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Сыныптан тыс шара "The English speaking countries"


The plan of the extra-curricular work

Внеклассная работа

Theme: The English speaking countries


  1. Practical aim: to improve English speech, to discuss with class in English. To practice with new words and to use them in the talking.

  1. Educational aim: to immerse the children in the atmosphere of the foreign language, to consolidate the vocabulary and start the developing of the student’s skills in pronunciation and speaking, to teach them to work in groups. Learning the full courses of country study.

Visual aids: interactive board, pictures, desk, plan, presentation.

Organization moment

I: Good afternoon dear quests!

Teachers and students!

Welcome to competition lesson of students of the second course specialty of “Translation proficiency”.

II: Қайырлы күн құрметті қонақтар,мұғалімдер және студенттер!

Аударма ісінің” 2-ші курс студенттерінің сайысына қош келдіңіздер!

I: We are glad to meet everybody here, at our competition of three teams of students who are very clever and quick-witted and they know English very well and they want to prove it.

II: Сіздерді көргенімізге өте қуаныштымыз, біздің сайысымыздың қатысушылары өте ақылды,ойшыл,Ағылшынды өте жақсы біледі және олар дәлелдегісі келеді.

Today English is the language of the world. Over 300 million people speak it as a mother tongue. The native speakers of English live in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. English is one of the official languages in the Irish Republic, Canada, and the South African Republic. English is not only the national or official language of some thirty states which represent different cultures, but it is also the major international language for communication in such areas as science, technology, business and mass entertainment. It is language of literature, education, modern music, international tourism, political organizations. So, today we’ll get acquainted with three teams, jury and our guests. Well, the first team is... Let’s greet the members of the first team. Applause, please. Meet the members of the second team … Meet the members of the third team … Applause, please .And of course, the jury will be all eyes and ears to follow the game and they will be helpful to score the points. Your task is to get as many points as possible. The team with the highest score will become the winners of the game. 
The rules of the game are quite simple. You are to respect your group-mates and not to shout. No doubt, winning is the aim, but it’s only a game. Don’t forget about it. And now it’s time to begin the game itself.

I: Today it is evident that everyone should know at least one foreign language. The knowledge of foreign language also helps young people of different countries to develop friendship.

English is the one of the number one language in the world.

II: Әлбетте әр адам кем дегенде бір шет елдік тілді білуі керек.Сонымен қатар шет елдік тілді білу әр елдің жастарымен достықты нығайту үшін көмектеседі.

I: You learn English second year at this college. You can speak, think, read, write in English, you know it although little bit.

That’s why we called today’s competition “The English speaking countries”.

II: Сіздердің ағылшын тілін меңгеріп жүргендеріңізге 2 жыл болды. Сіздер сөйлеуді,жазуды және кішкене болса да, Ағылшын тілін білесіздер.

I: This competition lesson is between 2 groups. As you know they are 11.14.21 and 11.14.22.

II: Бұл 2 топтың арасындағы сайыс. Өздеріңіз білетіндей 11.14.21. және 11.14.22

Қатысушыларымызға қошемет!

I: So, we invite you our teams. And only 5 students are take part from every group.

First team is __________________

Second team is ________________

Third team is ________________

II: Сонымен, қатысушыларымызды таныстыра кетейік.Әр топ 5 студенттерден құралған.

Бірінші топ __________________

Бұл топтың көшбасшысы _________________

Екінші топ ________________

Бұл топтың көшбасшысы_________________

Үшінші топ ________________

Бұл топтың көшбасшысы _________________

(Applause to our quests)

Now, I want to introduce you juries, who will mark you justifiably.

  1. The head of methodological department – Burlakova Yelena Nikolayevna

  2. The head of philological faculty – Khamenova Dinara Kaiyrzhanovna

  3. Teacher of English language - Mukhambetalieva Ainur Kuanishevna_

And so stages:

  1. Greetings

  2. Traditions and customs of the English speaking countries

  3. Questions

  4. Art is forever.Let’s start as the English proverb “Well begun is half done”, the 1st stage is

  1. Greetings

Every team must introduce themselves, your motto. You can show your introduction with presentation about countries. You must show the presentation about one of the English speaking-countries and tell us some facts about this country. All the members of the team can add something if they want.

So, we invite the 1st team. And 2nd team. Good luck!

A good beginning makes a good ending. Thanks teams.

2.Traditions and customs of the English speaking countries

In this stage every team must show traditions

3. Questions. WELL DO YOU KNOW BRITAIN, UNITED STATES AND SCOTLAND? All our teams will be offered a certain number of questions. The first student, who puts up his hand, gets the right to answer. If he is wrong, the members of the opposite team can answer the same question and get a point. Mind, no one point for the team, if I hear somebody shouting.


1.Where is Scotland located?

Located in Northern Europe)

2.How many population in Scotland?

(Over 5 million)

3.What is the national symbol of the country?

 (Flags and icons)

4.What languages is spoken in Scotland?

(English and Gaelic)

5.What sports are popular in Scotland?

( Association football, rugby union and golf)

Great Britain

1.Where does the UK lie?

(The UK lies on the British Isles)

2.Which is Great Britain`s oldest university?


3.Who is officially the head of the state in GB?

(The Queen or the King)

4.What are the British money?


5.Who signs the laws?

(The Queen)


1.Where does President of the USA live and work?

(The White House)

2.What is America`s national sport?


3.What is the flag of the USA called?

(Stars and Strips)

4.What university is the oldest in the USA?


5.Who was the 1st President?


4. Art is forever.

You are very clever and of course talented. Now the teams show us their home task.

Our game has come to an end. Well, the jury, it’s time to declare the winners of our today’s game. You’re welcome. Congratulations to all the members of the…team. You were the top. But…team, there is no need to worry. You were also great. I’m sure next time you’ll be luckier!

We say “Thank you!” to all the participants of our game. We thank you, our dear guests, and our jury. Thanks a lot to everyone for taking an active part in our game. We are satisfied with your answers. You really demonstrated perfect knowledge of the topic “The English speaking countries”. I hope you’ve had a nice time together and learnt something new. Thank you once again and good-bye. 
– Thanks to all of you for coming, for taking part and learning something!
And I hope that games like this you will never ever miss!
So let our melancholy be right, as Pushkin said, “My sorrows bright”. Goodbye, everybody! We wish you all the best! We wish you happiness! Best of luck!

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