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Сценка на английском языке "Alice in Fairyland " ( 5 класс )


Alice in Fairyland.

Alice Cat Mr. Rabbit Shreck

Mashа Witch 2 trees

Act 1

Звучит музыка. Деревья танцуют. Выходит ведьма.

- They say, the Good always wins the Evil! But!!! This nature, these animals, this castle, this WORLD will be mine! Nobody hinders me! I ll prove, the Evil governs everything! (Ставит капкан). Уходит

Act 2

Выходит Алиса. Поет песню. Фоткается и уходит.

Выходит Mr. Rabbit

  • Oh! How a nice day! But I am so unhappy! The Evil wants to govern! She took our castle! But I don’t allow her…..! Good heavens!!!

  • What’s happened? Who are you? What are you doing here? Let’s I help you! Don’t worry!

  • Oh, Alice! Is it you? Don’t you recognize me? You are so grown-up!

  • But… Who are you?

  • Oh! I aged a little…But! I am Mr. Rabbit from Wonderland!

  • Nice to meet you again.

  • I’ ve said, we’ ll meet again! Glad to see you, my dear friend.

  • What are you doing here? Who made you in a bad way?

  • Witch… It is only a witch! She is so dangerous! She will kill our world!

  • Yeaa… Again witch… she doesn’t know to live in a calmly way. But somebody can help you.

  • Yes! Only a very, very kind, brave person! If we find this man, our world will be more beautiful and safe. Our Fairy Castle will be free!.. Stop! I met that man!

  • Who is it?

  • It is you!

  • What? Is it me? But…

  • Let’s go!

  • Where?

  • You should help us!

  • But how?

  • I have no time to explain you! I’ ll tell you on the road to our castle.

Act 3

Дворец. Маша убирается.

  • Where were you, Mr. Rabbit? I cleaned our castle, prepared dinner. You always have a rest! You don’t help me at all! (плачет)

  • Sorry, my dear friend! I found a man, who can help us!

  • Hello! Who are you?

  • Good day! My name is Alice.

  • Alice…? From Wonderland?

  • Yes, but…Who are you? I ‘ve never seen you!

  • I am Masha. From Russia Land.

  • Nice to meet you!

  • Glad to see you!

  • The Witch made me be a slave here, I lost way to my house and the witch caught and locked me here!

  • Oh, dear! Can I help you about the house?

  • No! we have no time! We must act! We must save our WORLD!

Act 4

Сидит Ведьма. Рядом Кот в сапогах и смартфон.

  • Ok, Google! Tell me where are our kind heroes? (говорит Гугл)

  • Khm… you think, you are stronger than me!? No!

  • Do we have a plan, My Queen?

  • Yes! Let’s go!

Act 5

Лес. Кот в сапогах встречается с героями.

- Oh, you are so beautiful! So nice wonder in our dark forest!

- Alice! Don’t swallow him! He is lying! He is a bad cat! He is a witches partner!

- But why! He is so sweet!

Выходит Шрек

  • Hi, everybody! What’s a noise? Don’t touch Alice!

  • Hello! It is very good that we met you! You’ ll help us to win the witch!

Выходит ведьма.

- I see, everybody is here! It is Ok! The Evil always above the Good! I am the strongest!

- No! We are stronger than you! You are alone, we are together!

- Hang on everybody! I know the mantra.

Делетриус! Диссендио! Империо! Империос!

Ведьма исчезает

- I always know happiness will be with us!

- We won the Evil!

- Stop! We forgot about cat!

- I want to punish him!

- No! No! Please… Now I’ ll be obedient! And never do baddies! Please, give me a chance!?

- Ok. Now, my dear friends, you see, the Good won the Evil. If we are together, we are force!


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