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Схема и клише для анализа текста

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Буянова Ольга Николаевна


\ План и клише\

1 -The story (book, novel, ballad,) I am telling you about was written by a famous (well- known , unknown) English (American, Russian, German…) writer (novelist, poet )…

  • The book I’d like to tell you about was written…

  • The extract (passage ) under consideration ( under discussion ) was taken from….

2 The title of the story is…

3 The story deals with…

The story tells us about..

4 The action takes place

The events take place… (when, where)

5 Summery

  • At the beginning of the story ( extract, novel ) the author tells us about…

shows us…

gives the description of…


  • Then the author passes on to the discription of …

shows us…

-After that the author...

-The story ends with…

- In conclusion the author…

6 –The main character of the story is ….

The leading charactes are…

The hero is…(только положительный)

- The minor characters are…

-The author invents the character with the following traits ( features )…

(positive traits| features) | negative traits |features )

  • The author introduces all the characters

the minor character in the very first chapter of the


the main character

-It’s clear that the author wants us to like his young character.

- The characters are true to life.

- The author’s portrayal of the central character is quite life-like.

- The characters are realistically portrayed.

7 The story ( passage, extract) is a narration.

a dialoge

a discription

a historical novel

an adventure story

a book about nature

a thriller

a detective story

a war book

a best-seller.

8 The theme of the book is…

9 The main idea the author is trying to express ( to convey ) is….

10 I like the book ( the story ) because …

This is an interesting book about…

The important thing about the book is that -

  • I can learn a lot by reading such books.

  • Such books teach me and other young people to live.

  • These books help with my lessons.

  • Books of this kind make reading interesting.

  • This book contains a lot of interesting information.

  • Such a book is to my taste.

  • There are many interesting facts, practical ideas that make the book worth reading.

  • It is a book which will probably touch the interest of almost every boy and girl

This book is interesting both for young and old.

It is a book you can spend hours with.

The book is worth reading.

I can whole heatedly recommend this book to you.

What I like best in this book is …

What makes this book so popular is that …

  • It arouses your interest in…

  • It is the type of book that make you think.

  • It is very original and funny

  • The book shows life very realistically.

  • The author has created very believable character.

  • We enjoy the beauty and wisdom of fairy-tale.

  • It teaches us to be kind and clever, to be hard-working ,to be brave, to be honest, to understand each other, to understand other people.

The reason why the book is so interesting (popular) that

  • It makes easy and interesting reading

  • This is a very truthfully story

  • The author has described the atmosphere of the time with great skill.

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