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Сочинение на английском языке о ВОВ

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«My family during WWII»

The worst thing that can happen in the life of mankind and of the whole country – it is war. Ominous flames rushing up and incinerate all that stands on their way. Distored horrified faces of women, children and elderly mans. Heart-rending cries of the wounded.The roar of the guns and the whistle of bullets. Everywhere is the pain, the dirt, the hatred and the death. That is war.

June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union. The Germans planned Blitzkrieg. But as a result of the counter-offensive of the USSR in the western strategic direction, thanks to the resilience and courage of our people strategy «Blitzkrieg» collapsed. Our Motherland managed to survive and win.

Reading and listening the stories of veterans, I often think of my great-grandfather, whom I have never met. Grandfather could tell me much about the events of those years. Petrov Ivan Vasilievich was born June 30, 1908 in the Ulyanovsk region. His parents worked on the collective farm. November 17, 1942 he was drafted into the army. He was drafted to the Leningrad region in the epicenter of the main war events. My great-grandfather participated in the Siege of Leningrad and was mortally wounded. My grandfather, his son, told me that he was a good carpenter and was respected by his work.

My great-grandfather on father`s line – Nikolai Ivanovich went to the front in the first days of the war. He was captured. Nobody believed that he would survive. But by the end of 1946 he returned home from captivity. After the war he worked as foreman in hard-wave shop.

However, the war brought difficulties not only for men who were on the front, also for all people, who stayed in the village. My grandmother, Galina Nikolaevna, who was only 6 years old to the beginning of the war, told that me that adults were on the collective farm from morning to evening and kids were at home alone. There was nothing to eat, all products were sent to the front. People survived by potatoes. They made from it even bread, which became heavy, wet and bitter.

When I first saw the book «Soldiers of Victory» in our area Center of culture and read the names of my relatives there, I was seized with feelings that cannot be explained in one word: it is the pain, the joy and the pride. Pain behind the stolen childhood of my grandparents, joy for those who went terrible war and returned home with a victory. I am proud of my family.

Many years have passed since the first day of The Great Patriotic War and no one can never forget it. The memory of the War become the moral memory, returns us to the heroism and courage of the soldiers. Precisely that memory continues to live piously and relentlessly in every human heart.

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В работе представлено сочинение ученицы 11 класс на английском языке по теме " моя семья в годы Великой Отечественной войны".Данный материал может быть использован учителями английского языка для формирования социо-культурной компетенции учащихся , способствует воспитанию нравственности и гражданственности , создает условия для становления личности как патриота своей страны.

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