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to develop pupils’ skills in reading, listening and speaking

to practice new words and expressions

to revise words and word - combinations on the topic «Sport»

to form communicative skills on the situations

to provide pupils with more information about sport and its importance for people’s health


pictures of sports

names of sports written on the blackboard

tapes and cards for listening comprehension




1. Greeting

2. Introduction

People live, sleep, work, rest, read, draw, love each other, learn, go in for sports. Grown-ups have children, love them, take care of them.

Children play, run, jump, learn, sing.

We know that health is the most important thing for every man, woman, for everybody, for all people. What must people do to be strong, clever, healthy, hard-working?

First of all people, grown-ups, all children must do morning exercises.

Today we shall talk about sports.

3. Vocabulary revision

Now we are going to review different kinds of sports. Let’s see who knows the names of sports and games best.

What extreme sports do you know?

Draw a mind map:

Extreme sports

4. Reading a text

Extreme sports have grown rapidly in importance and they are getting more attention than ever. Extreme sports have become very popular in the last ten years or so. Take bungee jumping. You jump off the bridge and you fall and fall, and then, just before you hit the ground or water, an elastic rope pulls you back. In sky surfing you jump out of an airplane and use a board to «surf» in the air, doing gymnastics in mid-air! And extreme sports on land can be just as dangerous.

Winter sports have always had an element of danger. The new winter sports are even more dangerous! For example, snowboarding which has all the elements of surfing but on snow, is more dangerous even than skiing. Probably the most dangerous of new winter sports is snowrafting. You sit in a rubber boat and soil down a mountain at great speed - and you can’t control the boat!

Of course, water sports have always been fun. In white-water rafting you sit in a small inflatable raft and go down a river at great speed. Fast flowing mountain rivers are the best.

Then, there is ice-diving for those people who are absolutely crazy! You put on diving equipment and dive under a frozen lake, and, if that’s not enough, you then try to walk upside down on the ice.

Post-reading activity:

Choose the right answer.

People do extreme sports in order to feel:

a) excited; b) nervous; c) happy.

Extreme sports have become popular in the last:

a)5 years; b) 10 years; c) 20 years.

People usually bungee jump from:

a) planes; b) bridges; c) high buildings.

In sky surfing people do mid-air:

a) gymnastics; b) dancing; c) swimming.

Snowboarding has similarities with:

a) skiing; b) surfing; c) canoeing.

Snowrafting is:

a) quite dangerous; b) very dangerous; c) not very dangerous.

For white-water rafting you need:

a) a big river; b) a warm river; c) a mountain river.

Ice drivers:

a) swim under the ice; b) walk on the bottom of the lakes;

c) walk upside down on the ice.

Answer: 1a, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6b, 7c, 8c.

5.Pair work

How many of these types of sports can you find?

indoor sports; ball sports; individual sports;

outdoor sports; team sports;

winter sports; water sports;

Study the rules and match the sports from the exercise to the verbs in the table. Then in small groups, talk about the sports you do.

We use the verb play with games.

We use the verb go with outdoor activities ending in -ing.

We use the verb do with other activities and indoor activities ending in -ing.




ice hockey


water skiing


A I go snowboarding every winter.

B Do you? I’d love to try that. I play badminton three times a week.

6. Let’s play

--- «Rhymester»

The task is to make up rhymes using the words about sports.

e.g.: I like tennis, draughts and running. But I hate hockey and climbing.

--- «Word search»

The task is to find as many words about sports as you can.























































horse riding

---- «Synonym»

Find a synonym to each of the following words and word-combinations.

Variant 1

to go by horse - to go horse-riding;

to play with a small ball, a rocket on a table - to play tennis;

to play the game which sounds as a kind of a sweater - to play golf;

to do some exercises or dance to music on ice - to go figure - skating;

to bounce the ball on the floor up and down with one hand - to play basketball.

Variant 2

to ride a bicycle - to go cycling;

to swim under the water - to go diving;

to play on the play - ground covered with ice - to play hockey;

to jump on a ring with pair of gloves - to go boxing;

to play the ball, kick it and try to score a goal - to play basketball.

7. Let’s review the proverbs about Sports and Health:

It’s easy to swim if another holds up your chin.

A sound mind in a sound body.

Health is better than wealth.

While there is life there is hope.

The best of the sports is to do the deed and say nothing.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

In sports and journeys men are known.

Game is not worth the candle.

Helpful habits make healthy body.

Good health is better than good medicine.

He who never climbed never fell.

Fortune favours the brave.

Actions speak louder than words.

If your health is good you are always in a good mood.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

All men can’t be first.

Don’t live for eating, but eat for living.

One for all and all for one.

Never say die.

8. Guess what these sports are:

What do people who are riding, cycling, swimming and playing tennis like? (They like sport).

What do people who go on hikes like? (They like fresh air and exercises).

What game do people play if they have a small ball, a rocket and a table? (They play table-tennis).

What game do American people play with clubs and balls? (They play golf).

Alice watched the game in Wonderland. The Queen was playing it with the help of birds (Cricket).

The name of the game sounds as a kind of sweater (Golf).

A game when 11 players run for a ball on a large field, is … (football).

A game, which needs 2 teams with 5 players in each, a ball and 2 baskets on the opposite sides of the wall is…(Basketball)

It’s a team game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play the ball with their hands. There are 6 players in every team

It is one of the most poplar games in the world. It was first played in Canada. It’s a team game. It’s a winter game. Only men and boys play it. Many people like to watch this game on TV. Players have sticks in their hands

It’s the most popular game in England, Russia and Ukraine. It was first played in England. Both men and women can play it now. The players have a ball. The game lasts for 90 minutes. It has 2 halves. The players kick the ball and run after it. There is a referee on the field. The players try to score a goal

It’s a very beautiful kind of sports. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises or dance to the music. They have beautiful costumes on (Figure-skating).

