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Сказка "Beauty and the Beast"

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hello_html_m131a80d3.gifhello_html_m2c66e8d8.gifhello_html_m6a0f948a.gifhello_html_m2c66e8d8.gifhello_html_m2c66e8d8.gifBEAUTY AND THE BEASThttp://www.xoox.co.il/downloads/background/img/1280X960_1711.jpg

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant who had three daughters. The youngest daughter was most beautiful. Everyone called her Beauty. One day, the merchant was going to the market.http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-godetiPq60g/T6Iri6CG4hI/AAAAAAAAmBU/LTgu7toawE4/s1600/La-Bella-y-la-Bestia.jpg

  • What do you want as a present?”

  • Please, buy me a new dress.”

  • Please, buy me a pearl necklace”

  • I would like a rose”.

The merchant had finished his business.

On his way back home, there was a sudden storm.

  • Oh, no! What a horrible storm! I can’t see.”

Then, he suddenly noticed a bright light, shining in the middle of the woods. It was a palace.

  • Hello! Is anybody home?” he shouted, but nobody came to greet him.

He went inside. On a table in the main hall, a dinner was ready.

  • Oh, I’m so hungry.” He sat down at the table and ate the food.

  • I’m so tired”.

  • Tired, he soon fell asleep.

The next morning, he saw a beautiful garden and went out.

  • A beautiful rose!” he bent down to pick the rose.

Instantly, sprang a horrible beast.

  • Ungrateful man! I gave you shelter. But you ruined my garden!”

  • Forgive me! The rose was for my daughter, Beauty.”

  • Then, bring your daughter Beauty.”

Beauty came to the palace to save her father. In return for her life, the Beast released Beauty’s father. The Beast was good to Beauty and took care of her.

  • You are so kind.”

  • Thank you.”

  • I like you.”

Beauty and the Beast became good friends.

One day, the Beast presented Beauty with a magic mirror.

  • It’s a present from the Beast. Look! There’s a letter!”

  • Dear Beauty, this is a magic mirror. Look into it when you want to see your family.”

When Beauty peeped into in, she could see her family, far away.

Beauty started at the mirror everyday. One day, she found her father was sick.

  • My father is very ill. Please, can I go and visit him?”

  • If you go, you will not come back.”

  • I swear! I swear! I will come back in a week!”

  • If you do not return in a week, I may die!”

  • Beauty, my love, I feel better now.”

  • That’s wonderful!”

Relived to see Beauty again, her father felt much better. Beauty was happy. However, she did not notice that seven days had gone by.

  • Oh! I must go back to the Beast”

When Beauty returned, she found the Beast in the rose garden.

  • Beast, I’m back!”

  • You’re too late. I’m dying.”

  • No! Please don’t die. I love you.”

Then something magical happened.

The Beast turned into a handsome young man.

  • What happened to you?”

  • The terrible spell was broken because of your love for me. Thank you.”

Beauty and the Beast had a wonderful wedding. And they lived happily ever after.


  1. Read the words and word combinations.


a merchant- ___________ the market- _________


a pearl necklace ___________ a rose -____________


a horrible storm - ________ in the middle of the wood


Красавица и чудовищеhttp://cdn.moviestillsdb.com/sm/c5bc577ec1bb24833f9f89d1bcbb91d8/beauty-and-the-beast.jpghttp://www.health03.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/mirror.jpg

a beast_______________ a magic mirror



a handsome young man a wonderful wedding

______________ _____________

  1. Write true or false.

  1. The merchant had four lovely daughters.

  2. Beauty’s father had gone on a travelling by plane.

  3. Beauty came to the palace to save her father.

  4. Beauty was happy when the rose flew out of her hand.

  5. The Beast had a horrible garden.

  1. Open you’re the envelope. Here is the story of Beauty and the Beast, but everything it is all mixed. You сan put the sentences in the correct order to tell the story.


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