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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Серия упражнений по английскому языку на тему "Sports" (10 класс)

Серия упражнений по английскому языку на тему "Sports" (10 класс)

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Упражнение №1 "Sports"

SOCCER. Complete the following sentences with the words or phrases from the list below.

captain     coach     draw     fair
football ground (or pitch)     footballer     fouls     free (or penalty) kick
goal     kick-off     league     opponents
referee     score     soccer

1. What Europeans call "football", Americans call hello_html_57262710.gif.
2. The instructor of the team is the hello_html_57262710.gif.
3. When you play in a football team you are a hello_html_57262710.gif.
4. The games take place on a hello_html_57262710.gif.
5. The leader of the team is the hello_html_57262710.gif.
6. The man in the hello_html_57262710.gif is the goal-keeper .
7. The beginning of the match is the hello_html_57262710.gif.
8. During the match each team tries to hello_html_57262710.gif as many goals as possible.
9. When the teams have scored the same number of goals we say it's a hello_html_57262710.gif.
10. The players of the other team are the hello_html_57262710.gif.
11. The man who enforces the rules during the game is the hello_html_57262710.gif.
12. Playing correctly is called hello_html_57262710.gif play.
13. Unfair moves are called hello_html_57262710.gif.
14. When a player breaks the rules the other team may get a hello_html_57262710.gif.
15. A federation of football clubs is called a football hello_html_57262710.gif.

Упражнение №2 "Sports"

FOOTBALL. Choose the right answer.

1. This year our team are the ....... favourites to win the cup.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif firm 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif full 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif grand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif hard 

2. The team's coach insisted on a programme of ....... , training before the big match. 

hello_html_m391bf301.gif harsh 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif rigorous 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif severe 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif searching 

3. The team has practised hard so that it could ....... the trophy. 

hello_html_m391bf301.gif regain 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif replace 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif restore 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif return 

4. The team's recent wins have ....... them for the semi-finals.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif fitted 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif matched 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif promoted 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif qualified 

5. John is always ....... about how well he plays football.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif boasting 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif flaunting 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif parading 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif puffing 

6. His poor standard of play fully justifies his ....... from the team for the next match.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif ban 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif exception 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif exclusion 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif rejection 

7. The footballer was ....... the field for kicking the referee.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif brought off 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif put off 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif sent off 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif taken off 

8. The footballer scored four ....... so his team won the match.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif aims 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif games 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif goals 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif scores 

9. The fan shouted at the ....... of his voice.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif head 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif height 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif limit 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif top 

10. The ....... at the football match became violent when their team lost.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif customers 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif groups 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif observers 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif spectators 

11. Our village team were hopelessly . ....... by the professional visitors.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif outclassed 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif outgrown 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif outnumbered 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif outraced 

12. He was nervous at the beginning of the game but later he came into his ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif best 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif nature 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif own 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif style 

13. The ....... said it was a foul and gave us a free kick.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif controller 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif director 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif referee 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif umpire 

14. In his first game for our team he ....... a goal after two minutes. 

hello_html_m391bf301.gif earned 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif gained 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif scored 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif won 

15. Manchester United are playing ....... Birmingham this Sunday.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif against 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif facing 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif opposite 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif with 

16. Even though the match wasn't very exciting, the ....... managed to make it sound interesting.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif announcer 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif commentator 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif narrator 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif presenter 

17. The football match resulted in a ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif draw 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif equaliser 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif loss 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif zero 

18. The football team won partly because they had been trained by such a good ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif coach 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif director 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif instructor 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif teacher 

19. After their long period of training, the footballers were in good ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif cut 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif figure 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif shape 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif style 

20. The referee ....... the goal because of a previous infringement.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif annulled 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif demolished 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif disallowed 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif disqualified 

21. Having lost the match, the team travelled home in ....... spirits.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif cold 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif dark 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif empty 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif low 

22. As they watched the match, the crowd ....... in unison.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif bellowed 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif chanted 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif crowed 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif intoned 

23. We still don't know who is going to win, because at half-time the score is one ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif all 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif each 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif equal 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif together 

24. I advise you not to ....... the referee's decision.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif condemn 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif condone 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif conduct 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif contest 

25. As the minutes ticked by and we held on to our narrow lead our hopes of victory ....... steadily.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif arose 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif aroused 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif raised 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif rose 

Упражнение №3 "Sports"

SPORTS. Choose the correct answer.

1. I met Pete ....... his bicycle along the pavement.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif pulling 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif rolling 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif turning 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif wheeling 

2. He was ....... from the competition because he had not complied with the rules.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif banished 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif disqualified 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif forbidden 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif outlawed 

3. Some of the best golf ....... are to be found in England.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif courses 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif courts 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif pitches 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif tracks 

4. Sport is a good ....... for aggression.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif let off 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif offshoot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif outlet 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif way out 

5. When she was told she had won the first prize in the competition, she had to ....... herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif grasp 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif pinch 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif scratch 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif seize 

6. This is the running ....... where the first 4 minute mile was run.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif circle 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif course 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ring 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif track 

7. Have you been able to book us a tennis ....... for tomorrow?

hello_html_m391bf301.gif court 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif field 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ground 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif pitch 

8. The boxer ....... and almost fell when his opponent hit him.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif scrambled 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif shattered 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif staggered 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif stammered 

9. He has always been ....... supporter of his local rugby team.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif a forcible 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif an unbeaten 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif a staunch 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif a sure 

10. They stood glowering at each other, their fists ....... ready for action.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif clasped 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif clenched 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif grasped 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif joined 

11. It seems that the world record for this event is almost impossible to ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif balance 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif beat 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif compare 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif meet 

12. The boxer ....... his opponent as hard as he could.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif knocked 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif punched 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif slapped 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif touched 

13. Our team faced fierce ....... in the relay races.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif attack 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif competition 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif contest 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif opponents 

14. She is a good runner but she's not much good at ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif barriers 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif fences 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif hurdles 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif jumps 

15. He ran four ....... of the course in half an hour.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hurdles 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif laps 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif sprints 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif vaults 

16. Most ....... tennis stars learn the game at an early age.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hopeful 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif prospective 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif will-be 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif willing 

17. Mary tells me she is ....... my horse in the Derby.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif backing 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif betting 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif gambling 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif staking 

18. I always feel ....... before the start of a race.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif jerky 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif jittery 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif timid 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif unsteady 

19. All the athletes were wearing ....... suits when they came into the stadium.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif jogging 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif running 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif sports 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif track 

20. The new sports centre ....... for all kinds of leisure activities.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif caters 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif deals 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif furnishes 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif supplies 

21. I'm afraid we shall have to call ....... the match on account of the bad weather.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif back 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif in 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif off 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif on 

22. I tried to ....... my disappointment at losing by cheering the winner loudly.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hide 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif mask 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif shield 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif veil 

23. The fastest runner took the ....... just five metres before the finishing line.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif advance 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif head 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif lead 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif place 

24. There is a lot of friendly ....... between the supporters of the two teams.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif contention 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif contest 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif defiance 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif rivalry 

25. He's ....... to win. No one else in the race stands a chance.

hello_html_m391bf301.gif bound 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif liable 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif probable 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif unavoidable 

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Упражнение №1 "Sports"

SOCCER. Complete the following sentences with the words or phrases from the list below.

captain coach draw fair
football ground (or pitch) footballer fouls free (or penalty) kick
goal kick-off league opponents
referee score soccer

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