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Старших классов Разработка урока для старших классов "Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan"

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Grade: 8


The theme: Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

Aims: educational- to give more information about our capital, to revise grammar; to obtain knowledge through the documentaries;

Developing- to develop pupils’ thinking, speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension abilities, memory;

Bringing up- to bring up love and interest in the subject; to encourage respect to their Motherland.

Type of the lesson: traditional with elements of new technologies, Explanation of the new material.

Methods of teaching: M. Zhanpeissova technology, Venn’s diagram, tests, game technology, traditional technology.

Inter- subject connection: History, Geography, Biology.

Equipment: a) visual aids: the table with new words, the table with the crossword, the table with proverbs; photos with large cities; a test, evaluation papers;

b) distribution material: texts;

c) technical equipment: a tape- recorder, a computer, Cds, a TV.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment


Classroom expressions

  1. The main part

  1. T: Do you know any proverbs about Motherland in English, Kazakh or Russian?

  • Every country has its customs.

  • There is no place like home.

  • East or West, home is best.

  1. Test

  2. T: Look at the board please. You can see the crossword; when you solve it, you will know the theme of today’s lesson.

  3. T: The theme of our lesson is “Astana”. Look at the computer screen and you will see the best sights of the city.

  4. What do you know about Astana?

  5. Work with the electronic book. Read and retell the text “Astana”.

  1. Consolidation of the knowledge.

  1. New words.






  1. Ex. 1, p 132

  1. Answer the questions.

-What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

- Where is Astana situated?

- How many people live in Astana?

- When did Astana become the capital?

b) Venn’s diagram: Astana vs.Almaty.

c) Home task.


Grade: 8


The theme: Kazakhstan is my motherland.

Aims: educational: give more information about Kazakhstan, speak about its sightseeing

Bringing- up: discuss Kazakhstan geography, understand and love nature.

Developing: develop critical thinking, logical speech, reading skills.

The methods of the lesson: question- answer, individual work, reading and speaking.

Technical aids: the video film about Kazakhstan and Astana on the computer, postcards, textbooks and a map.

The kinds of the lesson: mixed lesson

The type of the lesson: new lesson

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment:

  1. The lesson begins with singing with the anthem of Kazakhstan;

  2. The talk with a pupil on duty.

  1. Checking the home task.

Project works: prepare information about Kazakhstan population.

  1. Introduction of the new lesson.

Kazakhstan is my motherland”

  1. Brainstorming activity.

T: I want to begin our lesson with an English proverb: “East or west, home is best”. Do you agree with it?

Answer the questions.

  1. Vocabulary work









  1. Reading

  2. Question- answer:

  3. Work in pairs

  1. Find true sentences in the chart and write the on the board

  2. Find the antonyms in the text






  1. In the exercise find the names of the countries, cities, oceans, rivers, mountains, hotels, nationalities, seas and streets.

  2. Make up the sentences

  3. Solve the crossword

  1. Conclusion of the lesson

Home task:

Marks. The lesson is over. Good- bye!

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