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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыSport in our life

Sport in our life

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Идёт приём заявок Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов 16 предметов ОРГВЗНОС 25 Р. ПОДАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

Theme of the lesson: Sport in our life

The aims:

Training reading and speaking drills doing different tasks.

Talking and asking about the sport in Kazakhstan

To develop the knowledge of pupils reading and speaking skills.

The visual aids: Pictures, books, interactive board

Educational aim: To interesting pupils in sport and to take up good habits

The course of the lesson:

I.Org moment: -Good morning pupils!

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What day is it today?

-What’s the weather like today?

-What season is it now?

II. New theme: Today we’ll have new theme. At first we must divete into 2 group.Give stickers please. Look at the interactive board. Look at the video. (видео көрсету). What about this video? Yes all right this video about sport.What kind of sport do you know?

Sport is an important part of our life First of all, sport builds character. It teaches to win. It makes you strong fast besides it teaches you about life and it is a good you to meet people even from countries. But you must a good sportsman for that.

  1. Work with the new words:

  • horse racing – ат жарыс

  • weight lifing –

  • cross country skiing- ойлы қырлы жерлермен шаңғымен жүру

  • support – қолдау

  • transmitтаратылу (радио немесе теледидардан)

  • amateur – әуесқой спортшы

  • tournament – турнир, жарыс

  • wrestling – күрес

  • keeps them fit – форманы сақтау

  • professional – кәсіпқой

  • sporting societies – спорт қоғамы

cricket- крикет

rugby - регби

squash - теннистің бір түрі

netball - баскетбол

  1. Work with text Sport in Kazakhstan

  • Sport helps people to stay in a good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized, better disciplined in their daily activities and energetic.

  • Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan. They are: football,tennis,hockey,weight-lifting,track and field,basketball, volleyball, boxing,judo and carate, cross-country skiing, figure skating, climbing mountains, horse-racing.

  • All these sports have their strong supporters and fans. Thousands of people go to the stadium to support their favourite team and many thousands more watch the game on TV. For many people sport is the main form of entertainment. The people in the Republic of Kazakhstan are not only sports fans. They take an active part in all sports and sports activities, professional and amateur.

  • There are different sporting societies and amateur clubs in the Republic of Kazakhstan.Some of them constantly take part in different international tournaments. Football clubs Kairat (Almaty) and Vostok(Oskemen) are well-known to their fans. Kazakhstani sportsmen have won a great number of world records in gymnastics, judo, wrestling, athletics.

International and national matches attract many fans. Some most important games and sport events are transmitted over the radio.

Sport in Britain

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. What does sport help people to do?

  2. What sports are popular in Kazakhstan?

  3. Where can amateurs go in for sports?

  4. What sports are popular in Britain? Cricket, rugby, squash netball

  5. How many players have in netball? 7 players

  1. Complete the sentences

1. Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan.

2. Thousands of people go to the stadium.

3. There are many different sporting societies and amateur clubs.

  1. Horse raicing is very popular in Kazakhstan.

  2. Squash is another British invention.

  3. Netball is similar to basketball.

  4. Rugby is a popular sport in Britain.

  5. Cricket is a typically British sport.

  1. Project work

  1. Bekzat – Ilya Ilin

  2. Aruna – Serik Sapiev

  3. Aida –

  4. Ersin –

  5. Ademi – Our class’s sportsmen

  1. Grammar Past Continuous Tense видео

  2. Boxer, gymnasts, wrestling, running, winner, figure-skating

1.Vasily Zhirov from Kazakhstan is the best and strongest boxer in the world.

2. Seric Eleuov a boxer from Karaganda, became the bronze medal winner.

3. Aliya Yusupova, a 20-year girl from Chimkent was the to get the main price in gymnasts in the Olimpics.

4.Olga Shishigina is an Olimpic champion in running.

5. Beibit Istibayev was the champion “Kazakhstan Barisi”

on tournament is wrestling.

6. Ten Denis a 17-year old schoolboy was the 1st in figure-skating.

  1. Conclusion

  2. Complete the diagramme


  1. Home task: Write down short story about sport

The lesson is over good bye!

Theme: International ecological organization 11 form 17.11.15
1. тақырыптық сөздермен жұмыс жасау;
2. оқушылардың тақырып бойынша сөйлеу қабілетін арттыру;
3. табиғатты қалай қорғауға тәрбиелеу.
Mat: flp, video, the posters, the grammar cads, the pictures of nature, the map of KZ.
Procedure of the lesson.
I. Org. mom. T > S1 > S2 greetings, date, attendance.
II. Checking up the home task. 1st and 2nd Conditional.
Ex. 3. Choose the correct tenses. (Present or will) page 134.
a - get …, will phone. b - will need …, goes. c – will be …, passes.
d – want …, will have. e – will be …, does not come.
III. Presentation.
Ex 1. Look at this diagram. T > What do you think of it
Presentation of new vocabulary.
Ex 2 match the new words to right translation. S1 > S2 …
petrol station [‘petrəl steiʃən] – жанар май бекеті,
factories [‘fӕktriz]- фабрикалар
road [‘roud]- жол
pollute [pə’lu: t]- ластау
pollution [pə’lu: ʃn]- ластану
fur [fə:]- аң терісі
skin [skin]- тері
destroy [di’strɔi] – қирату
soil [sɔil] - топырақ.
Ex 3 look at the picture and answer the questions. S1 > S2 …
The government should create [kri'eit] posters['pəustəz] to inform people about the danger to the environment.
A lot of animals depend on human help for survival [sə'vaiv(ə) l] in the world.
If we don't take better care about the world around us,
we'll regret [ri'gret] it.
V. Practice.
Ex 7 Look at the map. Find the town of Atyrau and the Caspian Sea
Write them on the map.
What can you say about the ecological problems of Atyrau?
Different foreign oil companies and our national oil companies work in Atyrau region. Oil brings them a lot of profit [‘prɔfit]-(пайда) but wide using resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil. National resources are widely used for purposes of home industry. As a result of the wide using of National resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil.
Something couldn’t compensate [‘kɔmpen, seit] the damage on the natural environment.
Please, divide into 3 groups and discuss ecological problem

