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"Sport and games" 7сынып

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Sport and games.

The aim of the lesson :educational : to enlarge pupils knowledge on the theme.
Developing : to develop pupils skills and habits in speech.
Procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment :
Good morning my dear friends. I'm glad to see you. Sit down please.
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent?
-What is the weather like today?
-What season is it now?
-What is the weather like in spring?
2. Phonetic drill
-Now, look at the screen. And repeat after me.
Slide 1.
Sport is fun for girls and boys
It’s much better than the toys.
You can sledge and ski and skate
And throw snowballs with Kate.
You can swim and play football,
Hockey, tennis, basketball.
You can jump and you can run,
You can have a lot of fun.
You must put the words in instead of pictures

Look at the pictures and match the words
At first listen to the words and sounds and repeat after me

Presentation of the new theme. The theme of our lesson is Sport and games. We will speak about different kinds of sports and games, the role of sport in our life and about famous sportsmen in Kazakhstan.

Answer the questions.
-What do you think about sports?
-Do sports help people to keep good health?
-Do you know any kinds of sports?
Name them.

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