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Сценарий праздник на английском языке для 5 класса "Времена года"

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The seasons. (By O.Wild “The selfish giant”)

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия

На сцене дом великана, сад, цветы. Звучит музыка.

сцена 1

В1: We are in very beautiful garden. And here is a big old castle. A Giant once lived in the castle and it was his garden. But now the Giant is away. Children, come here, please.

(Выходят 3 человека)

В2: My friends, do you like the garden?

SS: Yes, we do!

S1: It is a beautiful garden with soft green grass.

S2: Beautiful flowers grow here and there in the grass.

S3: And they are the fruit trees. In the springtime, they blossom in pink and pearl.

S1: In autumn, they bear rich fruit.

S2: The birds sit in the trees. They sing and even dance. Look! Here they are!

Танец птичек.

(Выходят 4 человека)

S4: Three little brown birds

Sitting in a tree.

One sings to you

And one sings to me.

S5: The other one sings

To the lilac blue

And he does not see me,

And he does not see you.

S6: He sings of bees

And butterflies’ wings

Marigolds, buttercups

And all gold things.

S7: And while he is singing

To the lilac tall

He does not see me

Or you at all.

сцена 2

B1: Not only birds but beautiful butterflies fly in the garden.

(Выходят 7 детей. В руках у каждого бабочка. Дети спрашивают друг друга цепочкой)

SS: What colour is your butterfly? And yours?...

(После того, как все ответят, начинают декламировать рифмовку.)

SS: Butterfly, butterfly,

Where do you fly?

So quick and so high

In the blue, blue sky?

(Дети движутся по залу, декламируя рифмовку. Бабочки садятся на разные предметы в классе.)

В1: Where are you?

S: I am on the tree.

В: Where are you?

S: I am on the grass.

В2: Where are you?

S: I am on the flower.

SS: Butterfly, butterfly,

Where do you fly?

So quick and so high

In the blue, blue sky?

(Выходят 7 человек с другими бабочками)

Игра с алфавитом “Fly, butterfly

B1: Now let’s play “White ship”

White sheep, white sheep,

On a blue hill,

When the wind stops,

You all stand still.

When the wind blows,

You walk away slow.

White sheep, white sheep,

Where do you go?

(Приглашаются 8 детей. В центре класса расставляются 7 стульев, на спинке каждого картинка с изображением какого-либо места. Дети ходят по кругу, читая рифмовку на последнем слове должны занять свободный стул. Неуспевшие занять стул, выбывают из игры)

B2: Where are you?...


Сцена 3

(В сад заходят мальчик и девочка в староанглийских костюмах)

В1:What is your name?

G: My name is Kate. I like winter.

Boy: My name is Jim. I like summer.

G: In cold winter I ski and skate

Says little Kate.

Boy: In hot summer, I like to swim

Says little Jim. And what do you do in warm spring?

G: In warm spring, I like to play and sing.

Boy: Look! These are our friends. And they are singing a song.

(5 человек “5 short socks”)

сцена 4

B2: The children are very happy in the garden. But one day the Giant must come back. Look! This is his portrait. He is very big. What colour are his eyes? What colour is his hair? What clothes has he got?

В1:The giant has been to visit his friend and he has stayed with him for 7 years. But now, as they have nothing to talk about, the Giant is coming back.

(Звучит устрашающая музыка, появляется Великан)

Великан: This is my garden. Everyone must understand that. I don’t want anybody to play in it but me. Go away, go away! I will build a high wall all around my garden and put a notice board. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED!

(Дети испуганно жмутся в уголке сада)

S1: You are a selfish Giant!

S2: We don’t like you!

S3: Where can we play now?

S4: Let’s go and play on the road.

S5: No, the road is very dirty.

S6: Now we have nowhere to play.

SS: How happy we were in the garden.

Великан: Go away! Go away!

сцена 5

Дети уходят из сада под печальную музыку. Великан заходит в дом и садится у окна. В сад заходит Зима, прикрепляет снежинки поверх цветов, набрасывает на деревья белые покрывала. Танцует вместе со снежинками.

