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Сыныптан тыс шара " Do you speak English?"

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The theme: Do you speak English?

Aims: to enrich pupils knowledge of the foreign language. To develop pupils intellect, speech habits through speaking , listening and writing in three languages. To bring up the culture of communications and the need in practical use of language.

Good evening dear teachers ,pupils and guests. You are welcome to our school and our competition «DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH . Today we are having an intellectual competition among 5-10 forms. And now I want to invite our participants. They are the command «ABC», «HAPPY CNILDREN» , « KNOWLEDGE». The competition consists of 6 parts.

  1. Greeting. The captian introduce yourself the command.

  2. My favourite season . The pupils painting favourite seasons and speaking.

  3. «Do you know You must and write, translate words KAZAKH-RUSSIAN-ENGLISH.

  4. I can sing. You are must show how you can sing songs.

  5. Who know more? You must answer the guestions.

  6. Who is fastest? The pupils say more words


Do you speak English? -this question is most frequently heard when people from different countries gather. Although there are about 3000 languages in the world, English is the most widespread.

It is the official language in many countries. English is the most widely used language in international business, science and foreign affairs.

English is the official language of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irleand, of the United States of America , of Australia and New Zealand. English is used as one of the official languages in Canada, in the Irish Republic and the Republic of South Africa. Some pupil say that English should be the international language in the world. The world is changing rapidly in many fields, such as technology business, science , education ,arts and medicine.

Lets begin our competition which consists of 6 rounds. Now well begin first round.

The first round of our competition is GREETING.

Әр топ өз топтарын таныстырады

The second round of our competition is MY FAVOURITE SEASON.

Tоптағы оқушылар жыл мезгілінің суретін әңгімелеп айтады

The third round of our competition is DO YOU KNOW ?

Берілген сөздерді ағылшын-орыс-қазақ тілдерінде айтып аударма жасайды

The fourth round of our competition is I CAN SING

Әр топ оқушылары әртүрлі тақырыпта өлеңдер, әндер орындайды

The fifth round WHO KNOW MORE ?

Бұл бөлімде дайындалған сұрақтарға жауап беріледі

The sixth round of our competition WHO IS FASTEST?

Минут ішінде әр топ мүшелері көп сөз айтып шығады

1.The command ABC answer the this questions

  1. The first letter of the alphabet

  2. The antonym to word” good”

  3. What is the capital of Great Britain ?

  4. The Englishs favourite drink

  5. The river on which London is situated?

  6. Where is situated Kazakhstan ?

  7. The oldest university in Great Britain

  8. The capital of Germany

  9. What is Americas national sport?

  10. I don’t know the ABC

But I am writing as you see(----------------------)

2.The command HAPPY CHILDREN answer the this guestions

  1. How many oblast in are there in Kazakhstan?

  2. What is money of the USA ?

  3. Who write the novel “ Abai zholy”?

  4. Name the four seasons

  5. The capital of Kazakhstan

  6. The synonym of the word “ famous”

  7. What is holiday is celebrated on 22nd of March ?

  8. What is national emblem of England ?

  9. What is river is Astana situated on?

  10. A little old woman twelye children

Some short some long,some cold, some hot.( -----------------------)

3. The command KNOWLEDGE answer the this guestions.

1. Who is the President of Kazakhstan?

2.What is the capital France?

3.The famous Kazakh writer.

4.When does Kazakhstan celebrate the

Independence day?

5.The antoym to word “tall”.

6.Name the school subjects.

7.Who is autors the Kazakhstan’s anthem?

8.What is the capital Spain?

9.Where is situated Great Britain?

10.This is a house one window in it

Showing films nearly every minute


Conclusion of the competition.

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