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School shedule 3- form

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English 14,01.16

Grade 3

Abdrakhmanova ZH ZH


School schedule


Aims of the lesson: to develop learning skills:

To speaking about subjects names

To reading and writing skills


Learn and learn. Better late than never

Main idea

Clean not untested but very purely


Procedure for the lesson


  1. Organization moment.

  1. Warm-up

  1. New material introduction

Work with partners

Earth ourselves and future generation.

I. Org. moment.

a) Greeting.

- Teacher: Good for you. Look at the floor. There are some footsteps on it. You should take this road and translate my sentences from English into Russian Choose two pupils.

1 would you be angry with a student for something he didn’t do?

Of course not. That’s good because I didn’t do my homework.

3Miss Chatter, my dad does not know what a horse is.

Why do you think so?

Because I drew a horse yesterday and showed it to my dad and he asked me what it was.

4 Teacher: Bob, why don’t you wash your face? I can see what you had for breakfast this morning.

Bob: What was it?

Teacher: Eggs , I think

Bob: No. That was yesterday.

5 Becky: Simon, your father is a teacher but you cannot read or write.

Simon: So, your father is a dentist but your little brother Bill still has no teeth.

Thank you very much. These sweets are for you. You have done really well.

B: And now I will read you the definition and your task is to guess which word I mean.

A subject where you run, jump , play games( PE)

Begin( start)

A subject where you count , do sums( Maths)

A plan of subjects( timetable)

A subject where you learn how to use a computer( IT)

A subject where you translate, listen to a cassette recorder, recite poems( English)

You can put your pencils, pens and rubbers in it( pencil box)

You can rub words and lines using it( rubber)

You can paint colourful pictures using them( Paints)

You can translate new words using it( dictionary)

You can write your homework using it( pen)

II.A schedule [sedju:l] кесте

To remember[ri:membә]есте сақта

To forget [fә`get] ұмыту

Math [m æӨ]математика

Music[mju:zik]Ән сабағы

Art[a:t]бейнелеу өнері

Kazakh [kә`za:k]қазақ тілі

Russian[rΛSn]орыс тілі

English [`ingliS] ағылшын тілі

Literature [`litәrәtSә] өдебиет

Labor training[lәbour treiniŋ]еңбекке баулу

Knowledge of the world [nɒlidƷ Ͻf ðә wз:ld] дүниетану

Self-knowledge [self nɒlidƷ]өзін-өзін тану

PE Д/ш

Teacher: Very nice. Thank you.

You know, some associations are connected with favourite subjects, learning new things. Let’s speak about them. Answer my questions, please.

1 Do you like going to school?

2 What subjects do you study?

3 What are your favourite ones?

Pupils respond to teachers questions about the day, date, and the weather.

- Good day teacher! Yes, we are happy! There is no reason for us to be unhappy! :))

They clap their hands showing their emotions.

Pupils answer the questions.

P1: It's not that safe as we think, there are a lot of dangers outside the real world, that is in cyber world.

P2: It's when you break the law by just using your keyboard.

P3: They are: piracy, hacking, cyber terrorism, cyber-bullying.

Students put down new terms and their definitions.

Pupils get familiar with the new words, put them down and do the pronounciation work.

Pupils draw the diagram

Pupils' answers:

  • Visit websites recommended by responsible adults such as your parents or teachers

  • Ensure I get the proper permission or license when downloading files from the Internet

  • Share only legal files with my friends or fellow classmates

Three claps

Marks on paper 5,4,3

Clap hands

Cheering each other up!:))

Clap hands

Cheering each other up!:))


Working with gifted students

Home work

What am I learned:

What am I to know

2 match the words. Make up your own sentences.

And the last thing for today . Your hometask was to draw a picture of your school and write a short text about it. Let’s check it.

Conclusion: At today’s lesson you have showed us that you learn many interesting subjects at school, so you come to school to get knowledge. And you have friends at school, you have fun together, some of you do sports after classes. The life in school is interesting and we say that our school is our second home

Group A

Group b

Pupils work in groups.

Pupils work in groups.

, good, satisfactory marks

Group A Do the practice exercise

Smile pictures.

Marks on paper 5,4,3

Smile pictures.

Marks on paper 5,4,3

Clap hands

Cheering each other up!:))

Clap hands

Cheering each other up!:))


Poster, marker

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