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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Соревнование по английскому языку на тему " Little princess in wonderland"- for 6-7 ages

Соревнование по английскому языку на тему " Little princess in wonderland"- for 6-7 ages

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Extracurricular activity for kids

(6-7 ages)

The theme: Competition of “little princess in wonderland”

Organized by: Zakirova Dariha Kairbaevna.

The theme : “Little princesses in wonderland”

The aim: To develop communicative competence. To find out their talent.
the development of linguistic competence: activation lexical and grammatical skills; creating conditions for the formation of skills of oral speech.
The development of skills to analyze and classify the proposed material.
educational - education of personal qualities that ensure success performing activity (diligence, discipline, care, uverennos- stimulate students' interest in learning a foreign language through interesting forms and methods of work.

The procedure of the competition: In the first round competitors will introduce themselves. In the second round they will show their talents.( Singing, poems) In the third there will given a task for all competitors to paint the butterflies. In the fourth round they should chose the magic numbers, and there will be questions and they should read and answer them in English. If they choses the number and do the task, they will have an eraser as a gift.

At the end they get their own nomination according to their points.

  1. Introducing

  2. Showing talents

  3. Painting a butterfly

  4. Magic numbers

Materials of competition:

Good morning!

Good morning, good morning,
How are you today.
Good morning, good morning,
Are you ready to play?

The potato

One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four,
Five potato, six potato,
Seven potato, more!

The Rainbow

Rainbow purple,
Rainbow blue,
Rainbow green,
And yellow too.


Snow jacket, snow boots
Snow pants, snow suits,
Snowflakes, snowstorm—
Snow is cold, but we feel warm.


Yellow is a star.
Yellow is the sun.
Yellow is the moon,
When the day is done.

The Weather

Weather is hot,
Weather is cold,
Weather is changing
As the weeks unfold.

The wind

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Feel the wind push!
Blow! Blow! Blow!
Where’d my hat go

One two three.

One, two, three, four, five.
I can swim. I can fly. I can swim.

I can hop. I can jump ,I can stop.

Painting a butterfly. (10 minutes to paint)http://www.malindarogers.com/butterfly14.gif

Magic numbers

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (On the board)

Pupil should individually choose the magic number, and there will be questions. Kids should read and answer in English. If they do the task, they will have an eraser as a gift.

Questions of magic numbers:

There are three tasks to do in each number.

  1. The first magic number:

  1. What letter is it? - (Aa)

  2. What is it?- (a ball)

  3. How many dalls?-(one)

Visual aids on questions:

http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Letter-Aa-Printable-for-Toddlers.jpgC:\Users\777\Desktop\imgpreview.jpg C:\Users\777\Desktop\imgpreview.jpg

2. The second magic number:

A. What letter is it?-(Cc)

B. What is it? -(a car)

C. How many apples? -(two)


3.The third magic number:

A. What letter is it?- (E e)

B. What is it?- (a tree)

C. How many oranges?- (three)


4.The fourth magic number:

  1. What letter is it?- (F f)

  2. What is it? – (a flower)

  3. How many bananas?- (three)


  1. The fifth magic number:

  1. What letter is it? – (D d)

  2. What is it? – (a bear)

  3. Where is a pear?- (she must find the pear among the other fruits)


  1. The sixth magic number:

  1. Show me a nose- (eyes, ears, nose)

  2. Show the letter Kk- (Ii, Jj, Kk)

  3. What number is it? –(5)



  1. The seventh magic number:

  1. What is it?- (B b)

  2. What color is the car?-( blue)

  3. What number is it?- (4)


  1. The eights magic number:

  1. What letter is it?- (H h)

  2. What color is the house?-(red)

  3. Find the color green.



At the end every competitors will get nominations.


  1. The most beautiful Award

  2. The cleverest Award

  3. Award of excellence

  4. Perfect attendance Award

  5. The most attractive Award

  6. The best participant Award

  7. The prettiest Award

  8. The most pleasant Award

I think you`ll have fun! Thank you.

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