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Сочинение по английскому языку на тему "Созвучие муз: Абай, Пушкин , Шекспир"

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Theme of my essay: “Consonance muses: Abai, Pushkin and Shakespaer”.

Author Shurygina Anastasia

Region- Karaganda, town - Karaganda. Secondary school №17, 10 “A“Form

  It would be a platitude to say that A. S. Pushkin, A. Kunanbaev and W. Shakespeare are the greatest poets. But I hope no one is challenging the view that they are occupies an outstanding place in Russian, English and Kazakh literature and culture.

I want to begin my composition from the greatest Russian poet of that period of time – Pushkin.
   Pushkin is always alive for us, he is the man we all know and love, the greatest of poets from his epoch. Generations come and go, but Pushkin still remains. We are all grateful to Pushkin for each line of his works. Pushkin is not only a great poet for us. He is the perfect man combining brilliant talent with civil courage. His name is associated with our love for the Motherland, and the best in our life.

I admire of his poem “Eugene Onegin”, and of course of his poems such like: “Deep in Siberia’s mines”, “The Captive”,” I loved you” “Winter evening”, “To my Nanny” and so on.[1]
   Hundreds of new concepts, hundreds of new words have appeared in the language in the years that have passed since his death, but not a single word of his poetry has become obsolete. Everything written by Pushkin continues to live. It has not become something of the past, it does not need any corrections and hardly needs commentary. His feelings and his views still correspond to our own feelings and views. Of course Pushkin connected with Abai, because both this poets are very nice.
   The epoch of Abai is the period of changes. Kazakhstan was on the way to new development, but feudal oppression, race for power very amplified. Despite the contradictions which were tearing apart the country the progressive thought developed, there was a formation of literature, the sphere of cultural communication of Kazakhs and Russians extended.

The reasoning on time already gives us an idea of persons of poets.

Life of Abai are years of study, fight for education of the Kazakh people. These are pleasures of love and sorrow of losses. Abai was wrote “Words of Edification”. For Kazakh people it is very important, it is their history.

Creativity of Abai and Pushkin is a reflection of time in which they were fated to live. "In the center of Pushkin creativity the life of his contemporaries opened by it the bitter drama of an eyelid". He "knew all sufferings of the person of the era which dropped out for a long time those who selflessly began fight for freedom, and those who didn't venture mutiny. I lived, I choked in the atmosphere of autocracy, perishing under blows of circumstances hostile to the person".

And of course I want to tell about Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s greatness lies in his humanism. I think that he created a new epoch in world literature. For nearly for centuries Shakespeare had remained one of the best known playwrights and poets in the world. Every new generation of people finds in his work something important. As his contemporary Ben Jonson once said, Shakespeare “belong not to the century, but to all times”. [2]

Shakespeare was at the same time an actor and a playwright. In his works he reflected events of his contemporaries' life. His plays were staged in many theatres, translated into many foreign languages. That made Shakespeare a very popular man. Most famous of his plays are Othello, King Lear, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet. They are still popular and you can watch his plays in almost any country of the world.

He produced thirty seven plays at all. William Shakespeare wrote also a lot of poetry including his unbeaten sonnets. There are numerous songs written with his poems. He is still most often published author of the world and well known among people. We do not know much about his life.

We can only guess what kind of man he was analyzing the legends and a few documents of the time.Shakespeare died many, many years ago, but millions people today still admire his plays.

  In the conclusion I want to add. We admire the great world of Pushkin's, Kunanbaev’s and Shakespear’s poetry as a whole, each of us finding some special lines for ourselves, lines showing their sympathy and respect for people. The reader cannot imagine his inner world without this famous people.

1. http://poetarium.info/pushkin/english.htm

2. Yu.B. Galitsinsky. Great Britain p.328 William Shakespear

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