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Schools in our country. 8 класс

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Date: 24.11.15

Grade: 8 b,v

The theme of the lesson: Schools in our country.

The Aims of the lesson: 1) to give more information about schools in our country;
2) to enrich pupils’ vocabulary,to develop their habits in speaking;
3) to explain the importance of getting knowledge.
Visual aids: interactive board,cards
The type of the lesson: playing lesson
The methods of the lesson:presentation of new words,doing tasks.
The Procedure of the lesson
T:Good morning,pupils!
P:Good morning,teacher!
T:Sit down,please!I am glad to see you!Who is on duty today?
P:I am on duty today.
T:What date is it today?
P:Today is the 15th of February.
T:What day is it today?
P:Today is Friday.
T:Who is absent?
P:All are present.
T:Thank you.Sit down,please!
2.Phonetic drill
T:Let’s begin our lesson.

Look at the blackboard.

There we have a poem.Let’s learn it.Listen to me very attentively and then repeat after me.
The school has doors that open wide
And friendly teachers wait inside.
Hurry,hurry let’s go in
For soon the lessons will begin.
3.Checking up the home work
Task in cards.Translate the sentences into Kazakh.
1.There is a football ground near our school but it is not green.
2.Our house is located in the centre of the city.
3.Children like to play on the ground of a dining room.
4.The home assignement in math was difficult and no one could do it.
5.When it rains we do not play outside during the breaks.
6.English is the most widespread language in the world.
4 Warm up

Game «Snowballs»

I will give you papers. You must write some questions about your school and you will throw them to the next group.

That group throw there questions to another group .Then the members of each group must answer to these questions

5.New theme
Presentation of new words

Match these words with there definitions

Junior ерлер жакеті
тіл мектебі
Modern school
заманауи мектеп
Grammar school
Comprehensive school
жан-жақты мектеп

  1. Work with new words

Give in one word


Very young child – infant

6Tasks for groups

Task 1 Translate the sentences into Kazakh.
1.My junior brother goes to infant school.
2.Private school is a new type of school in our country.
3.We don’t wear any uniform.
4.It is not strange that he likes to study such subjects as Physics and Biology.He is going to enter the university.


Task 2:Put the correct prepositions (to write)

1.When we came to school we saw a wide school yard … it and a sports ground… it.

2.There are several class-rooms …the ground floor.

3.Some portraits … famous writers were … the walls of the office.

4.Every pupil learns one … foreign languages.

5.English is the most widespread language … the world.

Task3:Say in English.

1.Егер сіз біздің мектепке келсеңіз,онда мектеп ауласы мен спорт алаңының кең екенін көресіз,

2.Бастауыш мектеп бірінші қабатта орналасұан.

3.Қазақ,орыс және ағылщын тілі кабинеттері екінші және үшінші қабатта.

4.Ағышын тілі-кең таралған тіл.



T:The lesson is over.Good bye,pupils!

P:Good bye,teacher!

T:See you soon!

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