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5-7 сынып ағылшын апталығының ашылуы

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Dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our English week “English is the most widespread language”. It is the official language in many countries. As you there about 3 thousand languages in the world. Nowadays it is very important to learn three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

1-pupil. Astana
Glancing into the future
It sprung up about the earth
The capital city of Motherland
That is now called Astana

2-pupil. Motherland
One among many countries
Native land mother
Native land universe
Native land Kazakhstan

3-pupil. Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is my country
Kazakhstan is my land.
I live here with my friends
Kazakhstan is my country
Kazakhstan is my land.
I live here with my friends.

4-pupil. Almaty
Greeting the mountain verdure
In the silk of star dream
As good looking as a seven,
Is our famous Almaty

5-pupil. My flag
My flag is blue
My flag is bright.
I like it very much
The yellow sun
The blue - blue sky
And the eagle is flying high

Sing the song “Kyzylorda”

6-pupil. The school

The school has doors, that open wide

And friendly teachers wait inside

Hurry, hurry, lets go in

For soon the lessons will begin.


Books and pencils I will need

When I start to write and read

Lets go to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school, don’t you?


Oh, friend unseen, unborn, unknown,

Student of sweet English tonque

Read about my words at night alone

I was a poet, I was young.

9-pupil. Rainbow

Smile at the rainbow

Whisper to the sun

It looks like you and the felling rain

Are having a lot of fun.

10-pupil. Music

Music makes me dance

Music makes me sing

Music gives my life

That extra bit of ring.

11-pupil. Dream

I caught a dream

On the empty air

And brought it here

For us to share

Sing the song “My bonnie lies over the ocean”.

Thank you for attention. We wish good luck. Good-bye! See you soon!

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