “A Day Without War”.

A DAY WITHOUT WAR (B.Vartanyan - D.Basik)

Look into the eyes
of children orphaned by the war.
Can we sacrifice
their tears for goals we’re fighting for?
Just tell me why, one reason why
We fight to make our children cry?

Give me day without war,
Just a day to fight no more,
Just a day to stop it all,
Just one day to change the world.
Give me day to tell the cost
Of the lives that we have lost,
And to say we’ve had enough
Making war instead of love!

Look into the eyes
of mothers that have lost their sons,
And make them realize
the reason why we shoot the guns.
Just tell them why, one reason why
We make them see their children die?

Strange Dream (a poem)

Last night I had the strangest dream,

I never dreamed before;

I dreamed the world at last agreed

To put an end the war.

I dreamed I saw the biggest room,

The room was full of men,

And papers they were signing said,

They’d never fight again!

And when the papers they all signed,

And million copies made,

They all joined hands and bowed their hands

And prayers began to pray.

The people in the streets below

Were dancing round and round,

And swords and guns and uniforms,

They scattered on the ground.

Last night I had the strangest dream,

I never dreamed before;

I dreamed the world at last agreed

To put an end the war.

May there always Be Sunshine! (Пусть всегда будет солнце!)

1. Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high,
That was the little boy's picture,
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too,
Just to make clear what he drew -
May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue skies,
May there always be Mummie,
May there always be me!
2. My little friend,
Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people,
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you have sung.
3.Soldier lad, stay!
Hear what we say -
War would make all of us losers.
Peace is our prize,
Millions of eyes
Anxiously gaze at the skies.

Presenter 2

Our fathers and grandfathers were willing to lay down their lives for the honor and freedom of our country. They were united and they defended our Моtherland. Let’s bow low today before all veterans of the Great Patriotic War and wish them a long a happy life.

Presenter 1

It’s a celebration that inspires us to the highest moral deeds and gives us the opportunity once again to bow down before those who gave us freedom, the freedom to live, work, feel joy, create, and understand each other.

Glory to Victory day!

Presenter 2

Our party is over. Thank you! Good Bye!


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