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Сочинение по английскому языку "I want to be a petroleum"

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Medium educated school named after a hero of the Soviet Union M.Begenova

«I want to become a petroleum»


Written by: Roman Zhomart

pupil of 10 “a”form

Approved by:Kosshybekova Aigerim

teacher of English


 “What should I choose as my future profession?” – this is a question that every young person asks himself entering the adult world. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2,000 existing in the world. It’s especially difficult if you like doing different things, if you have different hobbies and interests.

Almost half of a person’s life passes at work. So it’s extremely important to make the right choice of a profession. Psychologists believe that the choice of a future profession must be in accordance with the individual’s talents and abilities. In order to make the right choice you have to analyze your interests and abilities and try to understand what you’d like to achieve in your life.

There are many interesting and useful professions and it is really not an easy task to choose the right one.

I began to think about my future profession at the age of 13. My favourite subjects at school were mathematics and English. My teachers were well-educated people with broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subjects. They encouraged me in my desire to become a petroleum.

Now I know well what I'm going to do after leaving school. I didn't make a blind choice. It was not a sudden flash either. I opted for a career in petroleum. I came to this decision little by little. It was my father who aroused my interest in that field. You see, he is a petroleum engineer at an oil company and I often saw him work at home and discuss working matters with his colleagues. Later I got interested in the matter.

Petroleum engineers have the important task of finding areas of the earth that contain oil. Investors rely upon the information that is provided by petroleum engineers. Investors need to find the best places to drill for oil, and they typically spend millions of dollars to find these types of areas. As a petroleum engineer, you also analyze the safety of drilling in particular locations. There are many perks involved in being a petroleum engineer. Most individuals choose to specialize in this area of engineering, because they love working in the oil industry and the great salary associated with this career.

I have wondered, “How do I become a petroleum engineer?” When you want to become a petroleum engineer, it is important for you to choose an engineering program that gives you the opportunity to learn about the oil industry.

I think, when you are a petroleum engineer, the job can be quite intense. Investors may rely upon you to deliver fast reports about a particular geographic location in the world. I will spend weeks analyzing one oil rig to determine whether it actually contains oil that will be profitable for investors. I will also have to write reports that discuss the safety measures that a company should take to protect its workers from

harm in a particular oil rig. I heard the typical petroleum engineer works about 40 hours a week, but the number of hours can be increased depending on the amount of research that an engineer has in a given week.

To become a petroleum engineer, I should pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering. I should research college programs to see whether classes are offered in oil drilling. These types of classes can help a petroleum engineer get to know the oil industry. It is important for a petroleum engineer to have a strong background in statistics. A petroleum engineer will need to figure out all of the ways to avoid mishaps with the drilling of a particular oil rig. I also want to have a background in geology.

Knowing all about the different rocks that form the earth’s core can be helpful for the study of oil drilling. It is also important for a petroleum engineer to develop excellent communication skills during his or her time in college. I also want to consider pursuing a graduate program that offers a specialty in petroleum engineering.

Petroleum engineers search high and low for deposits of crude oil and natural gases.  Petroleum is very important worldwide because it makes up majority of the world’s fuel in some form. Dedicated to the study of hydrocarbons and petroleum geology, Petroleum engineering is an essential field concerned with the production of natural gas and crude oil.

Petroleum engineers may design and supervise the process of getting oil and natural gas out of the ground and into storage tanks. Most of these engineers work for oil companies, but some work for firms that sell equipment and tools to oil companies. Others teach in colleges and universities or serve as consultants to industry and government.

My father told me, that what does a petroleum engineer do? Petroleum engineers decide how to drill. They choose equipment and supervise workers who install and operate it. If oil or gas is found, petroleum engineers test samples of the oil-bearing rock layers. Then they test the reservoir where the oil or gas is located to see whether the oil or gas will flow by itself or whether it must be forced from the ground. The results of these tests help petroleum engineers choose the best methods and equipment for the job.

Petroleum engineers must bring the oil or gas to the surface as cheaply and safely as possible. Because oil and salt water are often found together, the engineers must also find ways of returning the salt water to the ground. If the salt water is spilled, it can damage crops and plants. When they are involved with offshore drilling, petroleum engineers try to prevent costly spills that waste oil and pollute water and shorelines. They also supervise the early stages of natural gas processing.

Because petroleum engineers know what it costs to produce oil and gas, some are employed by banks that lend money to oil companies. Others work for government agencies that regulate oil production. Experienced petroleum engineers help with research aimed at finding ways to recover a greater percentage of the oil and natural gas that exists in petroleum reservoirs.

It is very important for a specialist in business matters to be a skilful user of computers and to speak at least one foreign language. It should better be English as it is the most popular language of international business communication.

If I pass my entrance exams successfully and enter the University I'll try to study to the best of my abilities to achieve my life's ambition and to justify the hopes of my parents. I also hope that I'll never regret my choice and get a well-paid and interesting job afterwards and I want to finish my essay with a poem on the occasion of Petroleum celebration.

Oh, is not easy oilman hard labor,
But you can not live without oil in the world:
We need kerosene, gasoline, and fuel oil,
After all, without them will not get far.
Most oil even called black gold,
Gold seem to us humans.
Is very important for us all oil workers work,
To congratulate all on their day will not forget.

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