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Сочинение "My best friend" 9 класс

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Nowadays it is very difficult to find real friends. Some people have lots of friends, and some people have few. But everyone has a person who is special and who deserves to be called «The best friend».

My best friend's name is Semyon. He's tall, fair-haired, grey-eyed and athletic. He is very funny, smart and calm. He always tells me the truth, no matter if I like it or not and never tells me lies. Semyon appreciates my advice, cheers me up and cares about my feelings. He doesn’t envy my success and feel jealous if sometimes I am more successful. He always keeps his promises and always keeps my secrets.

We became friends when we started school together. We’ve been best mates with Semyon for about seven years. We spend a lot of time together playing computer games. It’s amazing how many things we have in common. We are alike. We are calm, funny, independent. We just hit it off with him. We often joke on each other. We usually avoid conflicts and never quarrel.

I know we will be best mates with Semyon for ages. He is best friend anyone can ask for.

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