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Tsagan-Aman Gymnasium

Olympic Torch in Kalmykia”

Student: Mandjiev Utnasun,

8 th form

Teacher: Mushaeva S.V

2014/2015 уч.г

About three months ago in our country was a very important event-Winter Olympiad in Sochi. Lots of people in the world are fond of sport, because it’s not only healthy, but also spectacular and exciting. For these reason people have started the Olympic Games. They have appeared in 776 BC in Ancient Greece, where people every four years held festivals to please the ancient God Zeus. The Olympic Games are considered to be the biggest international sports games, which unite people from all over the world. All Russians and also my family and I, watched sport events and were very proud of our athletes. But first of all I am very proud and happy that live in Russia. We proved that Russia was a powerful country with great opportunities. I am proud of being Russian citizen. I am proud of being Kalmyk citizen. I can tell my children in future about Olympiad and Olympic Torch. The Olympic flame is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Nowadays the Olympic Torch is ignited several months before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Before the beginning of the Olympic Games the Torch was brought to regions of Russia.

Kalmyk people were also able to see the Olympic flame. It was a great event for us to watch how famous and worthy people have brought it. It is a great honor to bring the Olympic flame. One of the torchbearers was Batu Khasikov. Batu-Khan glorifies our republic all over the world. He is a famous kickboxer. The 25th of January was a very cold day but streets of our capital Elista were full of people. They were in a good mood and happy. I was happy too. I will never forget this day.


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