Theme: Pollution monitoring
- to teach students to speak about environment and its problems
- to practice learning, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material which they have learnt
- to develop the pupils’ intellect
- to bring up the pupils to be healthy, wealthy and to love the nature
1. Greetings. Rhyme:
Don’t kill the world!
Don’t let the earth die!
Help her to survive
Let the trees grow high!
2. Warm - up.
- Where do we live?
We live in the Earth.
- What is the Earth?
- P1: The Earth is a planet.
- P2: The earth is our home. Earth is a place for people, for animals, for plants, for birds.
- P3: We love the earth as a newborn baby loves mother’s heartbeat.
- What must we do in order to live a long and happy life there?
- P1: We want peace in the world.
- P2: we work and educate.
- P3: We live with our family.
- P4: We like everything around us. We are happy.
Teacher: Everyman is to be happy and live a long and healthy life, to bring up children, to enjoy the beauty of nature. But!... If there is living, so there will be some problems. The great problem of the world is ecology.
- What is ecology?
- The ecology is a relation between the human and nature.
- According to the Oxford Dictionary ecology is the relation of plants and living creatures to each other and to their environment.
- What ecological problems do you know?
- Air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, litter, dirty and smoke from cars, unhealthy problem, traffic, chemical waste, biological tests, and etc.

These ecological problems are around us and they are common problems, of course. But there is the simplest problem which everybody of knows, sometimes we don’t pay attention to it, it is litter problem. Every city has litter problem, so Uralsk has such problem too.
We live in Uralsk. We love our city. But we can not look around a bit of time, what is happening in surroundings, in what condition we are living now.
Today we are going to discuss about litter problem.

Activity I. Pay attention to some words:
New words:
Bin – мусорный ящик
Litter bin = garbage can – мусорный ящик
Litterbug – человек, который бросает мусор
Fine – штраф
to pour – лить (ся)
view – вид
punish - наказывать
throw – бросать
jail – тюрьма
ugly – безобразный
law – закон
fence – изгородь
Activity II. Pay attention to Language definitions:
British English ---- American English
Litter --------------- trash
Rubbish ----------- garbage
Litter bin ---------- garbage can
Activity III. Litter is a problem in our cities
The word environment means simply what is around us. Some people live in a town environment; for others, their environment is the countryside. Nowadays people understand how important it is to solve the environment problems that endanger people’s lives. The most serious environmental problems are:
• Pollution in its many forms (water pollution, air pollution, nuclear pollution)
• Noise from cars, buses, planes, etc.
• Destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty
• Shortage of natural resources (metals, different kinds of fuel)
• The growth of population
∙ Litter
Litter is garbage – like food, paper and cans – on the ground or in the street. Where many people live together, litter is a problem. People don’t always out their garbage in the garbage can. It’s easier to drop a paper than to find a garbage can for it. But litter is ugly. It makes the city look dirty, and it spoils the view.
The wind blows paper far away. Often they are difficult to catch. When they blow against a fence, they stay here. This fence is a wall of garbage.
Litter is a health problem, too. Food and garbage bring animals, which sometimes carry disease.
Some people want to control litter. They never throw litter themselves, and sometimes they work together in groups to clean up the city. In most places litter is against the law. The law punishes people who throw garbage on the streets. They usually pay a fine, and occasionally they go to jail.
Two famous sayings in the United States are: “Don’t be a litter bug!” and “Every litter bit hurts!”

Activity IV. Match the words with their definitions: (Соответствуйте словам с их определениями:)
1. litter ---- a) to manage or to stop
2. fence ---- b) a garbage on the ground or in the street
3. jail ---- c) a special can for garbage
4. garbage can ----- d) everything that a person can see
5. view ----- c) a wall that separates two places
6. fine ----- f) a number of people
7. litterbug ----- q) money people pay as punishment
8. disease ---- h) a place where people stay as punishment
9. control ---- i) a person who throws litter
10. group ---- j) sickness
Activity Y. Complete the sentences using the Real Conditionals:
1. If pollution (increase), nature (die).
2. If the factories (not stop pollute) the air or water, there (be) much harmful things around us.
3. The litter bins in the streets were filled during 3 - 4 days. If every family (have) its own litter machine, there (not be) so many wastes everywhere.
4. There are many different foreign companies working in our region. If they (not work) here, we (not to able) give jobs for people.
5. If we (protect) the Earth we (keep) it for our generations.
6. I’m not a Minister of Ecology and Environment protection. If I (be) a Minister, I (control) that there were not any litterbugs.
Activity YI. Training.
1 - group “Public”
- What is happening around us?
- What should you do to keep our environment clean?
2 – group: “Government”
Actions: We should …
We must …
You shouldn’t …
Every groups express their opinions. They may draw or write notes and etc.
Teacher: Today we have said about environmental problems, especially about our town problems. In future we hope that we don’t be litterbugs, we will keep our town clean. Earth is our home. We must take care of it for ourselves and for our generations. 
Our city is beautiful.
Don’t be a litterbugs!
Let’s live in happy life in the clean world!

6. The pupils made their opinion about the lesson.
7. Home work
8. Evaluation

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