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Серия заданий по теме WEATHER.

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Серия заданий по теме WEATHER.

Разработана учителем английского языка МБОУ «СОШ № 3»

г. Боготола Дмитриевой Е.С..

By the end of the series of activities the students will be able to tell and ask questions about the weather.

Teaching and learning materials:

1 Say what type of weather you like.

Hot weather, thunder and lighting, warm weather, rain, strong winds.

Example: I like warm weather.

I don’t like

2 Compare and remember:

It is hot. Жарко. It is summer. Лето.

It’s hot. It’s summer.

Is it hot? Жарко? Is it summer?

3 Look and remember

rain + y = rainy sun + y = sunny

дождь дождливый солнце солнечный

Translate: frost - frosty snow - snowy

wind - windy frost - frosty

4 Listen and read

[ ov ] snowy, cold

[ I ] spring, winter, windy

[ o ] hot, frosty

5 Say why you like summer / winter / spring / autumn .

summer it is warm

spring it is hot and bright

I like winter because it is sunny

autumn it is cold and clean

it is rainy


Ask you partner what season he likes and why?

Example: What season do you like? Why do you like summer?

6 Look at the calendar. What weather do we have in Russia?


We usually have … in …



  1. Work in pairs. Look at the calendar again. Write six sentences about the weather in your place. Make some true and some untrue.

Give your sentences to another pair, they have to correct untrue sentences.

Example: We always have snow in June. Not true! We have never snow in June.

8 Look out of the window and tell about today’s weather.

Student 1. Describe the weather and express your opinion

Student 2. Respond to the remarks of your partner and express your opinion about the weather.

9 Look at the map and say what the temperature is in different countries.

Example: It’s 18 degrees in France.

It’s minus 10.

10 What country would you choose to go for holidays? Why?

Example: I would/ wouldn’t go to … because … .

11 Grammar Box

IMPERSONAL SENTENCES It often snows in winter. Зимой часто идет снег.

Does it snow in winter?

12 What do people like and dislike about the weather.

Probably like rains

I think people dislike when it snows

hate pours



What weather do you like / dislike / hate?

What is the weather like during four seasons in our country?

13 Work in pairs.

Your friend and you spent holidays in different places.

Tell each other what weather is usually like in this place in different seasons.

14 Your friend has just returned from London.

Ask him some questions about the weather.

15 Discuss in pairs what you can do in different weather.

Example: When it is cold I can watch TV at home.

When it rains …

When it snows …

Listen to the other pupils and choose the best variant.

Example: I think when it is cold it is better …


FIRST CONDITIONALS Придаточные предложения реального условия

If it snows tomorrow, I will stay at home.

If it is sunny, I will go to the picnic.

17 What will happen in such weather? Match.

1 If there is frost many people will have a headache

2 If there is a storm children will play indoors

3 If it snows children won’t go to school

4 If it rains many people stay at home

What will/won’t you do in such weather?

18 People usually think about the weather before planning weekends.

1 Say on what conditions

will go to a picnic

you won’t play sports

stay at home on Sunday

Example If it is foggy I won’t play football

If the weather is warm I will play football

19 Ask your partner what he/she will do in different weather.

Example: what will you do if the weather is fine?

Change the partner and fill in the table

Say what pupils prefer to do in such weather.

20 Invite your friend to visit your place. Don’t forget to tell him/her about the weather and the activities he can do.

21 Work in pairs. You and your friends are planning summer holidays. Discuss your activities for the coming summer. Share your opinions with the class.

22 Work in a group of 4.

You must attract tourists to your town. Describe the weather and activities in your town. Share your opinions with the other group and choose the best variant.

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