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Speaking about education in our country

  • Иностранные языки

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hello_html_49c1386.gifhello_html_m54f3b8b5.gifhello_html_m212c9552.gifhello_html_611016db.gifhello_html_17e91118.gifhello_html_a4c60fc.gifhello_html_3b35fa59.gifThe plan of the lesson

The theme: Speaking about education in our country.

The objectives of the lesson:

Educational aims:

  1. to teach pupils to know the educational system of Kazakhstan.

  2. to teach pupils to know the types of schools.

  3. to enrich their lexics by new words on the given theme.

Developing aims:

  1. to develop pupils’ imaginative ability and involuntary memory.

  2. to develop their creative activity.

  3. to develop pupils’ abilities in oral speech.

  4. to develop their speech speaking about types of music.

Bringing –up aims:

  1. to bring them up the importance of getting education at school.

  2. To teach them that “It is never too late to learn”.

Visual aids: multimedia table and diagrams.

Stages of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

  2. Checking up the home work

  3. Supposition strategy

  4. Organization strategy

  5. Text: Education in Kazakhstan

  6. Exercises on the text

  7. Communicative task

  8. Using the Venn diagram

  9. Putting marks

  10. Conclusion

I. Organization moment

-Good morning, pupils!

- Good morning, teacher!

-Who is on duty today?

-I’m on duty today.

-Who is absent today?

- All are present.

-The 25th of February.

-What day is it today?

-Today is …

Dear teachers! You are welcome to the 8 “a” form

II. Checking up the home work

First of all I’ll check your home work.

-What was your home work?

Exercise 4 p 141

Now, I want to give you questions.

  1. Is your school large or small?

  2. How many floors has your school got?

  3. Has your school got computer rooms?

  4. Which floor is your class-room located on?

  5. Why do you learn English?

III. Supposition strategy

Now pupils I want to begin our open lesson with the proverb “It is never too late to learn”. Now, you can give me the Russian and the Kazakh equivalents of this proverb.

T: Yes, you are right and what other proverbs about education and knowledge do you know?

Our theme is education but today we’ll speak about Education in our country, at our school.

IV. Organization strategy

So, pupils as you know we get secondary education at our school. We get higher education at the university.

Education can be given in various types of schools.

Everybody look at the board.

Compulsory Nursery Primary

School in KZ

Secondary Gymnasium lyceum

Now, nine years of classes are compulsory in our Republic. Hour years of classes are primary.

V. Text: Education in Kazakhstan.

At school we get education you know what kind of education do you get on primary school?

T: very well, now we’ll read the text about education in Kazakhstan.

T: first of all I’ll read the text. Listen to me attentively.


T: now, pupils what is this text about? P 1 about education. P 2 about schools, P3 about ages.

Questions on the text with fish bones. Whom do you want to ask your question?

  1. How many years of study are compulsory?

  2. How many years of study do primary and secondary schools comprise?

  3. When do children start going to school in KZ?

  4. What are the types of secondary schools in KZ?

  5. How long does primary education last?

  6. What do pupils pass at the end of the 9th and 11th form?

And main idea of the text: to get good education.

VI. Exercises on the text

I’ll give you these orange cards every pupils.

VII. Communicative task

Now, I want you to make up dialogue about schools.





VIII. Using the Venn diagram

Now, look at the board here given the diagram describing the system of education in GB and in KZ.

By looking at this diagram comparing of two ages.

Scores on NST


Lyceum, nine year school

Eleven year school


Scores on A-level

Harrow, Eton,

Hampton schools

Write 5 most important and 5 least important features of a good school.

5 most important 5 least important

IX. Putting marks

Now, I’ll give you making list you should dive marks to yourselves.

X. Conclusion

Now, I see that you know about education in our country. Well, our lesson is almost over. It was very interesting to listen to your points of view. Your marks for the lesson are the following…

Now, please write down your home work ex6 p143 write a letter to your friends.

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