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Современный урок английского языка, направленный на развитие навыков чтения и аудирования, (3 класс, УМК Биболетова М.З.)


"Enjoy English 3" by Biboletova M.Z.

Lesson 34 «Tiny's routine»

The lesson is based on developing reading/listening skills.

Aim: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to

  • Use the information they heard in the communicative tasks

  • Tell what the usually do at the weekend, using speech pattern: "I …..on Saturday", "I …………..on Sunday".

  • Read the words with sounds [∆],[e],[au],[i],[ju:] correctly

  • Work with the text

Skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing

New Language: come, small, town, country




Teacher does/says

Pupils say/do

Organization moment.

-Good morning, class!

-Sit down, please, I am glad to see you too!

-Tell me please, who is absent today?

-So we can begin to work!

At this lesson I'll try

  • To tell you how to organize yourself before listening to the text

  • To teach you how to use the information, you will hear in the making your own sentences

  • To explain the rules of reading the sounds

  • To show you some secrets how to understand the text before reading and how to work with it after that

Now in you sheets of paper tick the "bird " in each line according to your attitude to this material. You have 1 minute.

The teacher ask 1-2 pupils, who want to share their ideas

-Good morning

Good morning

Good morning to you

Good morning,

Good morning

We are very glad to see you!

-All pupils are present!

Pupils fill in the table

I want

to know

The information about Tiny's routine

To tell the partner about my weekend

To read the words with sounds [∆],[ju:],[e],[au],[i] well

To work with the text

1 or 2 pupils tell the class about their aims for this lesson

The teacher uses Russian language during explanation the new material, and during the whole lesson if pupils need it

The beginning of the lesson

The speaking gymnastic

Class answer my questions please

-what day of the week is it today?

-how many days are there in a week?

-What day comes after Monday?

-What day comes before Friday?

-It's Monday

-There are 7 days

-It's Tuesday

-It's Friday

The phonetic gymnastic

Very well, pupils. Now let's revise the name of days of the week. Altogether MONDAY, etc…

The pupils repeat after the teacher

The process of the lesson

-let's check up your home work. Are you ready?let me see, please. Ok. Do you have any questions?

-Yes, we are. Pupils show their h/w.

-No, we haven't

Listening task

-Open your Students Books at page 59 ex/1. Look at these pictures , try to guess what Tiny likes to do every day

- Now, be quiet, sit still,

let's listen to the text.

(Turn the typescripts on)

Do you need to listen to the recording twice? Ok. Answer the questions:

-Kate, what does Tiny do on Monday?

-Ivan, what does Tiny do on Tuesday?

(Teacher ask pupils about Tiny's routine)

Pupils look at the pictures and guess the information.

Pupils listen to the text

-No, everything is clear.

-He swims in the river

-He listens to the text

Pupils answer the questions


Now tell Tiny about your weekend

Use the model

"I ………..on Saturday."

"I …………on Sunday"

P1 I skate on Saturday

P2 I read on Sunday

P3 I play computer games on Saturday

Physical activity

Let's have a rest a little bit

(Turn the video "If you happy and you know it clap your hands"

Pupils sing the song an do the actions

Teaching phonetic

Open your books at page 60 ex.3. Listen and repeat.

Now, Olya, read the first line:

Pupils repeat after the speaker

Olya reads the line with the sound [e]



Look at ex 4 at page 60.You can see the text and some new words in the box. Let's read and translate. Look at the pictures and guess what is this text about.

Now lets read the text sentence by sentence, then translate

Pupils read and translate

Pupils read the text in chain, then translate

The end of the lesson

Giving hometask,

Telling the marks

Now lets analize our work today.(the teacher speaks about his results and ask the pupils)

Your home task will be the following Lesson in your Workbooks.

Today you work well and your marks are the following.

-So, the lesson is over, you are free. Good bye!

Pupils look at their sheets of paper and tell about their work at the lesson

Pupils write hometask.

-Good bye!

The teacher comments every mark.

Post-lesson reflection note.

There are 10 9-and-10-year-old children in my class. Some of them have extra English lessons. We work with a course "Enjoy English 3" by Biboletova (Student Book, Workbook, CD)

We had an audio-text about Tiny's routine. Earlier we have already learnt the words "Days of the week" and some verbs. So it wasn't difficult for pupils to understand the text. They also had pictures that could help them to predict the text at the pre-stage.

At the while-stage children sat still and listen to the text attentively.

At the past-stage they rose their hands and every pupil wanted to add the information he/she heard. The task was done with a good result.

Analysing the process of teaching reading I should say that at the pre-stage they saw pictures for the text and they helped pupils to understand the main idea. At the while-stage they read in chain and sometimes had some phonetical and intonational mistakes. At the past-stage they answered all my questions that showed that the text was understood, new words were written down into pupils' vocabularies.

The reflection of the lesson showed that my pupils realized their aims (I saw it when they worked). So the lesson was very effective and everything was done.

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