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Школьная олимпиада для 4 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Surname _________________________Name ___________________Class ______________

1) Выбери правильный вариант ответа

1) He can … you tomorrow.

a) see b) to see c) sees

2) They … go to the park tomorrow.

a) don’t b) won’t c) aren’t

3) He … ski tomorrow.

a) will be b) will c) is

4) … cloudy today?

a) it is b) is it c) it

5) Tom has got two grey …

a) mouse b) mice c) cat

6) There … an apple on the table.

a) is no b) aren’t c) isn’t

7) What … in the bag?

a) are there b) is there c)are

8) … she get up at 7 o’clock every day?

a) is b) do c) does

9) … milk have you got?

a) How many b) How much c) How old

10) This book is … than that book.

a) worse b) the worst c) bad

11) … a lot of toys in this shop.

a) They are b) These are c) There are

12) The bird is funny but the cat is …

a) funny b) funnier c) funniest

13) It is … oldest toy in the museum.

a) an b) the c) –

14) Our school is better … their school.

a) than b) then c) –

15) He … buy the book yesterday.

a) didn’t b) doesn’t c) wasn’t

16) She didn’t … the song.

a) likes b) like c) liked

17) … a ball in the box yesterday.

a) There is b) There were c) There was

18) … the present?

a) She liked b) Did the liked c) Did she like

19) Sam … in London last year.

a) is b) was c) were

20) It is … beautiful room in the house.

a) more b) most c) the most

21) Who … a new game?

a) have dot b) has got c) can

22) Who … from London? – The children are.

a) live b) are c) is

23) We have got a bird. … bird can sing well.

a) their b) our c) my

24) What does she like … ?

a) to do b) do c) does

25) Do you like to ski? –No, … .

a) I do b) I’m not c) I don’t

26) We have got a cat. … cat is black

a) - b) a c) the

27) Does he … meat?

a) eats b) eat c) to eat

28) Have they got … tomatoes?

a) many b) much c) a

29) I … to sing the song.

a) would like b) can c) must

30) Where are the … toys?

a) girl b) girls’ c) girls’s

31) You can go … Sunday.

a) at b) on c) in

32) Отметь слово, которое не употребляется с глаголом to make

1) cake

2) bed

3) homework

4) snowman

33) Найди соответствия.

It’s twenty five minutes past eight.

1) 8.15

2) 8.25

3) 9.15

4) 9.25

34) Вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу

Yesterday I … my bike.

1) did

2) repaired

3) made

4) laid

35) Выбери прошедшую форму глагола to see.

1) swam

2) saw

3) said

4) sent

36) Отметь существительное, которое стоит в единственном числе

1) people

2) man

3) fish

4) towns

37) Отметь слово, которое переводится « второй».

1. the third

2. the fifth

3. the second

4. the first

38) Вставь нужный глагол.

It’s time … to bed.

1. to do

2. to see

3. to go

4. to clean

39) Выбери правильное окончание предложения.

Its (половина восьмого)…

1. half past nine

2. half past seven

3. half past eight

4. half past six

Good Friends.

Mike is nine. He is pupil. He has got a lot of friends. They are in the 3rd form.

On Sundays the friends walk, play football or go to the Zoo. Football is Mike’s favourite sport.

On Monday they would like to play and play. But they are pupils. They are busy and must do their homework. They do it every day.

On Tuesdays they have some time to listen to music. And on Wednesday s they often play computer games. Thursdays are for reading funny fairy tales.

On Fridays they often watch wonderful TV programmes. And on Saturdays they like to go to a birthday party. And they help their mothers to clean the rooms.

They are good friends. They like to work and rest together.

40) Отметь утверждения как верные (T) или неверные (F)

1) Mike has got a lot of friends. _____

2) Football is the friends’ favourite sport._____

3) The friends are in the third form. _____

4) They play and play on Mondays. ______

41) Выбери правильный вариант

1) On Tuesdays they have some time …

a) to listen to music

b) to play football

c) to do homework

2) They play computer games

a) often

b) on Wednesdays

c) often on Wednesdays

3) The TV programmes on Fridays are …

a) nice

b) wonderful

c) good

4) On Saturdays the friends help their mothers …

a) to work and rest

b) to go to the birthday party

c) to clean the rooms

42) Ответь на вопрос

Why are they good friends?


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