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Сичинение о городе часть 2 (10 класс)

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Ahello_html_4f8e2169.gifhello_html_4e925815.jpgnother bus stop is a new wonderful film-concert complex “Russia”. Beyond any doubt it is a culture center of our town. The modern cinema is equipped with new film technologies. But in Kiselevsk the first public movie studio was organized by the famous person U.I.Goncharov 36 years ago. All his life is connected with creative activity. He has never gone on the beaten paths of life. He has always looked for something interesting, special and surprising. Just creative activity is matter of his life. He is an actor, a director, a cameraman, a projectionist, a writer, an artist. Tanks to his work, talent and intuition he has reached heights of professional skill. U.I.Goncharov made films about people, so alive history of our town, its character, people, culture, memory, time is reflected in them. 360 plots of Kiselevsk chronicle and 183 films have become witnesses of our history. Such people as our compatriot U.I.Goncharov is national property, support for society and promotes stable development of spiritual and material welfare of our country. Let’s go on the excursion.

Ohello_html_4f8e2169.gifur bus is near the sport complex “Youth”, where recently a new marvelous swimming-pool has been opened. It is a present for our town’s anniversary. There are a lot of sport constructions in our town, such as sport grounds and clubs, stadiums, basketball and volleyball courts, ski and skate bases. Physical training and sport must be a part of the every person’s life.

Our sportsmen have achieved remarkable victories many times. Let’s leaf through some pages of history. In 1960 sports team of the mine № 4-6 (now “Krasnokamenskay”) won in the weightlifting championship in the USSR. This event in the sport life of Kiselevsk would be considered an event of century. There were seven big strapping men in that sports team. In stubborn competition they were successful to pass weightlifters which had taken part in a competition for Moscow factory “Serp and Molot”. It was not last success our weightlifters. In those far years Kiselevsk was the main blacksmith’s shop of soviet champions. R.Plukfelder and A.Vahonin won European and World championships. And in 1964 they brought for our Motherland Olympic Gold in Tokyo. Now two members of that great sports team live in the town. They are G.Asheulov and V.Lunev. For many our towns-men sport has become way of life so sport and labor go together.


Khello_html_4f8e2169.gifhello_html_m7a98b1ac.jpgiselevsk is a mine town. Its history is connected with birth and rise of mines. In 1936 there were some mine settlements. Afterwards they were called districts. All social culture establishments were linked with mines. More 200 years ago on the place of villages Aphonino and Cherkasovo was found coal by travellers. The first mentioning was in 1790. In 1936 the mine “Kiselevskaya” was put into exploitation. It’s an official birthday of our town. There were 25 thousand inhabitants. The town developed very quickly. After two years the population was over 46 thousand people and there were 5 mines that produced over 2329 thousand tons of coal. So in a very short time our town became a large coalmining centre.

Coal is a labor emblem of our town, its symbol, present and future. But I consider that main “gold” are famous people, which glorify it, make it live. There are a lot of distinguished, talented workers, teachers, doctors and so on, which are proud of our town. A story about them is a theme for individual narration.

Hhello_html_4f8e2169.gifhello_html_41bd1de4.jpgere is the last stop of our excursion. It’s imaginary. We mustn’t forget about fragility of our beautiful world. Nice nature surrounds Kiselevsk. Unfortunately mining industry has destroyed this beauty. In this connection I’d like to remember about history of park building in our town. In spite of its sufficient planting of trees and shrubs, Kiselevsk unfortunately hasn’t set up a park mass. During all town history, from 1950-s till 1970-s, years attempts of creation of park plots were being more than once. So beautiful projects of parks “Victory”, “Komsomol” and others had aroused but they weren’t realized for different reasons. In 1970-s falling off greenery building advanced. Mainly it was usual planting and its reconstruction, creation small public garden in the different districts of Kiselevsk. Now building of the town park has been planned near “Red Stone”. Because a spirit of creative activity is placed in the every person, necessary inhabitants are called in this building. Plant a tree! What would be more pleasant!

A park is a beautiful place for rest. The main thing in it is greenery: trees, bushes, flowers. Of course there is water: fountains, artificial reservoirs. Also there are small architectural forms: sculptures, summerhouses, decorative bridges, sport grounds, attractions. A park is a work of art. It is a way to glorify native town and to leaf good memory.

Dear friends, unfortunately our excursion is over. I hope you have liked my lovely native town and you will remember it forever. And the town will remember you too. As for me Kiselevsk is the most beautiful place. Although it is small, but it’s town of heroes, where mine glory is carved out.


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