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Совершенствование лексико-грамматического навыка (предлоги)

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Совершенствование лексико-грамматического навыка (предлоги)


Complete the following story with the words given at the end.

When Mr. Jones went to a restaurant one day, he left his coat 1)_____ the door. 2)_____ was nothing in the pockets of the coat when he left 3)_____, so he was very surprised 4)____ he took his coat after his meal and found the pockets full 5)_____ jewellery!

There was a waiter near the door, so Mr. Jones said to him, 'Somebody has made a mistake. He 6)_____ put some jewellery in my coat. Take it, and when he comes back, give it to him.' The waiter took it and went 7)_____. Suddenly another man came in 8)_____ a coat just like Mr. Jones's. 'I am sorry,' said this man. 'I 9)_____ a mistake. I took your coat 10)_____ you have got mine. Please give me my coat and jewellery.' Mr. Jones answered, 'I gave the jewellery to the waiter. He 11)_____ give it to you.'

Mr. Jones called the manager of the restaurant; 12)_____ the manager said, 'We have no waiters here. We 13)_____ have waitresses.' 'You gave the jewellery to a thief!' shouted the other man. 'I'll call the police!' Mr. Jones was frightened and 14)_____ the man a lot of money 15)_____ the jewellery.

made - and - of - it - for

with - away - near - but - has

only - paid - there - will - when


Complete the following story with the words given at the end.

Nasreddin put two big baskets 1)_____ grapes on his donkey and went to market. At midday 2)_____ was very hot, 3)_____ he stopped in the shade of a big tree. There were several other men 4)_____, and all of them had donkeys and baskets of grapes 5)_____. 6)_____ their lunch they went to sleep. After 7)_____ time, Nasreddin began to take grapes out of the other men's baskets and to put them in his.

Suddenly one 8)_____ the men woke up and saw him. 'What 9)_____ you doing?' he said angrily.

'Oh,' said Nasreddin, 'don't worry about 10)_____. I am half mad, 11)_____ I do a lot of strange things.'

'Oh, really?' said the other man. 'Then why don't you 12)_____ take grapes 13)_____ of your baskets and put 14)_____ in somebody else's baskets?'

'You did not understand me,' said Nasreddin. 'I said 15)_____ I was half mad, not quite mad.'

them - and - so - there - it

some - me - that - after - sometimes

too - of - of - are - out

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