This game is played everywhere: at schools, universities and sports clubs. It was first played in our country. The team has 5 players. They bounce the ball on the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into the basket (Basketball).

9. Discussion. Comment on the following questions:

What are the kinds of sports which are becoming more and more popular among people?

Why should people be physically active and participate in sports?

What is more important in sports: the ability to lose without anger; absolute fairness or physical power?

What do you think of the importance of team games in developing such social qualities as enthusiasm, co-operation, loyalty, unselfishness?

What do you think of the yoga system?

10. Listening Comprehension.

Listen to the four commentators and say which sport is taking place


1) Commentator No. 1

Oh, and here he comes, after all those hard kilometres of running. And as he comes into a stadium, everyone is standing up and cheering. He's only got 500 metres to go to finish this race, the longest race in the Olympic Games. He's waving to the crowd, and — oh no! What a disaster. He's on the floor, and he's not getting up! He's exhausted. I can't believe it.

2) Commentator No. 2

And this is really a great game now as the Canadian team fights back. The score is now three all, and the standard of play, the speed is really high. But here come the Americans now, and it's Clarke to Johnson, to Clarke again, and another goal for this fabulous American team.

3) Commentator No. 3

And there is complete silence all round the stadium, and Serhiy Bubka, the Ukrainian, takes his run. He starts slowly, then the pace quickens, and up he goes, over the bar, and will he do it? Yes! And that's another world record for this wonderful athlete from Ukraine.

4) Commentator No. 4

And here they are, locked together, these two powerful men, one from Greece, and the other from Spain. The Greek champion is winning on points at the moment. But his opponent is still fighting hard, and he throws the Greek champion to the ground. Oh, what a noise that made! So it's the victory for the man from Spain.

11. Communication Game. Group work

Procedure: Think of one of the people in the photos and write down all the
information you can imagine about that person. Be imaginative and creative!

12. Creative Work

Speak on the following situations:

You want to join a sports club and your mother is against it as she is afraid it will take a lot of time and you won’t manage your lessons and the sports club. Try to persuade her that sport is necessary for you and you’ll do your best to do all your homework properly and in time. Make up a dialogue.

You like boxing and your mother wants you to give it up and go in for chess. You argue with her. Make up a dialogue.

You’ve just seen a football match between school teams. What will you tell your friends about it? Make up a dialogue.

You want to go to a football game, but your girl friend insists that a movie would be much more fun! Make up a dialogue.

13. Read the text and match phrasal verbs 1-8 with their synonyms a-h.

Use a dictionary to help you

a exercise e recover from

b continue f reduce

c follow g start

d gain h stop

When I 1gave up smoking 1 2put on a lot of weight and my doctor told me to 3go on a diet and to 4take up a sport or a hobby. So, I 5cut down on sweets and joined a gym where I could 6work out every morning. Unfortunately, I hurt my back on the rowing machine so I stopped going.

When I 7got over my backache, I took up jogging. At first, it was great, but then I felt dizzy and I got a pain in my leg. Stupidly, I 8kept on running and I twisted my ankle.

The next thing I tried was hill walking but I got lost in a storm. The next day I had a terrible cold and a sore throat and I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing. I also had terrible blisters on my feet.

Then I went skiing. It was fun, but after the first day my knees were swollen, and on the second day I fell and broke my leg.

Finally, I went sailing. Never again! Before we had even left the port, I felt really ill and I couldn't stop vomiting.

Now I've taken up knitting. I haven't lost any weight, but at least I'm happy.

14. Read the text again and find the health problems that were caused by
these sports. Use a dictionary to help you

Rowing machine backache


Hill walking



15. Overtime

Two-in-One Stories. Two short stories are mixed up. Read the texts and put the sentences into the logical order so that you can get two stories.

A. Last Time on Ice

B. Playing Golf




very stout woman was very fond of skating.


sportsman was playing over a golf course, and playing very badly.


young man came skating up to her and helped her to rise.


nd as she was very heavy and stout she was unable to get up.


nce he went down to a lake to spend a few hours on the ice.


Dear, dear!" he remarked at last.


he sat on the ice looking sad.


ery soon she had a bad fall.


There can't be worse players than myself!"


Is it your first time on the ice?" he asked.

"It is not my first but it will be my last, thank you".


Maybe there are worse players", said the man who watched him play,


No", she answered.

"but they don't play".

16. Brainstorming

What is good and what is bad about sports?

One team writes down the advantages of sports and another one writes down disadvantages. Then each team confirms its notes.

For ex.: Advantages Disadvantages

1. All sports and 1. We can hurt ourselves

physical exercises doing some kind of physical

are very useful. exercises.

2. Sports prevent 2. It’s difficult to combine going

us from diseases. in for sports and studies.

3. Sports make us 3. Going in for sports takes too

more organized and much time.


4. Sports develop 4. We should buy some special

personality. equipment.

5. It teachers us to win 5. Sports can make us

and to lose. nervous.

6. Sports make us feel 6. Going in for sports is

and look better. dangerous.

What must we do to be healthy?

Each team writes down its ideas and then exchanges the views.

e.g. To keep fit is to

get up early in the morning;

do my morning exercises;

take long walks in the open air;

do some training;

wash hands before meals;

keep the body clean;

keep the teeth clean;

get enough sleep.

III. Summing up

I see that you know sport is very important for people’s health. However, our lesson is coming to an end and your marks are…

At home you are to write a letter and tell about the role of sports in people’s life.

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