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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия "Beatles"

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  • Иностранные языки

Тематический вечер, посвященный группе «Beatles».


1.Развивитие интереса к поэтическим и музыкальным произведениям страны изучаемого языка, актуализация страноведческого материала;

2.Совершенствование навыков устной речи.

3.Совершенствование навыков выразительного, художественного рассказа.

4.Развите интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка.

5.Создание условий для эстетического воспитания


1.Познакомить учащихся с музыкальным, поэтическим наследием группы "Битлз"

2.Развивать технику выразительного чтения, сценического искусства, умения публичного выступления, развивать чувство прекрасного

3.Воспитывать уважительное, доброжелательное отношение к другим людям, толерантность

Оборудование: декорации и костюмы для инсценировки спектакля, презентации со слайдами, представляющими необходимый материал по теме "Битлз", мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, программа презентаций Microsoft PowerPoint, фотоаппараты, кинокамеры.

Подготовительная работа: написание сценария, разучивание сценок, песен, подготовка танцевальных номеров, презентаций, демонстрационного материала, музыкального оформления, изготовление костюмов и декораций, приглашение родителей, которые оказывали помощь с костюмами, декорациями, прическами, стремясь "воссоздать эпоху "Битлз".

Ход вечера:


- Good afternoon, dear friends. I am very glad to see you at our Party “The Beatles”.I know there are a lot of fans of this group in our school. You have read a lot of information, you know and love their songs. Today you will remember and enjoy the songs of this outstanding band. I am sure it will be very interesting. So we' ll start.

Звучит песня:

под песню ученики просматривают фотографии группы на презентации.

Ведущий 1:

- So, today we are going to talk about “The Beatles” is the “legendary four”. The Beatles changed pop music forever! More and more people began to listen to pop music then before. The Beatles was created in 1962. During the 1960s the Beatles were at the high of their glory: newspaper headlines, films and world-tours. Their new style of singing and their unusual haircuts immediately become the latest fashion.

Ведущий 2:

This song was first heard in 1962 and become a hit. (Звучит запись песни “Love Me Do ”).

Ведущий 1:

- Let`s speak about the name of the group ”The Beatles” , what do you think the word mean? Well, the name of the group is a combination of two words.

Ведущий 2:

- On the blackboard you can see a number of different words:

beast, beet, beat, beautiful, bear, beef, beetles, bed, be.

(зверь, свёкла, такт (удар), красивый, медведь, говядина, жуки, кровать, быть)

- Which words makes the name of the group? (Рs высказывают предположения)

- So, these words are – beat and beetle (жуки-ударники).

Ведущий 1:

- Well, now we know what does the word Beatles mean. Now tell me please why they are often called “The Liverpool Four”?

(Because they came from English town Liverpool)

Ведущий 2:

So, let’s visit Liverpool. (Ученик рассказывает про Ливерпуль)


- Liverpool is situated in Lancashire, at the mouth of the River Mersey, where it empties into the Irish Sea. For a lot of people Liverpool is first of all associated with the Beatles, probably the most famous and successful pop-group the world has ever known.

(Звучит полифоническая мелодия из произведений “The Beatles”).

Ведущий 1:

- The Beatles were a hugely successful band during the 1960-s. The “legendary four” соnsisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star.(показ слайдов на презентации)

Краткие биографии музыкантов.

Ведущий 2:

- Аnd now we`ll listen a few words about their biographies. (Рассказы учащихся сопровождаются музыкой)


- John Lennon was born on the 9-th of October in 1940 in Liverpool. Young Lennon began to express himself through sketches and artwork. His teachers suggested the Liverpool art school. “Child genius” decided to study at unusually school. At 15 he met Paul McCartney, they created the songs.

In 1962 the Beatles released made their 1-st single “Love Me Do” and the road of musical history began.

John Lennon was a poet, a composer, a soloist, a guitarist, a musician, a writer and one of the greatest man in popular music.


(звучит песня “Yesterday”)

- Paul McCartney was born in 1942. In 1960 the Beatles was named.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon had melodic bass lines “Yesterday” was one of the most popular song. Paul McCartney was a poet, a drummer, a soloist, a guitarist, a musician, a producer, and a writer. From all the Beatles Paul McCartney made the most successful solo career.

(Звучит песня “Let it be”)


- The youngest of four children, George Harrison was born at the 25-th of February in 1943. In September 1954, George began attending the Liverpool Institute where Paul McCartney was a student. They become friends. He was a musician, a composer, a guitarist, a soloist, a gardener, a film producer and a record producer.

(Звучит песня “Yellow Submarine”)


- Ringo Star was born on the 7-th of July in 1940. Drummer Ringo Star joined the Beatles when they were the top band in Liverpool and England. By August 1962 Ringo Star was in and the Beatles were born. Ringo Star wrote “Yellow Submarine” together with. He was a drummer, a composer, a musician, a singer. His real name was Richard Starky.

Ведущий 1:

- Their early music was influenced by the American rock singers Chuck BERRY and Elvis PRESLEY, but they combined their musical form with freshness, vitality, and wit. The release of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in 1964 marked the beginning of the phenomenon known as "Beatlemania" in the United States. It was the word to describe the reaction of fans all over the world. The Beatles' first U.S. tour aroused a universal mob adulation. Their concerts were scenes of mass worship, and their records sold in the millions.

Ведущий 2:

- Now listen comprehension! Listen to the text, then try to do the test: True or False?

Text: The citizens of Liverpool are proud of their famous countrymen. The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool’s Albert Dock was founded by Ringo Star in April 1984. In the museum halls, you can see The Beatles’ films, books and magazines. You can also buy different souvenirs, stamps, plates and cups with The Beatles’ portraits, or records and cassettes with their songs as well.

Ведущий 1:

- Now let’s give the correct answers.

The Beatles Story Museum is situated in Liverpool. (true)

The Beatles Story Museum was founded by Paul McCartney(false)

This museum was founded in 1984(true).

You can buy souvenirs, cups with The Beatles’ portraits and cassettes here (true).

You can listen to their songs at the museum (true).

Ведущий 2:

- And the end of our party one more test. And now let`s check up your knowledge.

1. Сan you put these first names and surnames together to make the names of the four Beatles?

John Star

Ringo Harrison

George McCartney

Paul Lennon

Ведущий 1:

2. Which city in England did the Beatles come from?

a) London

b) Manchester

c) Liverpool

Ведущий 2:

3. What was the first name of the group?

а) Johnny and Moondogs,

b) The Quarry Men,

c) The Beatles,

d) The Silver Beatles.

Ведущий 1:

4. What was the Beatles’ first really big hit?

а) “Please Please Me”,

b) “Imagine”,

с) “ Love Me Do”.

Ведущий 2:

5. In which year did they have their first hit?

a) 1970



Ведущий 1:

6. When did the group split up?

a) 1970



Ведущий 2:

- It`s very pitty, but the group disbanded in 1970, after the release of their final album,” Let It Be”. On Dec. 8, 1980, John Lennon was fatally shot in New York City. In 1991, Paul McCartney's classical composition Liverpool Oratorio was performed to some acclaim in Britain and the United States.


- At the end of our lesson I want to say “Thank you” to everybody who was here, who knows the group The Beatles, loves it and likes our lesson.

And now let`s sing their song “Let it be” all together.

Ведущий 1,2:

- Thank you. Good-bye.

Краткое описание документа:

Данный материал представляет собой сценарий внеклассного мероприятия, посвященный группе Beatles. Предназначен для учащихся 8-9 классов.                                                                                                                                        

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