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Сочинение на английском языке If I were a film director...



If I were a film director I would try to make up a completely new kind of movies, called Cosmo films.

May be it would some kind of documentaries.

But I am sure that I would like to hire the best actors and actress, and I could play or sound my film.

As for me I love documentaries. It is my favorite genre of films.

To begin with these films are very informative, educational, teach us to believe in real things.

Documentaries depict real events, tell about life of famous people their work and discoveries.

In addition these films can also keep audience in suspense, because this genre of films show also about adventures in the sea, space, explain people the mystery of supernatural things.

I think I would make the most outstanding documentary film about travelling to Mars.

We have heard much the scientists are going to establish a base for humans to explore this planet.

I would try to do the best, my film could grab the attention of public from the first seconds.

Firstly, I would like to show the preliminary preparations of astronauts from different countries for this exciting and interesting journey.

Secondly, this work has already begun. At present time the scientists are working on transport and clothing for Martian astronauts and an artificial environment in which colonists will be able to live, because there is no ozone layer to keep people from ultraviolet radiation and any oxygen for breathing

Furthermore I could have shown advanced technological vehicles and nuclear-powered spacecrafts reporting online flying on Mars.

Undoubtedly there will be the bases of local aliens and being accompanied

by robot guards I would be driven to their space station sending to viewers colourful pictures and messages in 5D images.

For example I would show the inhabitants surroundings how they communicate with colonists and about their intentions.

The public of my films would not be bored seeing only researches and experiments,

all my films will be stuffed with unexpected turns or events of everyday life on the planet including may be the robot races, robot dogs’ shows.

Frankly speaking the idea of human life on Mars is nothing more than a fantastic dream.

If all the technical challenges can be overcome, humans will eventually visit Mars and I would make one of the extraordinary and superb films all over the world.

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Данный материал можно использовать в качестве примера для написания сочинения по теме "Если бы я был кино режиссером" - "If I were a film director" . Текст повествует о режиссуре документального фильма, в частности о полете астронавтов на планету Марс.

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