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“Sport” тақырыбындағы қысқа мерзімді жоспар

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English teacher: Zhansaule Salauatova



Grade : 2

Date: 9 .01.16. №17

The theme:


The aim:


objectives of the lesson:

The Type of the lesson:

The methods of the lesson:

Visual aids:

-to learn to tell about some sports popular in our country and in England.

1. to develop reading, talking, speaking skills.

2. to develop pupils knowledge.

3. to wake up love to the English object.



a book, pictures, an interactive board.

The result:

Pupils know how ask and answer the questions, pupils will take some advice of spelling the words.

The type of the lesson

The action of teacher

The action of pupil



Org moment (2min)

1.Greating pupils

Greeting song”(to show the video)

2.Showing mood

3.Dividing groups

1.Greating the teacher

2.Division of groups

Brainstorming (3min)

4.What letter is missing?


Very good!

5.Phonetic drill.

Repeat after me.

[ k]- basketball, hockey, skating, hockey, black, sock.

Giving help to some pupil

Pair work

Self – assessment

«Clapping hands»

Presentation (30min )

6.New words.

basketball hockey

skating hockey

7.Sing a song. Track 31

8.Match the words to the pictures. Ex .3 p.132

Reading. Ex .3 p.40

9.Working with Workbook.

1. Match the words to the pictures. Ex .1 p.36

2.Finish the sentences and write. Ex .2 p.36

3.Complete: like/don’t like Ex .2 p.36

I like hockey but I don’t like football.

10.Put the missing letters. Match. Ex .4 p.37

Listen , read and repeat the words

Pair work

Giving marks by criteria


Reflection 10 min)


Answer-Question. «The magic bag»

a) Giving marks

b)Homework. W.Ex.5 p.37, new words.

You are well done, children!

The lesson is over. Good bye.

Group work

Giving smiles

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