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Сочинение на тему "How to give up smoking"

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How to give up smoking

First of all, you should have a firm wish to give up smoking.

Take every opportunity to listen to the programs on the radio discussing the harm of smoking and watching TV programs with the similar plot.

You shouldn’t give up smoking at once as it can course problems with your health. It’s much better to restrict the amount of cigarettes smoked a day. Try to smoke every day a bit less than you did yesterday. You can use a special “electronic” cigarette to help you to give up smoking.

You should avoid visiting your friends’ if they smoke a lot at home and try not to invite smoking people to your parties.

You should take a seat at nonsmoking area in the cafes and pubs.

Always read the sign on the packs of cigarettes before taking one, it’ll help you to remember about the harm of smoking.

If other members of your family smoke too, try to persuade them to give up this bad habit as doing it together is easier than doing it alone without understanding and help from your dearest and nearest.

Try to replace cigarettes with sweets or chewing gum.

Try to spend your free time outdoors walking or jogging or doing any sports, it’ll help you to become fit as soon as possible.

Be positive about your results and you’ll achieve them in the end.

Take everything easy and remember Mark Twain’s words “If someone tells you that giving up smoking is difficult, don’t believe them. I’ve done it a hundred times!”.

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