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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Сценка на Рождество "Доброе дело"
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Сценка на Рождество "Доброе дело"


Scene at Christmas "Good Deed"


1. Author

2. Man

3. Boy

4. Mom

5. Children (two or three)

6. Seller

Summary: A boy from a poor family. Сhildren for Christmas talk him about the Savior. The boy tells his mother that the Lord came to the people. Mom does not believe that God cares about them, because there is only black bread and water on the table. But a messenger of God comes to them - an angel with gifts.

(It is dark on the stage . It sounds a verse of a Christmas song. Directed light beams (луч света)).


Fun, Christmas trees, tinsel,

Gifts, vanity.

People sing and shout "Hurrah!"

On the day of the Nativity of Christ.

(Sound of Christmas music)


Children! Ladies! Lord!

Come all here!

Star, balls, toys,

Rain, candles and firecrackers!

Boys and girls,

Paints, brushes, dolls, books!

For the passers-by and onlookers

Christmas capS!

Buy, do not skimp!

Come, hurry up!

(Near the table with tinsel and gift box is a crush. Children is rushing "snowballs." A boy stands on one side selling newspapers and. Children come to the seller and buy gifts, and then approach the boy and bless him, give a gift, and congratulate with Christmas.)

Children: Let the Lord bless you! Merry Christmas!

Boy: What is Christmas?

Children:This day our Savior Jesus Christ was born!

Boy: The Savior? What did he do?

Kids: He took our sins on the cross that we would be all happy and satisfied. Bye!!

(The music stops. People go away. Seller covers the goods and goes away soon. The boy is alone. Playing the sad music).

(The boy runs home. Except a table and two chairs, there is no more furniture. On one of the chairs on the rag there are black crackers, and the jar with the water. A woman sweeps. She is poorly dressed. Cheerful tune is playing . The son shouts gleefully from a threshold ).

SON: Look, Mom, I brought

You the good news:

God came to us, Jesus Christ!

He is here, He is everywhere there!

Children have told me that when

Jesus was born,

Suddenly a bright star lit!

He was born in a barn!

Just like us, he was poor,

And the house was not.

So the God the Father

He decided -

God has provided everything! ..

(Again, sad music is playing).

MOM: What are you, my son, is nonsense!

After all, if God would,

It was a fruit compote here - no water,

No biscuits - cake!

Dressed, shod and you woudn’t be hungry,

I would be healthy…

And since we live - a disgrace and shame!

No wordrobe, no table ...

SON: Yes, my mother, God is in heaven!

Listen, I will tell!

MOM: What nonsense you are talking about! Oh!

I'm tired, sit ...

(Mother sits on a chair, his head in his hand. The son sat on another chair and became sad).

AUTHOR: the silence is in the house:

Upset son;

Mom sat by the window

Thinking: "Where is the God? !!

All this is a lie! "

SON: I said the truth, Mom,

God came down to the people himself

For love and comfort!

And who will open the door to him -

Christ enters,

And that, I believe mommy,

Salvation will come!


Again Mom sadly shakes her head :

MOTHER: Well, you harped on the same string ! Where is your God? !!!

Who, why save? !!!

(A man in a hurry to the boy and mother’house with the basket in his hands, they are full of different food. He comes to the house).

AUTHOR: Suddenly ... noise! Who's coming ?!

Oh, lord important

And children with a few baskets

with cheese, bread, sausage ...

(Children put the baskets on a chair. There is the song in the background "Joy to the World, the Lord is born")

Man: " The Lord Christ was born into the world ," -

So the heavens sang !

We congratulate you on Christmas

Hurry with all haste!

Let the God bless your home!

MOM: What to do and how to be ?!

In my pocket only a penny

I can not pay !!!

AUTHOR: And the tears flowed

The woman's eyes!

Man: It's all for nothing,

As a gift from us to you!

Man: Believe me, I didn’t deserve a drop of your tears!

God put it in my heart to bring the gifts to you!

He was bornas a baby into the world,

To bring joy,

To save sinners!

He came, so there was no hostility,

Quarrels, sorrow and lies.

Not to be afraid of need ...

I am the messenger of Christ!

MOTHER: - Thank you! Thank you!

SON: There is a God! I'm telling you!

MR: For all let thank the God

In prayer, we need to persuade

Our knees and heart!

The scene is over.

All participants : Merry Christmas!

(Chorus of the Christmas song sounds . All are singing).

ALL: Merry Christmas!


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