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Сценка "Halloween's party" для 5-6 класса

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Сценка для урока английского языка на тему “Halloween” 5-6 классы


The cat

The witch

Jack O’Lantern (or Joker)


The airman

Act 1

The witch is in the kitchen. The cat is curled up purring on the hearth. A sudden sound of thunder.

Cat: Meow!

Witch: What? You’re a lazy cat. You’re always meowing and nothing doing.

Cat: Oh, please excuse me and don’t abuse me.

Witch: You’re a lazy cat. Take the broom, rub it down. You must clean the room. Today is a Halloween’s Party. So, I will get dressed all in my best.

Cat: I wish that I knew some way to go too! (the song “I believe I can fly”). But I don’t know the spell and the broom won’t tell me. It is a pity. I will stay at home.

(knock at the door)

Cat: Please come in, whoever you be. I don’t afraid of goblins and witches.

Creature 1: Tonight is the night, when dead leaves fly 

Like witches on switches across the sky, 

When elf and sprite flit through the night 

On a moony sheen. 

 Creature 2: Tonight is the night when leaves make a sound 

Like a gnome in his home under the ground, 

When spooks and trolls creep out of holes 

Mossy and green. 

Creature 3: Tonight is the night when pumpkins stare 

Through sheaves and leaves everywhere, 

When ghouls and ghost and goblin host dance round their queen. 

It's Halloween. 

Jack O’Lantern: Oh, this is my old witch with her face black as pitch.

Witch: Jack O’Lantern, how do I look? Quite ill, I hope?

Cat: You’d be much prettier to see, if you would wash your face like me.

Witch: Zip your lip, lazy cat! I don’t ask you. You should speak when you’re spoken to.

Jack O’Lantern: Come on. Don’t mind the cat.

Cat: Meow, meow! Let me go to!

Witch: No! Stay here and keep the soup hot!

(Everyone, except the cat, ride on the broom)

Act 2

Cat: I am not going to cry, but I wish I could fly!

(the song “I believe I can fly” and knock at the door)

Cat: : Please come in, whoever you be. I don’t afraid of goblins and witches

(the airman comes in)

Cat: Meow! Who are you? Get out, shoo, shoo. What kind of bat or bird are you?

The airman: Excuse me, please. I just came to down to ask the way to Boston town.

Cat: The way is so far. You will never get there unless you can fly.

The airman: I can fly. You know it is easy as pie.

Cat: Oh, let me go to. I want to see a Halloween’s party. Is there a room by your side?

The airman: Yes, but I am very hungry. Give me some supper, please.

Cat: While the witch is away, we have time for a snack. And then we can fly, until she comes back.

The airman: I’m ready. Jump into the plane, we’ll go for a ride.

Cat: Hooray! I can fly!

Act 3

(Creatures, witch and Jack O’Lantern follow the cat and the airman)

Witch: Help! Help! What is that?

Jack O’Lantern: It flies in the sky like a horrible bat! Oh, no! It is eaten your cat!

Witch: What? Eaten my kitty?

Jack O’Lantern: Poor cat! It’s a pity. It was a very good cat.

(The cat jumps out of plane)

Cat: Thank you very much, Mr. Airman. Goodbye.

Witch: My little cat, I promise I will never leave you again. I will take you with me next Halloween.

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