З: Now it is my garden! Spring will never come here again! The birds will never sing in here and the flowers will never blossom here again.

B1: Do you know any poems about winter?

S1: Winter is frosty, winter is cold.

The snow is falling the snow is blowing.

The ground is white all day and all night.



Великан мерзнет в своем доме.

Великан: I am quite cold now. Why is it so cold? I cannot understand why the spring doesn’t come. Why is it so late?

Звучит музыка весны. Появляется Весна с букетом цветов.

Весна: Spring is coming, spring is coming.

Flowers are coming too.

Snowdrops, lilies, daffodils now are coming too.

Весна подходит к табличке. Читает и в испуге отходит.

В2: The spring will never come into the Giant’s Garden, or the summer either. The autumn gibes every fruit to every garden. But she doesn’t give fruit to the Giant’s garden.

Весна:The Giant is too selfish.

B1: Winter lasts for a very long time. The Giant gets tired of cold, frost, wind, and snow. Especially when he sees the Spring, birds and flowers behind the fence of his garden.

Великан: Oh, Spring, come into my garden please!

Весна: I can’t come to your garden. Winter and her friends live there because you are too selfish.

Великан: I am not selfish anymore! Come in and live in my garden.

Весна: OK, I’ll try.

(Великан берет весну за руку и заводит ее в сад. Весна занимает один конец сада, Зима – другой. Они призывают на помощь свои месяцы.)

сцена 6

Весна и зима: My faithful months come here.

B2: Every month is special and it brings special things for us. Guess what month it is!

S1: Cold, skating, New Year.

….It is December.

December: Cold December brings us skating

For New Year we are waiting.

S2: Blue sky, first thunderstorm, flowers.

….It is May.

May: May brings flowers, joy and grass

And holidays for us

S3: Frost, snow, Christmas.

….It is January.

January: January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

S4: Sunny days, snow is melting, Women’s Day.

….It is March.

March: March brings sunny days and winds

So we know that spring begins.

S5: snow, winds, cold, St.Valentine’s Day.

….It is February.

February: February snows again

And sometimes brings us rain.

S5: birds coming back to their homes, warm, first grass.

….It is April.

April: April brings the primrose sweet,

We see daisies at our feet.

(Месяцы, сказав свои слова становятся возле Зимы и Весны)

Весна и весенние месяцы: Spring, spring, spring!

The trees are green

Blue skies are seen.

Grey winter, go away!

The world looks new and gay.

Зима и зимние месяцы: It is winter, it is winter.

Let us skate and ski.

It is winter, it is winter.

It’s great fun for me.

(Звучит музыка. Зимние и весенние месяцы изображают драку.)

Зима: I think that’s enough for you.

Весна: No, I think that’s enough for YOU!

Великан: Stop it! Stop quarrelling! Now I understand! Each season is beautiful and each season must have its time and last for three months exactly.

Small child: Can I have a flower, please?

Великан: Here it is. Children are best of all. Children can make winter cheerful and merry; without you, my deer friends, spring is not beautiful. Come into my garden. Children! And stay here forever. I will knock down the sign. (убирает вывеску). This is your garden now.

B1: The trees were so glad to see the children that they cover themselves with blossoms.

В2:The birds are flying about and singing. Let’s sing in the garden together!

We are happy, aren’t we?

SS: Yes, we are.

(Песня “If you’re happy”)


Краткое описание документа:

Сценарий создан по мотивам сказки О.Уайльда "Великан-эгоист". Цели и задачи:


Ø  Повышение уровня мотивации к изучению английского языка;

Ø  Развитие умения общаться в больших и малых  группах; развитие толерантности по отношению друг к другу; развитие интереса к иноязычной культуре

Ø  Развитие языковых навыков (говорение, чтение, аудирование);


Предварительная работа:

 Была прочитана сказка О.Уайльда «Эгоистичный великан» на русском и английском языках. Причем дети нашли и прочитали эту сказку сами, а в классе мы ее только обсудили, сранили оба варианта сказок. 

Изготовление декораций (деревьев, бабочек, цветов).  

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