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Сценарий сказки по английскому языку (6 класс)

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The Story about the Lion

Сценарий сказки

Characters: Little Lion,his mother,Monkey,Snake,Owl a Storyteller.

Little Lion: Mother,tell me please,who I am?

Mother: You are the best animal because you are clever,strong beautiful and fast.

Little Lion:Oh,is that really so?I will go for a walk and tell everybody that I am the best of all animals.

Storyteller:Little Lion went for a walk and saw a monkey who had some small nuts in her hand.

Monkey:Who are you?Can you tell me who you are?

Little Lion:Of course,I will tell you who I am.I am the best of all animals because I am strong,clever beautiful and fast.

Monkey:Really?Now we’ll see how fast you are.Run away!

Storyteller:And the Monkey threw some nuts in the lion.He didn’t expect that she would do it,he didn’t run away and the nuts hurt him.

Little Lion: Oh,you have hurt me!

Monkey:I thought that you were fast and that you would run away.

Storyteller:Little Lion went away and an hour later he saw a snake.

Snake:Can you tell me who are you?

Little Lion:Of course I can.I am the best of all animals because I am beautiful,strong,clever and fast.

Snake:Is that really so?Now we shall see how strong you are.

Storyteller:And then Snake bite Litle Lion.He didn’t expect that she will do it and he fell down.

Little Lion:Oh why did you bite me?My leg is hurt.

Snake:But you said that you were strong and I thought that you would fight with me.

Storyteller:Little Lion went away and saw a wise Owl who was sitting in the tree.

Owl:Who are you dear child?

Little lion:I am the best of all animals.I am strong,beautiful,fast and clever.But Monkey and Snake hurt me when I said it.

Owl:They did it because they didn’t like your words.Never say that you are the best animal,because there are many animals who are stronger,faster,cleverer and more beautiful than you.

Little Lion: Thank you Mr Owl.I haven’t thought that my words were wrong.I will never say them again.

Storyteller:Since that time Little Lion has never said that he was the best.He did everything to help weak animals and when he was an old respectable lion everybody agreed that he was the fastest,the strongest,the cleverest,the most beautiful and the best animal in the forest.

Краткое описание документа:

This is a fairy tale about Little Lion.

This is an openclass activity at school.

In this fairy tale pupils can practice comparative and superlative adjectives.

In this activity pupils need suitable suits and decorations to perform this fairy tale.

Pupils should learn all the sentences and words to be prepared and they should invite other pupils at school to this event.

And the aim of this activity to improve speaking skills,to interest pupils to the foreign language.

And in this activity pupils  will remember grammar sructures,they will learn new vocabularies and they will improbe their speech in dialogues.

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