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Сообщение из опыта работы "Психологические упражнения на уроках английского языка"


Западно-Казахстанская область Бурлинский район

Березовский комплекс школа-детский сад

Нармухамедова Навия Максотовна

учитель английского языка.

Psychological exercises at the English lessons”

Психологические упражнения, релаксации отлично вписываются в ход любого занятия, тренинга. Они создают непринужденную обстановку, участники не скованны, раскрепощены, таким образом обеспечивается прочное овладение необходимыми навыками и умениями, которые в дальнейшем будут просто необходимы на практике. Непроизвольно идет развитие коммуникативных навыков. Речь обогащается лексикой и приобретает грамматическую правильность благодаря обильному общению и говорению. Такие упражнения развивают мышление, у учеников пропадает страх перед правилами и это способствует свободному общению между учеником и учителем, и учениками между собой.

It is very good, that we are, that we live. It’s a great progress, that we join together! It will be a great success if we work together, if WE - the teachers of the English language are a strong team (command).

Let’s prove it!

Our students prefer to read, translate, do grammar exercises in writing, but not to speak. May be they are afraid to do mistakes in front of their classmates, may be our lessons are formal. But if the subject you are teaching is English, then you and your students should always try to speak in English. Today I want to show some psychological exercises which I use at my lessons. I think they are very useful, because they help to be self-confident, they give us emotional and muscle relaxation and of course they improve our communicative skills.

Psychological exercises help, they need no materials, the teacher and the students are the main resource.

You don’t need new technology to create an effective English lesson; you need your creative imagination.

Let’s begin!

  1. The start of the lesson is a good way to get students in the right mood and focused.

As you know, some of us are kinesthetic, audials, visuals. So we must use all channels of perception.

Here is a simple activity you can use to get students warmed up and review vocabulary from an earlier lesson. It is «Snowballing».

  1. (teacher is very aggressive: pupils! Stand up , go to the blackboard, quickly, quickly, make a circle. What can you say about my mood? Is it important to recognize people’s emotions, feelings? Yes, of course, they help us to understand someone’s inner world.

Take a card, read the word and explain it using facial expressions, gestures. The next must repeat this word, all the movements and only then tells and shows his own. )

Aggressive - агрессивный

Anxious - тревожный

Arrogant - высокомерный

Bashful - застенчивый

Bored - скучающий

Confident - уверенный

Curious - любопытный

Disappointed - разочарованный

Frightened - испуганный

b) “Snowballing” as a physical exercises + revising grammar. Present Progressive, Present Perfect. Let’s use verbs of movement: fly, jump, run, dance, ski, ……

students should show their movements.

e.g. P1:I am flying.

P2: She (name) has flown. I am jumping.

P3: (name) has flown. (name) has jumped. I am running. Etc.

As you see we all are different. Everybody is individual.

Shout “I” as loud as you can. And now “WE”- as firmly as you can.

Everybody is unique. But we have similarities too.

Please, throw this ball of yarn to a person, who has similarity with you pre-wound thread on a little finger).

What have we received? Please your associations.


Thank you, WE ARE THE MEMBERS OF ONE FAMILY, Aren’t we? – yes! We are!

And now some elements of art- therapy.

Task: listen to the song and be ready to Draw pictures to it.

(song “What about sunrise”.

Michael Jackson - Earth song - What about sunrise, what about rain

Как насчет восхода солнца, как насчет дождя

What about all the things that you said we were to gain

Как насчет всего того, что, как ты говорил, мы должны были получить?

What about killing fields, is there a time

Как насчет уничтожения полей, осталось ли еще время

What about all the things that you said was yours and mine

Как насчет всего того, что, как ты говорил, было бы твоим и моим

Did you ever stop to notice all the blood we've shed before

Останавливался ли ты когда-либо для того, чтобы посмотреть на всю ту кровь, пролитую нами

Did you ever stop to notice this crying Earth, these weeping shores?

Останавливался ли ты когда-либо для того, чтобы посмотреть на нашу плачущую Землю и рыдающие берега?

Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah

Ааааааааааааа Ааааааааааааа

What have we done to the world, look what we've done

Что же мы сотворили с миром, взгляни, что мы наделали

What about all the peace that you pledge your only son

Как насчет мира, который ты своему единственному сыну пообещал

What about flowering fields, is there a time

Как насчет цветущих полей, осталось ли еще время

What about all the dreams that you said was yours and mine

Как насчет всех тех мечтаний, которые, по твоим словам, были бы нашими

Did you ever stop to notice all the children dead from war

Останавливался ли ты когда-либо для того, чтобы посмотреть на детей, умерших из-за войны

Did you ever stop to notice this crying Earth, these weeping shores

Останавливался ли ты когда-либо для того, чтобы посмотреть на плачущую Землю и рыдающие берега

Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah

Ааааааааааааа Ааааааааааааа

I used to dream, I used to glance beyond the stars

Я мечтал раньше, я раньше смотрел на то, что происходит за звездами

Now I don't know where we are although I know we've drifted far

Но я сейчас не знаю, где мы, хоть я и осознаю, что заплыли мы далеко

Listen to the song once more and draw (paint). Now please ask yourself “Why have I drawn this picture?” and answer.

Relaxation: Let’s relax. Shut your eyes, listen to my voice and do my commands. Relax. Breath in, breath out. Think about nothing. Look into your heart. May be there are some offences, injuries, try to forgive everybody and everything. Imagine those who have offended you and say them: “I forgive you, I forgive everybody”, imagine those whom you have offended and ask them: “Forgive me please”. Breath in, breath out. You open your eyes when hear “three” 1,2,3.

Saying affirmation as a Choral repetition makes students feel safe while they are learning new language. Even if their pronunciation is not perfect, they repeat with the group and don’t feel exposed.

Traditional wisdom suggests that chanting sacred words and phrases also has the power to open, stimulate, and harmonize your energy centers. In this way, chanting helps “tune up” your body.

For example, Thich Nhat Hanh suggests silently intoning the following verse to enhance your mindfulness and turn your conscious breathing into an opportunity to relax and enjoy your life:

Breathing in, I calm my body.

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment,

I know this is a wonderful moment.

Coordinate the first line with the inhalation, the second line with the exhalation, and so forth — and be sure to do what you’re saying. That is, calm your body, smile to yourself, and appreciate this present moment.


All psychological exercises are based on the interaction of the students during the performance of a particular action that liberates them in everyday situations, it makes pupils free and easy, it promotes the expression of his own opinion in a foreign language that encourages students to further study the subject and stimulates the cognitive processes contributing to the formation of positive mental health.

I’d like to give some advices to you:

  1. There should be more life and more dynamism at our lessons.

  2. We should concentrate on fluency rather than accuracy when we are speaking.

  3. Try to convince (убедить) yourselves and your students not to feel embarrassed when you speak in English. You will only get better at speaking if you continue speaking.

  4. Be open to trying new ideas and look for ways to learn more about our profession. Developing professionally can make our job more interesting and improve our teaching.

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