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Сказка на английском языке, написанная моей ученицей.

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Marmalade land

Do you always remember them? As for my dreams, they are always wonderful fantasys in wonderful countrys where wonderful people live. Recently I was in one of these countrys. Take a seat and be ready listen me. The way to there was uneasy. First I had to go through dark wood. He was so mysterioys. The trees were not big in that wood.If you pick them, you will have a bouquet of sweets! Yes, I am not mistaken! You can to have a bouquet of sweets. The matter is the trees were made from sweetest soufflé. And berrys and bushes were very long. I could to see hats of the flowers and they closed the sun. It was very dark in the wood and it made me to scare.. But I am curios and went on to the wood’s centre. I went and could not to understand – is it possible?.

C:\Users\герман\Desktop\Алёна Щепелина\Алёна1.jpg

The smell of cinnamon and vanilla everywhere! That’s why I felted hunger. I bit off a piece of silver fir. I remembered a fairy-tale about Alice in Wonderland but nothing had changed in mine case. I went on wondering where the path would bring me. Suddenly I heard water’s murmur. Was it a real water? Just imagine, I found myself near the small bridge.

C:\Users\герман\Desktop\Алёна Щепелина\Алёна2.jpg

My nose immediately caught a smell of fresh baking. But there is not a pastry shop! It was the bridge which smelt sweet. It was a bakery’s masterpiece! Under the bridge there flew a chocolate river. It was a magnificent view! The path then brought me to the glade. There was a smell of strawberry and raspberry. Here, on the glade I saw a small houses of bright colors. There was nobody around, only zephyr butterflies and air corn birds are flying. The houses was cute and they had unusual forms and colors. Around the each house there was a fence. And I realized that I came to a fairy land. Where are inhabitants? I thought that unusual inhabitants could live in these house. To make everything clear and have a rest, I entered one of the houses. My legs didn’t let me go further. In front of me there was a raspberry house with a sweet on its roof. I saw that every house had its own yard. Each of the was unusual. The door was open and I saw a terrible scene – there is a mess everywhere. The curtains were torn, tables and chairs were broken. Suddenly in the corner I saw a trembling small man.

C:\Users\герман\Desktop\Алёна Щепелина\Алёна3.jpg

It was a gnome! He was scared but he came up to me and I could see him better. He was so handsome and funny. Under the his red cap I saw the his curl and redhead hair. His clothes were also red – his sweet candy trousers and jacket, his dark chocolate shoes. I asked him:”What is your name?” He said:”Fifi”. Then he told me about one of the inhabitants who stoled a magic medallion and put all gnomes into a deep well. Fifi by lucky chance could escape the sad fate. That angry gnome did not want to work with the others but only wanted to rule their land. I was so sad to hear the story and asked Fifi: “Can’t we do something?” Fifi answered: “We can. We have to find a big magic medallion in the mountain. Only the brawest and kindest man can do it. I tried, but in vain,” he said with a sadly voice. “Perhaps I can help,” I said. Fifi was surprised but in his funny face I sawed hope and joy. We didn’t have to waste our time. We tooked some water and instruments and wented to the nearest mountain. It was very dark outside but stars showed us the way. We had to reach the rocks as soon as possible, everything depended on us. It was quiet around but only bats made some noise. Soon we reached the mountain. It was also unusual because it was a peanut rock. I like nuts very much, especially peanuts. But in this moment I thought about the medallion and how we could get it and help the gnomes. But how could we find it? I asked myself where I could puted it myself. Perhaps on the mountain’s top? Oh, yes! My friend Fifi supported me. While I was thinking, he was digging the ground but didn’t find anything. I looked high and saw the mountain’s top and went up there. I was scared a lot but I had to find it! I went on almost to the clouds. My friend was like a small point down. At last I was on the top! My lantern showed me everything in details. Suddenly I saw something in the hole. I came up closer and saw…… My breath stopped. What is it? I touched a small thing. It was like an ice. Oh, yes! It was the medallion! We did it! I immediately ran down to the gnome Fifi. He told me we had to bring that cruel gnome to the magic tree. But how could we do it? Suddenly we heard a terrible cry. We turned around and saw that gnome. “Ha-ha, you didn’t expect to see me here? I am so glad to see you both here. You’ve brought the medallion? I will become the most magnificent magician in this world then.” I rushed to the tree. I hoped he will run after me because I had the medallion in my hand. At last we were by the tree. But I didn’t see Fifi. I looked around. Where was he? Only he knew magic words. Soon I heard some strange words. I immediately threw the medallion into the tree’s hollow.

C:\Users\герман\Desktop\Алёна Щепелина\Алёна4.jpg

As I expected the gnome rushed after the medallion into the hollow. It was the last time I saw him! Our mission was over.

Wake up, honey! The sun is in the sky, it’s time to go to school!”, - I heard my mom’s voice. I opened my eyes and saw a very light room and my cat. A gnome in red clothes on the shelf was looking at me. How lucky I was to help people! “See you later!”, I winked to the gnome.

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