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Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку для 6,7,8 классов.

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Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (8 класс)

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Task I

Допиши 2-ю и 3-ю формы следующих неправильных английских глаголов:

  1. be

  2. blow

  3. buy

  4. choose

  5. eat

  6. break

  7. run

  8. see

  9. drink

  10. feel

  11. fly

  12. give

  13. go

  14. have

  15. write

Task II

Соотнеси новости с реакцией на них:

  1. I’ve had a letter from my best friend. a) What a pity!

  2. My sister has found a good job. b) Really? Tell me!

  3. My dog has died. c) That’s great!

  4. His name is Alex, isn’t it? d) That’s awful!

  5. The weather is going to be bad e) Good for you!

this weekend.

  1. I’ve won a lot of money in lottery. f) That’s good news!

  2. My mother has promised to give g) Right.

me a dog for my birthday.

Task III

Поставь глаголы в скобках в правильную временную форму:

Present Perfect или Present Perfect Progressive

  1. She (teach) children all her life.

  2. Agnes (not eat) since Monday. She is on a diet.

  3. How long he (look) for a job?

  4. It (rain) since 9 o’clock.

  5. They already (wait) for his call for 15 minutes.

  6. She (learn) English since she came back from her trip to London.

  7. We (know) each other since we were children.

  8. I heard a very beautiful song when I was 9. I (remember) that song since then.

Task IV

Напиши все статические глаголы с переводом:

1. 8.

2. 9.

3. 10.

4. 11.

5. 12.

6. 13.

7. 14.

Task V

Выдели приставки и напиши, от каких слов образованы эти слова:

  1. dishonest

  2. unreal

  3. disconnect

  4. impossible

  5. informal

  6. incorrect

  7. unlucky

  8. immortal

  9. irregular

  10. impatient

  11. unkind

  12. unimportant

Task VI

Фразовый глагол to get. Вставь в пропуски нужные предлоги:

  1. Some people get … late on Sundays.

  2. What’s your news? How are you getting…?

  3. My father went to St. Petersburg, but he promised to get … next week.

  4. My cousin broke her leg last year. She soon got…it.

  5. Mr. Claydon was very angry because he didn’t like to live in a little village, but he couldn’t get … because of his old parents.

Task VII

Построй отрицательное предложение и задай все типы вопросов к следующему предложению:

Steve and Ted have been swimming in the river for half an hour.


Напиши степени сравнения следующих прилагательных:

  1. warm

  2. interesting

  3. wet

  4. important

  5. good

  6. lazy

  7. hot

  8. expensive

  9. bad

  10. old

  11. fast

  12. small

  13. happy

  14. dark

  15. little

  16. popular

  17. cold

  18. wonderful

  19. tasty

  20. tall

  21. fat

  22. ugly

  23. sad

  24. favourite

  25. big

Название документа олимпиада,6 класс.docx

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (6 класс)

  1. Напиши, к какому времени относятся следующие индикаторы:



every day

every week

last month

next year

the day after tomorrow

the day before yesterday

last year




next week

  1. Составь предложения:

  1. What/name/is/his?

  2. Where/from/you/are?

  3. You/have/got/a pet?

  4. What/favourite/is/your/game?

  5. You/old/are/how?

  6. You/have/got/a sister/a brother/or?

  7. Is/what/your/hobby?

  8. What/your mother’s job/is?

  1. Напиши недостающие формы следующих неправильных глаголов:

become - …… - become

bring - brought -……

……-built –built

begin -…… -begun

……-bought –bought

catch –caught -……

  1. Напиши степени сравнения следующих прилагательных:

  1. interesting

  2. warm

  3. good

  4. small

  5. happy

  6. dark

  7. little

  8. popular

  9. expensive

  10. cheap

  11. bad

  12. wonderful

  13. tasty

  14. wet

  15. ugly

  16. fat

  17. sad

  18. important

  19. hot

  20. tall

  21. big

  22. old

  23. favourite

  24. rich

  25. impressive

  1. Напиши 3 положительных и 3 отрицательных качества характера человека.

  2. Охарактеризуй своего друга.

  3. Переведи следующие прилагательные на английский язык:

  1. общительный

  2. вежливый

  3. честный

  4. властный, любящий командовать

  5. умный

  6. хвастливый

  7. дружелюбный

  8. смешной

  9. счастливый

  10. ленивый

  1. К каждому вопросу справа подбери ответ слева:

  1. - Hi, Jane! Are you doing homework? a) –To a Russian pen-friend.

  2. What are you doing? b) – A letter.

  3. What music are you listening to? c) – No, I am not.

  4. Is Kate listening to music too? d) – I’m listening to music.

  5. What is she doing? e) – She is writing.

  6. What is she writing? f) - My favourite songs.

  7. Who is she writing to? g) – No, she isn’t.

  1. Вычеркни лишнее слово в каждой строке:

  1. careful, cheerful, helpful, brave

  2. unkind, unfriendly, silly, unhappy

  3. honest, helpful, kind, careless

  4. lazy, talkative, sociable, boastful

  5. kind, clever, impolite, polite

  1. Раскрой скобки и поставь глаголы в нужной форме:

  1. Paul often (go) …… to the park after the lessons.

  2. Now he (go)…… on exciting rides there.

  3. John is at the school stadium. He (ride)…… a skateboard at the moment.

  4. Steve and Nick are at the zoo now. They (take)…… photos of the animals there.

  5. Mary is at Pauline’s birthday party at the moment. She and her friends

(enjoy)…… a birthday cake.

  1. Ted is at home. He (chat) …… with his best friend on the phone.

Название документа олимпиада,7 класс.docx

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (7 класс)

I.Используй артикли the, a или нулевой в следующих предложениях:

  1. Marina lives in…Russia. It is… very big country.

  2. She can’t speak …French. If she goes to…France, she’ll need… translator.

  3. Did Mike come from …New York or from…London?

  4. Do you speak …Chinese? Is it …difficult?

  5. She lives in… Germany, doesn’t she? Yes, this woman is…doctor from…Berlin.

II.Напиши степени сравнения следующих прилагательных:

  1. good

  2. important

  3. hot

  4. big

  5. comfortable

  6. bad

  7. small

  8. happy

  9. little

  10. tasty

  11. wonderful

  12. wet

  13. ugly

  14. mad

  15. favourite

III. Раскрой скобки и поставь прилагательные в нужную степень сравнения:

  1. Ted is (tall)…than Steve.

  2. My dad is (old)…than my mum.

  3. Steve’s English is (bad)…than his German.

  4. John is the (good)…basketball player in our class.

  5. The (hot)…day last year was 12 July.

  6. They are the (happy) …family in our town.

IV. Выбери нужное слово и подчеркни его:

  1. Is that (your/yours) car?

  2. That house is (my/mine).

  3. That bag isn’t (him/his).

  4. Is your dress as old as (her/hers)?

  5. Our teacher was as good as (their/theirs).

  6. Their cat is as funny as (our/ours).

V. Найди ошибки и исправь их:

1. My flat is as clean as her one.

2. This film is interesting as that one.

3. His brother is older than hers brother.

4. Yours mistakes are as bad as mine ones.

5. That tent wasn’t him.

6. That kettle is their.

VI. Напиши отрицательную форму следующих прилагательных при помощи префикса -un:

  1. comfortable

  2. kind

  3. tidy

  4. interesting

  5. real

  6. true

  7. tidy

  8. happy

  9. lucky

  10. friendly

  11. usual

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