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Сочинение на английском языке по теме "Родина" (11 класс)



«By Lips I Have Subscribed On an Execution Block

My Motherland Is My Pride! »

M. Tsvetaeva

« Oh Russia, I’m in love with you!

Remember, Russia, you are great…»

L. A. Khusainova

Homeland! With this word we associate a great number of memories and feelings. I’d like to say imitating R. Burns,

hello_html_4ed19a81.jpgMy hearts in Russia

Wherever I go.

The birthplace of Valour,

The country of Worth

Forever I love”.

Suddenly long long ago forgotten events, images of people, landscapes have come to light in my mind. The avalanche of memories has leaned heavily on the person with the stormy stream made him to turn back, to look at his past and to compare it with his present.

What do we mean instead of the word Motherland? It includes fields, forests, rivers, towns, homes. Each person puts his own meaning into this word. But first of all Homeland is been for him the country where he was born, his Fatherland. Russia is a country where we live, our Homeland which we do love like every child does love his mother. Love to Homeland is the single thing that is impossible to take away the person. Appealing to N. M. Karamzin I say, « We love a thing, wish a thing- we do love our Fatherland, we wish for it prosperity still much more than glory. Let’s blossom Russia for a lot of years like immortal human soul! »

Ehello_html_52bf2ea7.jpgxcept Motherland every person has got another small native land. It may be his town or his village where he was born, his yard where he has played with his friends like a child and even the look through his window out. The small homeland is the nearest piece of the world to my heart where every man feels himself comfortably and quiet.

I’d like to extol great and sacred sense to my Motherland. As a real citizen I shall always live for the sake of Russia, be captivated its successes and suffer for its failures.

I think that the person is given to manage with his fate. And as if my life never turns out with its back to me showing difficulties and trials, I will never be grumbling, I will always be remaining loyal myself, my principles and my ideals. I don’t think myself without Russia. I don’t want to lose touch with my native roots. I want being the patriot of my chello_html_6fb6103.jpgountry. Actually I understand living in Russia is complexly but at the same time it is interesting.

We clearly understand our country has serious difficult problems requiring immediate solution. The most vital one among them is ecological disaster of some regions of Russia. My little motherland Kuzbass is included in the list. If I were the governor first of all I would be occupied with solving ecological problems. I would obligate all owners of coal chello_html_2f4f1e21.pngompanies to conduct measures on restoring grounds in the areas of the former coal splits. I would obligate them to give off 5 per cent from their yearly profit for the development of new much cheaper and safer technologies of mining. I would forbid categorically carrying out industrial mining that it destroys our nature irreversibility, hurts people health. I am sure after all every citizen must take care of Russian nature, utilize it efficiently and preserve its primordial beauty. I see the future of our country considerable, magnificent and happy. I believe Russia will over come the crisis and will become The Great Power again. And I know I am ready to help my country and I'd like to do something really helpful and noticeable. My future life and my working activity I am going to connect with welfare of Russia.

Russia is my Great Homeland! Arriving man in our country at the first time is astonished with endless spaces, infinitely extending forests and fields. I should recognize I don’t stop to be captivated with its beauties. Any season is good but in summer it is especially magically all around. There are solid grass carpets that change constantly. In early spring gentle greenery are livened goldenly-yellow dandelions, then the time has come for pink and white paps, cornflowers, camomiles, blooming clover. And actually everything we could meet on the meadows is enumerated impossible. Larks break into over the beauty. It is nice to go across the field during the bright sunny day. It is holiday for my soul. And why of course differently when such magic is all around! I don’t tear flowers, don’t rumple grass, my hand doesn’t rise to destroy such beauty. In


Nature everything is rational and beautiful, it is necessary only to learn to see this beauty, to know how to save it, to preserve it for future generations. Russian nature is magnificent itself, and at the same time how many gifts it carries for people. Association with nature gives you unusual spiritual force. Not by chance in the ancient time sacred people went to the dense forest to associate only with God and nature.

I am proud I live in Russia among these forests and fields. I’d like the future generations to receive from us the same beauty of native nature. Thello_html_79d4e0b8.jpghat’s why we should love our land endlessly; behave toward it gently multiplying its wealth.

Comprehensive school № 31




By the Student

Of the 11th Form Segin Valentine

The Teacher Is Segina I.A.


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