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Сценарий для окружного конкурса «Мир без границ» февраль 2009г.

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Сценарий для окружного конкурса «Мир без границ» февраль 2009г.

«Широка страна моя родная»

Коробейник (по-русски)

Добрый день, гости дорогие!

Добро пожаловать на нашу ярмарку!

Гости желанные, званные и незваные,

Худые и тучные, весёлые и скучные,

Все скорей спешите к нам, рады всяким мы гостям!

Люди старые и молодые, женатые и холостые,

Милости просим на наш праздник!

Мы рады гостям как добрым вестям!

Всех привечаем, душевно встречаем, на ярмарку приглашаем!

P1 – I’ve always dreamt of visiting a Russian Fair and here I am at last! It’s great to be here! Lots of people singing, dancing and having fun everywhere. I’d like to buy something for my friends and relatives. Who is that man over there?

P2 –He is a pedler, korobeinik in Russian, and he’s selling famous Russian souvenirs .There are lots of stuff in his box/basket

P1- Has he got any Matryoshka dolls, I wonder?

P2- Sure! Come on and have a look!

P2- These things are handicrafts which are made by the folk craftsmen. As you know Russian people observe their traditions carefully. Here it is. Look! This is a traditional doll in the nest – a girl dressed in a sarafan and wearing a kerchief, Matryoshka.

P1 – By the way, do you know that the idea came to Russia from Japan at the end of the 19-th century?

P2- Really? Sounds interesting, but as I know ,the first wooden toys were made in Sergiev Posad, an old Russian town and now they are the most popular souvenirs from Russia.

P1- What did the name Matryoshka come from?

P2- She is called Matryoshka from the Russian name Matryona.

P1- How many pieces are there in each doll?

P2- Most dolls have 5 to 7 pieces but some sets are really big and have 30 to 50 pieces. The biggest piece is 1 metre high and the smallest is 1 centimetre high.

P1- What do artists paint on them?

P2- Some of them present characters from Russian literature, fairy-tails and politics.

P3- Look at this 3-stringed musical instrument. The first mention of balalaika was in 1714 in the chronicles of Russia. But it is possible that the balalaika is even older. Since ancient times it was popular with Russian people because if the owner’s heart is heavy, it can be made to cry, and as for happiness- you couldn’t find a merrier friend anywhere. The best instruments are made in St. Petersburg.

P2 –Do you know any Russian handicrafts?

P1- I’m afraid not .But… hang on! I think that this cup is from the Moscow province Gzel. It has its distinctive decorations. The typical colours are white and blue. I would like to drink tea out of this cup.

P2- As for me I like Palekh and Khokhloma handicrafts most of all. In Khokholoma they make wooden tableware and Palekh is famous for its lacquer boxes of different shape and size. The tableware is made from dried wood and first appeared in the villages near the Volga River 300 years ago. The word ‘Khokhloma” is the name of an ancient trade settlement in Nizhegorodsky region. Artists paint gold on wood. They use very bright colours: red, black, green, gold colours are burning like fire. Each work of Khokhloma craftsmen has unique identity. Pattern of every masterpiece is never repeated. The professional skills of this craft go from one generation to another. Its technique is genuine and everyday taking.

P3- These lacquer boxes are from Fedoskino.

P1- Why are these items called lacquer boxes?

P3-They get their names from many layers of lacquer that provide a stunning shine to the box. They are extremely well crafted. Many artists prefer to paint on papier-mâché boxes because this material isn’t influenced by atmospheric changes and avoid cracking.

P1- How do artists decorate them?

P3- Most boxes are decorated with depictions of domestic everyday scenes but there are also historical and mythological subjects, landscapes and portraits. The most favourite subjects are rides. One can’t help admiring those beautiful breathtaking miniatures. People call them ‘small miracles of Russia’.

P1- They are charming and attractive.

P3- Well, I must say that Russian folklore also includes songs and dances.


P1- Now I see that Russia is a great country with interesting traditions, unique culture, genuine folk art and crafts. Russian artists have produced a lot of masterpieces. Russian souvenirs are of great value and high quality. They can always tell a story of a history, culture and geography of a place where they were made. Hardly any visitor leaves the country without buying something which will remind them of the country later.


A mobile phone is ringing

P1- Hello, John! You see I’m on holiday in Russia. I’m greatly impressed by this amazing country, its culture, traditions, places of interest, genuine folk art and crafts. People are very kind-hearted, friendly and hospitable. Russia is really worth visiting. I’ll be back in a week with presents and a lot of impressions. See you soon.

Краткое описание документа:

Сценарий "Широка страна моя родная" был написан для окружного конкурса "Мир без границ". В нём рассказывается о русских народных промыслах "Гжель" и "Хохлома". А так же о русском сувенире кукле Матрёшке и музыкальном инструменте балалайке. Сценарий составлен в форме диалога русского студента и иностранца. В конкурсе учащиеся были одеты в национальные русские костюмы. Они представляли подлинные изделия русских народных промыслов в сопровождении русской народной музыки. Ребята получили диплом лауреатов фестиваля в номинации " Интересное сценическое воплощение". Сценарий можно разнообразить или заменить другими народными промыслами и игрушками.

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