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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыСценка "Спор овощей" (6 класс)

Сценка "Спор овощей" (6 класс)

Спор овощей об их важности и полезности.

Участники спора в костюмах овощей и в масках – ободках на голову с изображением овощей.

1st leader: Once there lived a lot of vegetables in the kitchen garden. They were friendly for a long time. But one day they argued. Who is the most useful of them?

Pumpkin: I am the most important and useful in this kitchen garden. That’s why I am so fat. I was born in America. In Asia people make bottles and spoons of me. In African villages people carry water in pumpkins.

Cabbage: Don’t boast, please. I am also big. Ancient people of Spain began to grow me.

Pumpkin: Why do you have such a name?

Cabbage: My name is from a Latin word “caput” which means “a head”. People all over the world love me. I am very useful. I have a lot of vitamins which a rough cucumber doesn’t have.

2nd leader: When a small green cucumber heard these words, he got offended. He has got such an appearance because of the cabbage. The thing is that once the cucumber and the cabbage went to the river to swim. The cucumber ran into the water and the cabbage began to take off her clothes. The cucumber waited for the cabbage till the evening, he got a cold and got covered with covens.

Cucumber: Of course, I don’t have many vitamins but I am a favourite vegetable in summer. My birthplace is India. In Russia I became known in the sixteenth century.

Cabbage: Tell us about your name.

Cucumber: In Ancient Greek language the world “aoros” means “unripe” People eat me when I am green and when I am yellow. I am used for seeds.

Tomato: Don’t offend a small cucumber. People also eat me when I am green. I was born in Peru. My name means “a golden apple”. For a long time people were afraid to eat me. They grew me for beauty. But once a brave man decided to taste me and he didn’t die.

1st leader: More than two hundred years ago when the USA were the colony of England, they began to fight for their independence. At the head of the US army was a young general George Washington. In London was worked out the plan against him. It was decided “to kill” him with the help of tomatoes. The cook made a salad and put tomatoes into it. The general ate the salad and went to rest. In an hour he woke up healthy and alive.

Potato: We see you are very important but there are other vegetables in the kitchen garden too. Many years ago I was called “a land apple”. I was born in South America. I was brought to Russia from Holland by Peter the first. Rich people only eat me at that time. They ate me with sugar.

Onion: My name means “a strong smile”. I kill bacteria. I have a lot of vitamin C.

Potato: Where is your birthplace?

Onion: I was born in Asia but lived in Europe, in Africa. In the middle Ages people believed that I protected from arrows and knights carried me on the neck. Poor people were not allowed to eat me.

Garlic: Onion is my friend and my brother. People in Ancient Rome believed that onion and garlic gave strength to soldiers. In Ancient Egypt people used garlic for curing of all illnesses. I appeared in Russia in the ninth century. Why have you become so red, beetroot? Can you tell anything about yourself?

Beetroot: I came to Russia in the 14th century. In 1747 a German scientist found sugar in white beetroot. I am very useful and take the third place after Cabbage and Carrot.

2nd leader: The vegetables could continue argues about their importance but the hostess came and began to gather vegetables into her basket. In the kitchen she cut them, boiled and fried, she made soup and salads out of them. And the vegetables understood that all of them were important and useful.

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